Spring Color Home Decor

Have you noticed the cherry blossoms everywhere? It’s so pretty and it inspired me to begin a new series on the use of color. Today, we’ll be talking about Spring Color Home Decor!

Spring Color Home Decor: Color Psychology

Did you know that color psychologically affects our brain waves? Isaac Newton was the first to discover white light and developed the color wheel. Our minds distinguishes those wavelength mixtures as colors. Every color of light has a illusory distribution, recognized by special receptors, called rods and cones in the retina of the eyeball.

Color psychology fascinates me because I am extremely visual. I learn best through visual aids. I can memorize things and recall them back in my memory through visuals. I guess you can say I have a photographic memory. (It definitely helped me in college! I could refer back to my study notes while taking my written tests)

But don’t hold me to it 100%  of the time, mommy brain has also taken its toll!

For instance, red color tones bring excitement to our brain chemistry and you can instantly feel the energy in this room when you walk in.

I adored styling this room for the HGTV Dream Home 2019! It’s not every day that the use of red is boldly represented in my work, so to have the opportunity here was quite exhilarating!

The interesting part is that it did not feel chaotic. Bold, yes! In general red symbolizes love, passion, sexuality and strength.

As for home decor, this is a marvelous starting point if that is the visual story you want to convey.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be the whole room! It can be a side table, sofa, art and pillows as well.

Spring Color Home Decor: Blush and Blue Tones Combined

Since February has come and gone, the derivative of red is the color I want to highlight today.

Blushy pink and orange tones are definitely having a moment.

It is warm, subtle and really a perfect neutral. I’ve talked about this before and I still stand by it!

Spring fever always hits me around this time of the year and I love it! The intense desire to switch things up and have a perfect excuse to bring in pink makes me oh.so.happy!

I really had fun incorporating everything I already had at home into a spring celebration.

Along with pink blush, there is my trusty go to blue.

I have had this cute blue West Elm 5×7 rug for a long time and I sure am glad I didn’t give it away during my spring cleaning frenzy.

The ultimate perfect hue of blue, it adds a visual splash of a blue in the middle of the room.

I always imagine what kind of story I want to tell when styling a room.

For here, I wanted to evoke a memory of a spring fling to the desert or where there is a calm pool in the middle with pink blush oasis on the parameters ready for us to hang out.

Too abstract? I guess what I am trying to say is I wanted to feel like a spring time version of a Palm Springs getaway.


Spring Color Home Decor: Pink Florals, New Plants

Do you love the giant pampas in the corner? I still really miss the Beast (my lovely 6 feet tall cactus) but this new setup definitely isn’t bad!

Oh and yes, do you see my new fiddle leaf fig? Yep, taking another stab at growing this finicky plant baby. The previous experience with gnat infestation left me quite traumatized for awhile!

But now I am ready to love on it again and see what happens!

There are definite go to florals and plants at Trader Joe’s that you cannot miss! Right now the hydrangeas are in season and I picked these blush pink ones up quickly.

I am certain you have noticed the gigantic pampas grass in the corner! I am obsessed with pampas. It gives that airy and light yet Scandinavian/Australian design feel I love so much.

Spring Color Home Decor: Pink Pillows and Furniture

You might be surprised to hear this but I generally do not conjurer pink into my designs. I like masculine designs with subtle touches of femininity through florals and throw blankets.

However lately I have embraced the blushy pink tone.

It is a neutral layer to calm down anything that is bold or in your face.

I love this coffee table by the way! My girl Denise from Eclectic Goods always sets me up with the greatest coffee tables when I need a switch up. I am fortunate that my clients love my choice of furniture in my own home. So when they see it, they buy it and then I am left with a very inconvenient problem of needing another table! (Yes, what a dilemma to have!)

Look at how inviting this is! Comfy deep seating sofa with just two lumbars can be your easiest answer! Longer lumbars are one step styling solution in your home!

I love giving you these mini round ups throughout my blog posts! It provides a quick way to get your house ready for Spring too!

Ambient lighting is a must have for all of my designs. There is something said for mood lighting. I noticed in all of my decade and half of HGTV watching, I learned the best designers knew exactly where to put their “mood” lighting. It is very important!

I took the time to round up a few for you that definitely doesnt break the bank!

Spring Color Home Decor: Enjoy it!

I also love this lamp! It’s from HomeGoods and a fraction of the retail price at a trendy store.

Here’s a mini round up if you are in the mood for one yourself! Ambient lighting is a must have for all of my designs. There is something said for mood lighting. I noticed in all of my decade and half ofHGTV watching, I learned the best designers knew exactly where to put their “mood” lighting. It is very important!

I took the time to round up a few for you that definitely doesnt break the bank!

Something that I am constantly reminding myself and would love to do the same for you is to enjoy each passing day with high frequency thoughts (positive messages to yourself). Even if you don’t feel it, saying it and living in the moment will induce the “feelings”

How many times do we have that backwards? I invite you to try that with me this week. Spring is about renewal and forgetting the past mistakes or regrets. Forget the shame and rise up my friend by starting with a room refresh with these colors!

Enjoy Spring my friend, today only happens once.

Happy day!

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  1. Dez wrote:

    Wow, that is one stunning makeover! Just wondering, where did the beast go?

    Posted 3.31.19 Reply
    • Anita Yokota wrote:

      ughs! I get so sad talking about it. He got mold and it just took over so fast in a matter of days! RIP 🙁 I miss him a lot.

      Posted 4.2.19 Reply
  2. Emily wrote:

    Can you provide the source of the blush and navy wall art on the mantel? Been searching for something like that

    Posted 7.15.19 Reply
    • Anita Yokota wrote:

      Hi Emily!
      Here’s a link, I love this one a lot. I even styled it to my design for Real Simple Idea house 2019. https://rstyle.me/n/dfk3e8cbvgp

      Posted 8.18.19 Reply