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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

April 1, 2019

Now that I’m inching closer towards my master bathroom reveal, I’ve started to think about kitchen backsplash ideas. The faux marble contact paper could only extend the life of this kitchen for so long. But the cracks are really starting to show. And the layout is so dysfunctional which is only magnified in such a […]

Now that I’m inching closer towards my master bathroom reveal, I’ve started to think about kitchen backsplash ideas. The faux marble contact paper could only extend the life of this kitchen for so long. But the cracks are really starting to show. And the layout is so dysfunctional which is only magnified in such a heavily utilized space.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

I’m currently designing several client kitchens and each of them have their own aesthetic. Some are neutral while others are open to a splash of color and pattern.

Which led me to wonder about what I would truly want for mine? I’m aiming for a full gut job hopefully by summer. So I better start thinking about it!

Kitchen Backsplash: Material

If you think tile is the only backsplash material for kitchens, you are about to be completely blown away at these other creative and beautiful options.

First up, quartzite backsplash as a focal point! Let’s take a look at Kip and Co. Founder Alex McCabe’s eclectic and whimsical Australian home. Her kitchen backsplash, however steals the show.

I really love how she brought neutrals like gold, pink, and greys/blacks into a modern luxe vibe without it being shimmery metallic.

I am really obsessed with that pink island too! Are you?

In case you’re wondering that the difference is between quartz and quartzite, quartz is an engineered non porous material that is extremely hardy and low maintenance. Quartzite is an actual derivative of sandstone and needs to be sealed like granite.

However the draw is prettier patterns like the one I just showed you. Quartz has a more uniformed clean look.

In actuality, I prefer that for kitchen countertops because I much rather have the countertops be neutral and let the backsplash do the talking. Down the road it is much easier to change backsplash than whole countertops.

Second, glass is very unusual choice. But the more I thought about it, it might be very viable since it is easy to clean and the reflective element would make any small kitchen seem bigger!

Then my DIY mind took over, why not take thin glass like this and use 3M strips or adhesive glue to the wall. If any of you want to try this, please DM me! I would love to see it!

Another unusual but totally feasible material is peel and stick subway tile wallpaper. Originally this was my choice for the backsplash upgrade. But it already seemed  overplayed in my kitchen with the faux marble contact paper countertops.

Image Credit: At Home With Ashley

Lastly, wallpaper would be a great idea because of the myriad of colors, patterns and designs.

Be it florals or geometric shapes, the backsplash is meant for this kind of visual play.

I am seriously considering this idea for my backsplash! The only caveat is the stovetop area. It gets so greasy, I can see oil splatters ruining the wallpaper instantly! But I do have a solution in mind, stay tuned!

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Dream your Dream

Recently, I read You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and I learned to truly learn how to think and stay positive.

Last year I knew I would somehow, someway remodel my bathroom. I didn’t ultimately know exact details like when or how. But almost to the day that I started dreaming it, the master bathroom completed.

Little did I know the power of faith and believing in your dreams. Guys, if you practice gratitude and positive thinking, your whole perspective is changed! Wherever your home state is in, believe that you are already in bounty. You may need to de clutter or have some budget friendly alternatives, but you are in plenty. From there, dream your design dreams! You will get there someday just like me!

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Tile Inspiration

Naturally, tile is ultimately what I would choose once we got the kitchen. Lawd, I love saying that!

I am obsessed with Fire Clay Tile. They are sustainable and use recyclable materials and are hand made. Everything that as a designer, I stand for 100 percent. (PS This is totally unsponsored. I just love sharing what I love with you guys!)

Image Credit: The Effortless Chic

On top of that, it is plain and simply beautiful. Stunning. My everything.

That is how much I love it!

Today I thought I would show you my fav Pinterest and Instagram worthy kitchens with Fire Clay tile!

The first day one is by the Effortless Chic! There is just something about this kitchen that is so captivating. Doesn’t matter how many times I see it, it makes me soooo happy. I want it all. The design balance is impeccable! The mix of neutral,s dark colors, patterns and metals and wood. Everything is in harmony perfectly. I mean, perfectly!

I am trying to persuade my sister to do a similar kitchen island in her home.

The next kitchen is by Wit and Delight founder Kate Amend. The deep turquoise hue and hexagon shape hypnotizes me! I literally feel like i can jump deep into that blue tile like the deep ocean.

Add the brass delta faucet, it is sophisticated but relaxed.

I also love how she made a waterfall pattern on the backsplash wall where it looks animated in a artistic manner. Isn’t it uncanny how patterns can show so much movement?

If you are into neutrals but feel stuck about it being too monochrome, consider using a variety of patterned tiles in focal points of your kitchen. Think of it as a concentrated look that draws just enough attention to get the design point across: I am effortlessly cooking gourmet meals in my artisan apron with the perfectly artful kitchen range.


Or just the mere shape of the tile can instantly transform the aethetic of your ktichen.

Picket tiles are a wonderful and on trend example. You can tile them horizontely, vertiallyr or even at an whimsical angle the picket tile.

It looks like leaves blowing happily in a breeze.

Geometric shapes are a serious consideration for me. I love modern gemotric shapes and lines.

Fireclay’s Scalene and Isosceles are two patterns I find myself going back to over adn over again.


If you notice this happens to you, follow that intuition of yours! Don’t doubt what your gut is trying to tell you. Confidently explore the option, you never know if it will be your ultimate masterpiece until you try it on.

As you noticed, I have been pondering backsplash ideas for awhile now! And I hope I gave you some creative yet attainable ideas.

Like I said, before I have my full renovation, I do have a DIY coming up. Can you guess what it will be? I am going to show you very soon my friends, stay tuned!

Happy day!

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  1. Dez says:

    I can’t wait for this reveal! The bold backsplashes are so pretty compared to the subway tile we have been seeing so much…

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