FALL DIY Pumpkin Succulent

As you are reading this, I am busy getting ready for my annual Fall Pumpkin Succulent Party I host every year with a couple besties!

DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home

Every year around this time, we gather with our friends and neighbors and make beautiful, creative displays we can put on our front porches, tabletop or mantle. Actually, it can go anywhere you like, just add a few fall accents.

I’m always wanting to share the best DIY crafts with all of you, my design besties, this seemed the perfect thing to post on the blog!

Materials: DIY Pumpkin Succulent

  • Hot glue gun
  • Adhesive glue spray
  • Clippers or scissors
  • Cinderella pumpkins, orange pumpkins and other assorted varieties of pumpkins
  • Various succulents
  • Moss

Steps to a DIY Pumpkin Succulent

  1. First, wipe your pumpkin clean with a baby wipe or wet paper towel. Then pat dry.
  2. Spray the glue adhesive on the top of the pumpkin lightly. A little goes a long way!
  3. Spread moss apart organically on top of your pumpkin. You can also put a concentrated mass on the top. It is up to you to decide your look!
  4. Next, separate the succulents that you have purchased.

adhesive glue spray Pumpkin Succulent DIY


DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home Adhesive Glue Spray


DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home Craft Moss


DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home Moss Craft

Pro tip: For parties, save money on succulents by purchasing in larger pots and separate them yourself. 

DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home

DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home

4. Now the fun begins! I recommend you start in the middle of the pumpkin and take the biggest and tallest succulent first.

As you are using the hot glue, do not be afraid to really pour on the glue. Believe it or not, it doesn’t kill the succulents! 

DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home

5. Then decide which medium succulents would complement.

DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home

6. Last, but not least add smaller succulents as fillers.

DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home hot glue gun


DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home

Annnnnnd voila! Here is the finished fall masterpiece, just waiting to adorn my home!

DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home

Doesn’t it just add the perfect Fall touch? The incredible part of this whole DIY is that the succulents last foreverrrrrr. No joke. 

How to care for Pumpkin Succulent

As long as you keep the pumpkin in indirect light, mist once a week, it can last you well into January! Once the pumpkin itself starts to deteriorate, you can cut the succulents off and propagate. Amazing right??

I hope you all enjoyed this! I plan to make a DIY checklist and detailed plant info for you! So be sure to sign up for my weekly Design Drop right below here and soon it will land in your virtual mailbox. All ready for you to head out and DIY this wonderful Fall craft yourself!

Happy day!





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