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Design Secrets to the Perfect Dining Table

September 18, 2017

Nothing like meeting a new client for design inspo! This week I had the pleasure of meeting a new client in a very large, bright space that needed an update into current design times. One of the challenges is to add a dining area in a large rectangular family room. Funny how sometimes too much […]

Nothing like meeting a new client for design inspo!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a new client in a very large, bright space that needed an update into current design times. One of the challenges is to add a dining area in a large rectangular family room.

Funny how sometimes too much space can boggle homeowners. We often think that only tiny spaces bring design frustration, but too much space can also make us throw our hands up.

My own dining situation still leaves me with some doubts and a general incomplete gut feeling. Someday soon I hope I will figure out! For now, it’s pretty enough and definitely functional. Truth be told, we never eat here unless it’s Thanksgiving, which I host every year.

Dining Tables 101

There are three sizes of dining tables that are popular and functional. Round, oval and rectangular. My client is looking for a smaller table in her eat in kitchen area and a larger table for the family room area. They entertain a lot, so the more seating the better.

Here is a secret for you, when I sit down and begin sourcing for a client, I first go to my favorite design blogs to draw inspiration. My top 3 design favorites are Emily Henderson, Amber Interiors and Studio McGee.

Most likely, they will already have some kind of furniture round up to help me narrow down my choices! Why re-invent the wheel? Just tailor their picks to your needs.

Another secret that is no secret at all, is Pinterest. Almost an automatic reaction to anything I need, I go to Pinterest on my phone, desktop, iPad. You literally can find *anything* on this platform.

Questions to ask yourself when searching for a table:

  1. How big is the space? Do I need a round table so I can fit more people? Is the space conducive to one shape over another?
  2. Does the existing space have hard lines or soft? If the room is stark and has many straight lines, adding a round shape will soften the space. If the room is very feminine, adding a rectangle furniture adds some hard lines to even out the visual feeling.
  3. What is my budget? How much am I willing to spend on this piece? Is this a forever piece or a temporary piece?

Rectangle Tablescb2 hair pin dining table

Image credit: CB2 Dylan Dining Table

This CB2 Hairpin leg table adds mid-century vibes and a airy feeling to any room It is a tad industrial without feeling too bogged down. Mixing and matching chairs at this table would add some eclectic fun to your home too!

The Cora Dining table from Studio McGee Shop is clean and minimal with a touch of rustic. Yet this table would fit in any style home. The washed out wood is organic and fresh.

studio mcgee cora dining table wood

Image Credit: Studio McGee Cora Table 

Round Tables

I recently got an IKEA DOCKSTA table for our eaeat-in kitchen space.

It is smaller than our old table but my philosophy with family and home is that size doesn’t matter! In fact the cozier we are, the more memories to be had. I mean within reason, no way we will ever have enough bathrooms! Why is that?

easton round table studio mcgee Image Credit: Studio McGee Easton Table 


This round Easton Dining table has all my heart eyes. The spiral legs add an earthy metal edge to an otherwise round design. You get the both of two worlds in this table.

anthropologie walcott round wood table brass tipped legs

Image Credit: Anthropologie Walcotte Table

This beauty from Anthropologie immediately caught my design eye because I love brass tipped legs on any piece of furniture. The simple rich color will go well in any room, an important feature to remember when picking a table.

amber interiors round dining table

Image credit: Amber Interiors

Just have to add one more round table for your eyes to feast on. Ughs, Amber nails it every.time.

Oval dining tables

Now onto oval-shaped dining tables. I really love this shape because it gives you the benefits of both round and rectangular tables!

First, because of the rounded edges, you can always fit extra seating. I am partial to round tables because of this. It still may be cozy and tight, but adding one more person in always feels like such a feat during a celebration or gathering wouldn’t you say?

Second, an oval-shaped table will elongate a larger space and fill it up perfectly.

So which ones did I select for my client? Take a look!

This Lippa Oval Tulip table is perfect for larger spaces because it is oval! More seating means more happy guests when you entertain!

Image Credit: LexMod Lippa Oval Tulip Table 

Next up is this beauty from Overstock. A simple wood table always leaves room for your own design spin. Not too bold but definitely not boring, you can dress up this table any which way your design heart takes you with runners, candle sticks, bowls, and plants of course!

Image Credit: Overstock Haven Home Bradley Table 

I hope these dining table tips and inspo gives you the nudge you need to revamp your own dining space too! Let me know how it goes. As always, I am available to help you even if you are not local.

Did you know I do e-design work for remote clients? If this is something you are interested in, drop me a line!

Happy day!


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  1. Akshay says:

    I think that roundtable from amber interiors would be a good fit for the garden also. I would like to try something different for my garden areas. Need your help. Thanks in Advance.

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