Easy Clean Wood Floors

Now that construction is finally complete for the bathroom renovation, we can finally move things back into the master bedroom and closets. Since we were already moving items, and finding the messes left behind, we took this opportunity to declutter and bring harmony to our home. It’s been exhausting going over massive piles upon piles of baskets, bins, and storage boxes.

But I’m happy to report that we finished the hard part. Everything is put away! And I’m so ready to clean and dust the floors.

Wood Floor Cleaner: Busy Family Messy Floor

Our kitchen floors get a good daily beating from spilled milk, smushed Mac and Cheese plus dirt and grime from the kids’ shoes as they traipse in from school.

True story: One day I decided to clean up every time I was done with something. I told myself I would clean and prep for the next meal and not procrastinate on the mess. Guys. I literally was in my kitchen for 8 hours.

Eight hours!!! (I am using my crazy mom exclamation marked voice, can you tell??) I always remind myself that it isn’t helpful to be on either extreme. So my daily battle of cleaning up the floors continued! To make matters worse, my dark colored floors relentlessly highlight every.single.speck.of.dust. As a matter of fact, whether it’s dirt, food, feathers, or glitter, it all shows up instantly!

So it’s imperative that I use an efficient, yet gentle cleaning method. After all, keeping our kids safe from chemicals is a real commitment of any parent!

This is the reason why Swiffer has been my go-to cleaning system since I got my first apartment.

And when we had pets and a crawling first born kid, it continued to give me an easy and fast way to clean up.

Wood Floor Cleaner: I Heart Wood Floors

At the core of each tree, there is a heartwood. I love special facts like this! Maybe I am too much of a sentimentalist but when it translates into real life, I just have to smile.

Swiffer has maintained my heart for wood floors because it has been so easy to use!

And you know what has been even more amazing? My kids are now old enough to help clean. Yeah. Mind. Blown.

Wood Floor Cleaner: Easy as 1-2-3

Natalie and I decided it would be fun to show you guys how easy it is even for her!

She told me, “Mommy, I want to help! It’s easy like 1-2-3.” Ever the proponent in teaching kids responsibility, I happily agreed.

We first swept up big chunks of dried rice, bread, fruit, and dirt. Pretty nasty!

Then we got busy spraying the light mist to instantly grab the dirt and grime. Natalie easily took over and cleaned the kitchen floors!

Usually, I have to go back to do something my kids offer to help with. But with the ease of the Swiffer WetJet Wood Starter Kit, I was completely taken aback, my 5-year-old did a great job! If anything, this will be a sure motivator for you to go get one am I right?

Another helpful tip that I have learned over the countless hours of cleaning a dark wood floor is to sweep with the grain. It seems to pick up the grime more efficiently in one swoop.

I love rugs and it’s no surprise that we have them in the kitchen too! I have noticed that it’s really important to let the floors dry and then lay down the mat. Especially mats with rubber backing that can trap moisture and deteriorate your floors.

I noticed that when using the Swiffer WetJet wood solution cleaning method, the floors dry fairly quickly with NO streaks. Raise your hand if you hate solution residue and streaks on your floors! ME TOO! When I put my hand across the wood planks. It was clean and smooth without any filmy residue.

Wood Floor Cleaner: Don’t give up!

If you are in the throes of a busy lifestyle (even without kids or pets!) and have a hard time keeping up with cleaning your floor, I encourage you not to give up!

Clean floors truly make us feel grounded in more ways than one. Psychology offers the fact that when we do not act grounded, we do not feel grounded.

Yes! You may have assumed the opposite. But here is the best part, you can easily change that with something as easy as keeping your floors clean consistently.

I find stepping on crumbs and dirt makes my blood pressure go up! I decided I needed to act on this proactively. To be able to change that in our homes with little effort is an amazing way to bring wellness into our homes, don’t you think?

I hope you can feel as amazing as I do with my floors after reading this post! Get your own Swiffer WetJet Wood Starter Kit at Target now!

Happy day!

This post was sponsored by Swiffer Wet Jet. However, all opinions are my own. I love sharing what is true to my aesthetics and what helps you clean and organize your home. Thank you for your support!

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