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The only holiday gift guide for you’ll need for YOU

December 5, 2019

I know you love the title of this blog post already! The holiday bustle can really get our brains haywire. So today I’m going to give you my intentionally focused gift guide to help you relax in all senses! Not sure, if you noticed, but I’ve been discussing the idea of finding your WHY in […]

I know you love the title of this blog post already! The holiday bustle can really get our brains haywire. So today I’m going to give you my intentionally focused gift guide to help you relax in all senses!

Not sure, if you noticed, but I’ve been discussing the idea of finding your WHY in every space, nook, and cranny in your home to elevate your relationships with yourself, partner and family.

I find it fascinating to discuss interior design from this lens! Our brain processes so much information through our sensory organs. What are sensory organs? They are our ears, nose, eyes, skin and tongue. Of course, our tongue too!

So I thought it would be fun to introduce a wellness gift guide based on these 5 sensory organs to uplift your brain waves to high vibes!

The only holiday gift guide you’ll need for YOU: Eyes

Let’s start with our eyes, shall we? As a designer, visuals are the crux of how I get inspired and how I’m able to convince my clients to go with the design I think is best for their space. For you, I imagine your using your eyes to scour Pinterest and IG for the perf sofa, rug or mirror is a relaxing way to wind down with a glass of wine. At least, that sounds like a dream night for me!

First, art is a wonderful visual cue to relax. So what’s your favorite type of environment to relax in? The beach, desert or mountains? Each landscape comes with a different color story. I love the desert. So the pinks, corals, whites, and taupes are especially inviting.

"Desert Super Moon" - Grownup Open Edition Non-custom Art Print by Kate Baird in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes.

Image Credit: Minted

Does this landscape make your heart skip a beat? It sure makes mine! I love the dry heat and pink sunsets so much.

When you see something you love, what do you feel? If you describe it as something similar to sublime, then that makes sense!

Research has shown that art and emotion are closely related to the regions of the brain that triggers pleasure and happiness also increases our self-esteem and confidence. So if that isn’t a reason to surround yourself more with landscape art of your choice, I don’t’ know what is!

Protecting our eyes is just as important as using them. Living in California, the sun is persistent and even on a cloudy day, the UV rays can take a toll. So even if you feel you don’t need them, they are a great idea. I’m a proponent of using necessity as an excuse to elevate the style. Whether its a room or for your wardrobe!

I’m a huge fan of Quay sunnies from down under! The ones I own are the mini size which really isn’t mini at all. Obviously oversized sunnies are still on-trend.


QUAY AUSTRALIA Jezabell 57mm Round Sunglasses, Main, color, GUN/ NAVY PEACH

Image Credit: Nordstrom

You want to know the best part? The price point is incredible for the quality and style that’s offered. I’m really impressed and quite obsessed!

The only holiday gift guide you’ll need for YOU: Ears

Ok, you’re probably wondering what could we get for our ears? There’s actually quite a lot!

The first obvious choice is earrings. And my all time fav jewelery designer is Gorjana. It’s so effortless yet on trend. And the layering is super fun to dress up or dress down.

These earrings are really great statement pieces but not too big. I wear them every day!

Image result for gorjana chloe ear jacket

Image Credit: Gorjana

Rose Gold continues to be on-trend as a classic color. And these mini stud earrings are another daily look that will complement anything you wear. That is why I love Gorjana so much. It can be dressed down and up at a moment’s notice.


GORJANA Chloe Mini Stud Earrings, Main, color, ROSE GOLD


Image Credit: Gorjana


Next, for ears are airPods for listening to music! Music is the ultimate self-care mood lifter. The minute the notes begin to play, our brain is stimulated and the brain waves and messages flood our body and heart. It really is so powerful.

When I worked for the HGTV show Hidden Potential, there were many long days of filming. For each reveal, I was the first to get to the home and set things up at 4:30 am. So the airPods kept me awake and upbeat with positive music and podcasts.

At home, it’s a great easy mood lifter as I mentioned. But it also blocks out the busy activity by the rest of the Yokota family. When mommy has her airPods in, everyone knows not to bother her.

Image Credit: Apple



The only holiday gift guide you’ll need for YOU: Nose

Ok, so you’re probably wondering what gifts you can gift your nose? Well….candles and aromatherapy of course!

It all starts with a lit candle in the early morning while you sip your coffee and set your first intention or at night as you unwind.

As the scent molecules reach the brain, they affect the limbic system, which is linked to the emotions, the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, and hormone balance.

One of my favorite candle makers is P.F. Candle Co. They have grown to be a wonderful company with so many handmade scents. Their simple amber jars and labels make them understated so that I place them everywhere around the house as a  organic accent. It’s not fancy with patterns on the packaging. They solely rely on their handmade quality scents.

It shows too because they burn really well and the scent is just right.  Not too strong but your mood is lifted due to your olfactory being stimulated.


A few of my favorite scents are Spruce, Pinon, Golden Coast, Black Fig and Spiced Pumpkin.Spruce Standard Candle in amber glass jar from P.F. Candle Co.

Another way to treat yourself this season by way of your nose is air diffusers. I love my Saje Wellness diffuser so much. The girls love putting the essential oil drops in. As much as I love staring at a candle flame. The silky ethereal smoke that comes out of the diffuser relaxes every muscle in me.


Best Of Saje

Image Credit: Saje Wellness

Best Of Saje

The only holiday gift guide you’ll need for YOU: Skin

Ahhh, skincare. I wish I was more consistent in caring for my skin in the past. But no use looking back, I will focus on the NOW.

I started using Aesop skin care about 10 months ago and it was super dry. Since then I feel that it’s been a wonderful aide to get moisture back into my skin cells.

So here is my skincare routine for you to consider if you have super dry skin. I used to have combination skin but now it feels like its rather dry all around.

AESOP Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser, Main, color, NONE



This Parsley Seed cleanser has done wonders for my skin! It has really softened my skin and plumped it up.

And it takes off all the makeup in one rinse. No other cleanser has ever done that for me!

I then use the Parsley Seed Toner. And follow up with the Lucent Facial Concentrate. I love the concentrate as it solidfies the moisture into my skin.

AESOP Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner, Main, color, NONE

AESOP Lucent Facial Concentrate, Main, color, NO COLOR

Last but not least is the SPF and moisturizer.

AESOP Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream, Main, color, NONE


This moisturizer has just the right amount of “thickness” I like for coverage. Due to dry skin, I look for a creamier moisturizer that sticks to my skin longer throughout the day, The watery thin types seem to dry up in an hour.

Now you know my skincare routine! Don’t forget to create a ritual where you are setting intentions are you cleanser off all the dirt and debris of the past. Invite the present moment by stopping to enjoy teh water on your face. And look forward to the future as you add the SPF and moisturizer on.

The only holiday gift guide you’ll need for YOU: Tongue

What do our tongues do? Have you ever wondered that? Well tongues help us taste food, chew it and swallow. Tongues also help us express ourselves verbally.

It makes sense that I add the following two self care gift items for yourself.

First is the tools to help you eat clean. I love the Greenpan Padova collection in Lima Bronze. It’s chic and yet very easy to cook and clean your meals.

Image Credit: Greenpan

My kitchen isn’t the only place that needs a re-haul. I also need a new baking set. All my baking dishes have somehow disappered over time. Whether it was a school potluck or neighbrohood block party, one by one they got lost.

I saw this set by Britain’s Falcon cookware company has made baking sets since 1920.

Falcon Enamelware Bake SetI’m obsessed with  The Great British Baking show. I’m going to bet these pans will make my casseroles and desserts a whole lot tastier!

Well, what do you think about satisfying all 5 of your senses with these wonderful gifts for YOURSELF?

Tell me which is your favorite in the comments!

Happy day!

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