Halloween DIY Glitter Pumpkins

It’s time to decorate for Halloween!

I will be the first to admit I do not go big on this holiday for a couple reasons. I am a big scaredy cat and I don’t like things in my home that evoke nightmares. I have a couple besties that go all out in their own styles for Halloween and it satisfies my festive spirit. And thankfully, my girls love going to their friends’ Halloween decorated homes often!

halloween home decor Image Credit: DesignDIYideas.com

That being said, my youngest, Natalie, was born on October 29! And we can’t help but get into a fun mood with her birthday coming up! She is finally aware of holidays and it has been *so* fun celebrating through her eyes as a family.


A few years ago, to Travis’ dismay, I saw glitter DIY pumpkins on Pinterest. At that time we just had our older two girls. We attempted our first glitter pumpkin and it turned out fabulous!

Image Credit: Sweet Paul Magazine

Obvy, Trav did most of the work and hence, we haven’t repeated this magical masterpiece since.

Now all three are old enough to really decorate their own pumpkins and one suggested glitter. We all loved the idea (except Daddy). But he was granted permission to opt out this time.

What you need for DIY Glitter Pumpkins

  • modge podge or spray glue
  • kitchen garbage bags and a paint tarp
  • lots of glitter, get the large containers, you will need it!
  • foam brush

Let’s get started!

First, we washed the pumpkins. Make sure they are clean and dried thoroughly.

Next, lay out a garbage bag on top of a tarp. Glitter gets everywhere. Surprised? Hardly.

DIY glitter pumpkin halloween decor

Spray the glue on the pumpkin or use a foam brush and brush modge podge all over the pumpkin. You need to move fast with the glue spray! We still chose glue spray because it’s less sticky. Really in hindsight, I think it was messier because we were in such a hurry to get the glitter on.

DIY glitter pumpkin halloween

Take a cup and spoon or as my daughter did, she just started dumping. LOL, to each her own. I ended up letting her because this is how we get creative and learn!

From time to time, take the pumpkin stump and shake it. All the excess glitter will fall off. Funnel it back into the cup and re-use. Over and over again
DIY glitter guide pumpkin

Once the pumpkin is thoroughly covered. Let it sit for a few hours to set.

DIY glitter pumpkin

My oldest daughter, without any Pinterest inspiration, made a darker, moodier pumpkin. Little did she know, I have seen these on Pinterest!

DIY ombre pumpkin glitter halloween

Such a creative soul she is. *Pause for proud mama moment*

DIY glitter pumpkin ombre halloween

Now the next question you’re asking is, ok Anita, where do you put these? Are they messy?Yes! Of course, they will be a bit messy, but are they worth it? Yes, again! We decided this year to decorate the girls’ room for Halloween since they have the perfect shelf in their room for the pumpkins.

boho girls' bedroom hanging IKEA lamp tassels PB kids campaign nightstand DIY glitter pumpkin kantha quilt

Look at the magical glittery fun we had decorating!

boho girls' bedroom eclectic design DIY glitter pumpkin kantha quilt


DIY glitter pumpkin book shelf

Shelves are so so fun for creating, re-creating, and creating again over time in the same space. I am elated that I chose to put this one long shelf up above the girls’ beds. The wall had A LOT of vertical space and I couldn’t think of a better way to break it up with something functional and cute!

Talk about showing their personalities!

boho girls' bedroom hanging IKEA lamp tassels PB kids campaign nightstand DIY glitter pumpkin kantha quilt

And look at my pretty plants, this plant mama is having another moment! I am obsessed with trailing plants and this one is finally getting there!

With Halloween tomorrow, there is another exciting thing happening over here! Domino has included *my* blog as one of the finalists for Best New Design Blog!

Please vote for me here!! You have until November 7, 2017!!!!

Happy day!






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