How to Finally Organize Your Summer Wardrobe


With the change of seasons, it’s time for a new capsule wardrobe. I don’t know about you but I have fallen in love with my reduced closet. Yes, it saves money and waste but right now, I am most grateful for the lack of decision fatigue. How did I live so many years swiping through endless clothes in my closet and still end up wearing the same outfit day in and day out?! I’ll never get that time back…


Anita Yokota method summer wardrobe Nordstrom AnthropologieI finally learned how to organize my summer wardrobe and I’m going to show you to do the same!

Get a capsule wardrobe now, thank me later!


What is a capsule wardrobe? 

A capsule wardrobe is a condensed version of your closet, welcoming only your most essential and favorite items. The concept is rooted in leveraging a few pieces across various outfits, styles, and occasions. For example, my favorite linen shorts for the summer are perfect to dress up with a nicer top and some form of heel. They are also great to dress down with a v-neck tee and sandals. 

Anita Yokota method capsule wardrobe

What’s In My Summer Capsule Wardrobe? Anita Yokota Method capsule wardrobe

Tips to Select Your Summer Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Know your style:

Because the intention of a capsule wardrobe is to minimize the number of items in your closet, it’s important to know your style before selecting your items. I wouldn’t recommend pulling experimental items into your capsule wardrobe, stick to the tried and true favorites (even if you’re buying new items). Anita Yokota Method summer capsule wardrobe Nordstrom

  • Define anchor items:

As you can see, I anchored my summer capsule wardrobe in linen shorts that can flex across any and all days, occasions, temperatures, etc. When I go to create an outfit, I always start with my anchor item, my shorts, and then build from there. It gives you a foundation to work with and again, minimizes decision fatigue. Anita Yokota Method capsule wardrobe nordstrom

  • Go with something that fits and feels good:
Invest in items that really make you feel good! The fit, the fabric, the lines, the patterns are all really important to fit you just right! Don’t compromise and select just any item. Anita Yokota Method summer capsule wardrobe

  1. All basics are not created equal!: 

If you are selecting a basic white tee, find the one that flatters you best and feels the best on your body! If used appropriately, you will invest in a handful of items and they will earn their keep so focus more on quality and fit vs just simply price. There is a common misconception that basics should be inexpensive. I am actually more likely to invest in high-quality basics more than anything since I know I will wear them the most. Anita Yokota Method summer capsule wardrobe

  • Keep it flexible:

Try not to pick things that are so unique that you pigeonhole yourself into not being able to wear them often. This doesn’t mean you need a boring, all neutral capsule wardrobe, I just want you aware of things that can flex across various occasions. Let’s use the plain white tee as an example again. I can throw a necklace with my tee and wear it out to a social distance get together with friends. Or, I wear it plain for errands. In both cases, I feel comfortable, confident, and dressed appropriately but one is just a little more jazzed up than the other. I wouldn’t however, want to select a super unique fancy top as one of my few capsule wardrobe options.

First off, I don’t do fancy things that often and second off, I wouldn’t be able to dress that down easily. Anita Yokota Method summer capsule wardrobe Nordstrom

  • Define a budget:

I am a huge proponent of investing in a capsule wardrobe that really works for you. However, know your budget before you start so you can build your search around how many items you want/need and how much you have to spend on it. I don’t necessarily look at it as a price per item, but more so just overall budget, and then I work backward. Anita Yokota Method capsule wardrobe

  • Create a capsule wardrobe map:

Once you have your budget, map out what all you think you need for the summer. Then you can start searching and select brands that fit both your needs and your budget. I have found budgeting then mapping to work really well! If I did mapping then budgeting, I think my budget would grow extensively! Anita Yokota Method capsule wardrobe nordstrom

  • Identify your occasions: 

Take a quick peek at your calendar for the season and use that to guide your decisions. If you see you have multiple staycations or DIY weekends on the calendar, your capsule wardrobe is likely to be a little more casual than if you see you have a ton of work zoom meetings coming up. Anita Yokota Method capsule wardrobe

Since I end up wearing the same handful of shirts and bottoms each season, it’s been fun to not give myself much pressure beyond these outfits. My life has become more simplified and I actually look forward to getting creative with the pieces I have selected. 

Give it a try and let me know how it goes! 






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