Real Talk: Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep. Something that I long for almost every minute I am awake. Truth.

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Today on the blog I want to chat about how to maximize your sleep every night, in a very real talk way. We all have heard what we need to do: make a routine, no TV or devices in bed, wind down, etc.

However, habits are hard to break! And sometimes not everything is realistic.

So I thought long and hard about this because selfishly, I need to make some changes but I want them sustainable.

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Sleep Anxiety

Do you get this? Your mind starts racing. Thoughts come up that won’t go away. You toss and turn. Then you look over to find your phone and start browsing Instagram or your favorite celeb gossip site.

It is inevitable we all get stressed out. Unfortunately, it comes out in our sleep cycles.


Here are a few tips to combat the annoying sleep anxiety:

  1. Turn on do not disturb mode for your phone at night. This prevents those notifications from popping up or messages from your bestie with GIFs about how her day sucked. Erm, that’s probably more of what my bestie would say about me, I digress! *wink*
  2. Did I tell you that I am the sleep whisperer when it comes sleep training babies and kids? That is a whole other blog post. As much as kids need a routine, so do adults. Part of adulting that is Many experts say wind down an hour before bedtime. Ok, not realistic. I need more me time before I sleep. So let’s be realistic and say 20 minutes before you get super sleepy, turn of your device and get ready to head to the land of nod.
  3. Try a sound machine. By far my favorite sleep aide. Funny enough, the machine I use is the one I had while I was a Marriage and Family therapist. I used it to block out noise so other clients could not hear the session that was going on. Then when I had my first baby, I stopped working and she used the sound machine. Come full circle, I love that white noise to lull me into la la land. My husband used to hate it. But once habits are formed, a good one in this case, and he can’t sleep without it.

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Sleep Routine

Having a regimented sleep routine is highly recommend. Even though I may not have one,  I am probably the first one person who needs it!

Here are some routine ideas that I find manageable and hopefully sustainable!

  • Drink Chamomile tea after a long day or when you are feeling stressed. And sniff Lavender or any aromatherapy. Obvy don’t drink tea *right* before bed. But sometime after dinner is nice. Research has shown real chamomile has calming effects on our bodies and minds. And aromatherapy is a wonderful way to reset your senses.
  • I am a big fan of deep breathing. I got hit with the double whammy anxiety gene. Both my parents are prone so woohoo, guess who also is. I have learned many things over the years (a lot in therapy lol) and you can’t just get rid of anxiety. Knowing how to manage anxiety it is the key. Deep breathing helps oxygen enter our bodies and really refresh. 10 deep breaths before bed is something easy to add in because you are already lying down.
  • My bestie swears by Magnesium to help her relax and sleep better at night. She has restless leg syndrome and it truly calms her body down. I haven’t personally tried this but many sleep experts have recommended this. Another easy way to add this in a routine right? Just put the bottle by your bedside. Welcome sleepy times!

There is so much more I could share, but it’s nap time for my 3-year-old. And guess what? I think I need one too! I hope you find this helpful and let’s really try together to get better sleep. As always, I want to know how you are doing so let me know mmkay?

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