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The 3 Key Spaces in a Mindful Home

December 29, 2020

Creating a mindful home that honors both your private and public sides from the moment you walk in the door is so beneficial to your mental health—especially when we’re doing more at home than ever before!

Having a mindful home is more important than ever before! But as we rush to create multi-functional homes that can do it all, let’s first consider what our homes actually provide for us. With so many different inspirational possibilities on pinterest, instagram, and tik tok, we can get ahead of ourselves! And truly, there are only a few things we really NEED.

The key is in considering how you want to relate in this space—to family, roommates, guests, or even yourself. So today, let’s talk about the top three spaces that work together to create a more holistic, mindful home!

1. The Entry Space 

The entry space is a highly functional area that sets the tone for the rest of your home—and I’m not talking about guests. The person who enters your home the most is YOU!

A beautifully styled entry way

In your comings and goings, start thinking of what would make your life easier. Maybe you need a spot to hang your coat or a place to put your keys, so they stop disappearing. Or maybe you just want to walk through the door into a beautiful space! 

Whatever it may be, the first step is to define your functional need. Then, devise a few solutions. There are so many ways to solve a problem! For example, if you’re a shoes-off kind of home and find that they start to pile up, you can add a small shoe rack beneath a bench… or remove the doors from a nearby closet, and install a whole cubby area for a classic mudroom feel.   

Consider the amount of space you have here, but don’t be afraid to add furniture to a small area. You might find it makes the entrance feel a lot more grand! Start small and have fun with experimenting, then scale up once you find the right fit. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the style of the rest of your home. The entry has a first-impression kind of vibe, and it should set an expectation for the aesthetic you’ll experience throughout the house.

2. The Central Hub

Whether you live with others or alone, in a studio apartment or a sprawling house, every mindful home has both public space and private space. The key to each is in the WHY! While all our whys are different, some of the core tenets will remain. In public spaces, we’re able to share our stories, accumulate details, and connect with others. 

Natalie & Emily with Mom at the Kitchen Island

At the center of your public area, you should definitely have a “Hub.” This is an information station that allows everyone living in the space to gather and communicate easily—even if you’re all coming and going!  

Everyone’s Hub is different, because everyone communicates differently. It’s just important that you make space to do so! Think about what you talk about most—maybe it’s the shared responsibilities of the household, what you need to pick up at the grocery store, or simply a need to announce important dates and sort the mail between roommates.  

Our living room has seen so many iterations of itself

A Hub allows all who live in your space to have agency and contribute to the shared information in an accessible location. A Hub can be:

  • An entire system at the center of your kitchen island
  • A communal notebook stored in a bureau by the stairs
  • A dry-erase calendar hung on the living room wall
  • A chore wheel with a note section magnetically adhered to the fridge. 

The important part is that you all know where it is, and it is organized to meet your needs! Things can get lost in a text thread—but the Hub is sacred. 

3. The Recharge Zone 

The final spot that every mindful home needs is a personal recharge zone. This one is probably even the MOST critical! Being together is important for building strong relationships, but the relationship we have with ourselves is foundational to every experience we have. 

For most of us, our recharge zone will be in the bedroom! More so than an entry space or Hub, this space is going to be super personalized, and the most attached to your WHY. Your recharge zone is uniquely yours, even if you share it with a partner—or in my kids’ case, a sibling. You may remember that we went a more neutral direction in our own bedroom because Travis didn’t like the old wallpaper. 😂   Hey, it’s his bedroom too, and at least it was removable! 

Your recharge zone should make you feel totally at home. So if you love a wild print, then go for it! But after making the switch to our DIY board & batten, I’d recommend selecting a softer color and playing with texture instead. Colors operate on a subconscious level, and muted tones can help relieve some of that mental clutter to find relaxation. 

Love our Desert Den for the additional breathing room it provides our family

While the bedroom is definitely a place to settle the senses, you can create recharge zones in common areas, too. I’m thinking of our Desert Den, which is a guest bedroom that we converted into a more family-friendly space by building a customized Murphy bed which we could hide away to better enjoy this room. Our whole family loves the desert, so we created a space that reflects the calming qualities of this environment. Whatever you love, make it the inspiration for your recharge zone! 

Keep Experimenting

Creating a mindful home that honors both your private and public sides from the moment you walk in the door is so beneficial to your mental health—especially when we’re doing more at home than ever before! As you’re reimagining what’s possible in your own space, remember that our homes evolve alongside us. 

I’m constantly refining these spaces in my own home to keep up with changing tastes and growing kiddos. And every now and then, I try out a new trend! You never know what’s going to stick, so don’t be afraid to experiment! After all, the real key to a mindful home is paying attention to how you feel inside it. 



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