Physical Movement As A Home Therapy Tool

Did quarantine, stress, change of lifestyle, etc cause weight gain in the last few months? For me, it crept up on me. I was just trying to stay afloat emotionally and looked up one day to realize I had fallen prey to the Quarantine 15. Ok, more like Quarantine 8, but still not something I was excited about! 

I’m trying my best to shed that extra 8lbs but I’m not one for hitting a treadmill or lacing up to go for the long run. I started to think of the different movements that I do like, knowing I am far more likely to do something I actually enjoy. The good ‘ole treadmill, no thank you! Anita Yokota method

I love variety, so in order to keep motivation up and interest high, it makes sense to try different things to stay physically fit. Turns out, I am not the only one who is motivated by the variety in my workouts! 

What’s The Right Exercise For You?

Years ago I had a friend who found jazz dance class as a fun way to stay trim. To this day she looks great!

Another friend loved belly dancing, she loved it so much she became a teacher! How cool is that?

No one says you have to be a dancer, a marathoner, or a cross-fit fanatic. There are so many avenues to pursue, just make sure you select one that works for YOU! If I have learned anything over the years, it’s that I need to be honest with what I like to do and what makes my body feel good, not what’s popular in fitness right now. 

Anita Yokota method yoga Lululemon gaiam

Trying to determine what’s right for you? Ask yourself some of these questions and it might help you choose a path.

Finding The Right Space:

I’m so glad we created the desert den for countless reasons. One of the many is that it has enough space for me to explore what works for me and my family in health & wellness. 

Yoga? Perfect space for it. HIIT class? Love it here! Meditation? Try finding a better spot for it! You name it, the desert den houses it! 

Anita Yokota

Outside of my movement, the girls LOVE to Tik Tok in here. Does that count as exercise? 😉

Workouts I’ve Been Loving:

In any case, I recently found the Peloton app (even though I don’t have a Peloton, I wish!)

And I LOVE IT! It has a holistic approach to working out that I am attracted to. Self-care at its best is when you’re INTO IT. If the desire isn’t there, forget about it.

I committed, to myself, that I’d do five 30-45min movement sessions each week. The 15-20 min HIIT workouts are incredible because I can do them plus a little movement before/after to get my 30min for the day. 

Every time I do these HIIT workouts, my appetite for the rest of the day is voracious! I guess this is normal. I suppose knowing there is a scientific reason behind it makes me feel a little better.

Because of this hunger craze, I try to balance HIIT with yoga and strength conditioning. The beauty of any of these workouts is that the desert den is perfectly set up to handle any and all of them! All in all, the combination of the new open wood floors, with a helpful app has really made a difference. 

I now have a new normal and location (instead of just my bathroom) to freely work out and work towards a personal goal of being fit. Stay tuned for updates on my journey!

Other Things I’ve Been Trying:

Do you dance? A month ago, I had the opportunity to try 20 min of Julianne Hough’s Kinrgy and it was fun!

I’ll be honest, it felt a little too new-age-y at first. I’m the first to be into the universe, positive energy, and alternative approaches to things but this felt like a lot at first. I don’t find myself to be a great dancer so I felt self-conscious. But I quickly got over that! The music and movement was engaging!

There is one part where you let go and dance your heart out. 


Anita Yokota method gaiam Lululemon

I was by myself but just burst out laughing having the time of my life! Those 3 minutes of tribal dancing were the best 3 minutes of my day! 

The WHY:

Physical movement automatically grounds us in the present. We turn off autopilot as we feel our muscles stretch, our hearts open, and the heat in our bodies turn up. Anita Yokota Method kids gymnastics

The beads of sweat on our brow indicate life and energy release.

That is WHY moving our bodies is so important for our well being! Whenever we are reminded to be in the present, we find peace. Anxieties and worries melt away. We relinquish control. 

So, I thought it would be fun to have the girls dance with me. We threw on their favorite music, and let things happen! Look at us go! 

Before we knew it, amongst a lot of giggling, we covered a lot of ground! From singing Hamilton to doing gymnastics to kids yoga, we covered it all! I thought the desert den was built for many activities before… little did I know just how many it really could handle!                                             Anita Yokota Method kids gymnastics It felt so good to see the girls let loose. Things in the world have been hard lately, especially since their school year was cut short with friends, so I love it when I can see them having fun! Anita Yokota Method kids gymnastics

As a therapist, you know I love the science behind why do and feel things. Music and movement really do help us relieve stress. Take a look at the details of why music and dance help encourage better moods, disassociate our minds from the stresses of life, and can help us get physically and mentally fit. Anita Yokota Method gaiam luluelmon yoga workout weights

What are some creative ways you can relieve stress? Want to try music and dance? Let me know! Maybe we should do live IG together, what do you think?

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