*Bold* Master Bedroom Makeover Part 1: Removable Wallpaper

Have you ever thought about 100% going bold in an otherwise bland space? But then the rational side of yourself says, Hold up! There is NO way I can pull this off!!!  

Well, I am here to tell you, YOU CAN! AND SHOULD!



I used to be the queen of neutral decor. Going with yellow based wall colors, neutral throw blankets, solid pillows, plain color rugs, brown furniture. So 1990s. And don’t get me wrong, I lurve minimalist designs. Look at how my talented friend Kelsey of Left and Level designs designed her master bedroom recently. Her room has simple clean lines yet filled with rich design and visual interest.

Image Credit: Left and Level Blog

But back to bold prints and patterns in a bedroom. I was hitting a stale moment with my master bedroom. The bluish-gray walls left me very uninspired. As much as I love blue, this particular blue is very farmhouse style. And the vibe I wanted to go for was more bohemian vintage. Yet, to paint another room was not in my plans. I am still exhausted from the kitchen- family room project. The paint brushes are put away for a reason!


In came a light bulb idea! Wallpaper accent wall! But ughs. I hate the idea of installing wallpaper myself. For clients, we usually hire and let me tell you, it’s money well worth spending!

So next best option? Removable wallpaper of course!

bold removable wallpaper

Image Credit: TAPETSHOW

That I *can* attempt. Being able to reposition over and over again was the top criteria in pushing myself to try this ultimate bold look.

Once I decided on removable wallpaper, it was time for the fun part, choosing a print or pattern. I hopped over to Walls Need Love website and spent some time looking at their vast selection. You guys, there are so many patterns to choose from! I love that they categorize their designs in easy, identifiable categories. It definitely cut down tedious search time.

Once I saw these victorian peacocks though, my heart sang hallelujah!!

victorian peacock removable wall paper

Image Credit: Walls Need Love 


I took a deep breath, measured my walls 3-4x to make sure I was ordering enough and clicked BUY on their site. I can’t lie, I was nerrrrrvous!!

Doubts and fears began to fill my design heart. Was I making a grave mistake?

A week later the removable wallpaper
arrived. And I started prepping.

No time for regret! Those birdies were going up on my wall no matter what.

What you need for a Removable Wallpaper Install

Here are some helpful items to successfully install temporary wallpaper:

  • ladder
  • good lighting
  • squeegee
  • extra pair of hands
  • scissors to cut excess

Once I began to install, I quickly realized I needed an extra pair of hands.

Pan to Travis’ face. (Someday I will find the right GIF to insert here.) Always the trooper to help make my crazy design ideas a reality, Travis stepped in to help.

The best part was that we could reposition the wallpaper as often as needed and it still stuck to the wall!

It is very important to make sure you are going straight from the get-go. If you start at a slight an angle, the angle will continue to become more drastic as you continue to apply the panels. Trust me, for awhile the birdies looked like they were flying south. Not pretty.

Last, we trimmed the excess and it was finished! For one large wall measuring 13′ across and 10′ high, it took me about two days to make it perfect. Not bad for a weekend project right?

modern eclectic boho bedroom bold removable wallpaper round pillows target night stand rejuvenation brass cypress sconce

Brass Lighting

Next on the agenda was wall sconces. After contemplating several sconces, I decided Rejuvenation Cypress brass sconces would highlight the wall best. Because the wall is so busy I knew it was important to have the scale of the lights correct. So I opted for medium. Honestly though, large would have been even better! Live and learn right?

Rejuvenation Cypress Medium Brass Sconce

Image Credit: Rejuvenation Cypress Medium Brass Sconce


So voila! Here is PART 1 of my master bold makeover! I reallllly hope it inspires you to be a little bolder in your home designs and decor. It is so much fun once you step outside the design box. It makes coming home fun and exciting! I promise!

modern eclectic boho bedroom bold removable wallpaper round pillows target night stand rejuvenation brass cypress sconce

Happy day!
















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  1. thefolia wrote:

    I love a bold wallpaper, unfortunately it wasn’t in the budget for us so stuck to paint…happy nesting.

    Posted 10.31.17 Reply
    • Anita Yokota wrote:

      yes paint is always a great idea too!

      Posted 11.1.17 Reply
  2. Kelsey wrote:

    I think I found the gif you are looking for lol (you’re welcome, Trav)…. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FdQIB4GOfU8/Tj7H_luvReI/AAAAAAAASD4/qnZfDxEbrnw/s1600/FGheresjerry.gif

    Your bedroom looks lovely, and thanks for the shout out!! I really want to try wallpapering a fun wall at our house!
    Love, K

    Posted 11.1.17 Reply
    • Anita Yokota wrote:

      hey lady! Love featuring your rad space!! You def should!!!

      Posted 11.1.17 Reply