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Easy DIY: Ombre Spoon Decor

July 28, 2022

This has been my favorite DIY in a very long time, and I love the way it reminds me of all the previous projects we’ve done that paved the way for this creation. And that’s the joy of DIY, my friends! 

The final ombre spoon decor piece, hung on our wall

Where are my paint pros at!? I know so many of you are just as obsessed with paint color as I am, and this sweet spoon decor piece is an amazing way to incorporate some shades that never made their way onto your walls. Maybe you loved a certain shade of blue, but it was just too dark for your space. Or perhaps you’re looking to incorporate a few different accent colors in one stylish, simple addition to your home. 

Well, then do I have the DIY for you! My ombre spoon wall-hanging was so easy to make, and left me feeling zen and accomplished when I was done. There’s nothing like a low-stakes craft project to bring joy and creativity into the home, reminding us what we are capable of. And as a bonus, I got to use up some old paints along the way—finally! 😂

An array of paint cans in different colors: gold, blues, and tans

You’ll Need 

12 Wooden Spoons: We picked up these simple spoons on an IKEA run for cheap! I knew there was something fun that I could do with them—the shape and texture were too good to pass up. 

Multiple Paint Colors: I’m not sure about you guys, but we have a whole lotta leftover paint from previous DIYs and past renovations. If you don’t have options already available in your garage, you can pick up some sample paint from Sherwin Williams, rather than buying a whole quart! 

Blue Painters Tape: Another DIY classic, many of you will already have this at home. 

E6000 Glue: This glue is by far the best for projects of all shapes and sizes. Make sure you get the clear kind! 

Wood Board: We’ve done our fair share of paneling projects around the Yokota Household, so we had this piece already handy. You can pick yours up at the hardware store—and there are plenty of textures to choose from. 

How To DIY Your Own Spoon Decor Piece

Step 1 

Before you get started, decide on your color set! To achieve the ombre effect, transition your colors from light to dark, putting the most similar shades side-by-side. Wrap blue painters tape around the neck of each spoon, so the dip comes out nice and clean.

Step 2 

If you have six paint colors selected, you can dip two spoons in each color for a sleek and simple look. We used seven colors, and I think it makes the ombre feel a little more dynamic and  natural (aka, imperfect 😉). Set your freshly-painted spoons out to dry in the sun for a few hours.

Step 3 

Once the paint has dried, add glue liberally to the backside of the spoon, and secure it to the wood board with the handle pointing out in an alternating pattern. Let dry overnight before hanging with command strips. 

The painted spoons assembled on the counter

The Power of DIY!

The final product honestly blew me away! This has been my favorite DIY in a very long time, and I love the way it reminds me of all the previous projects we’ve done that paved the way for this creation. Every time I walk past it on my way to the kitchen, I smile knowing that I made it. And that’s the joy of DIY, my friends! 

This is something I talk about in my book, Home Therapy: our homes are where we spend the majority of our time. We can create environments that set us on a positive loop, establishing a stronger foundation for the rest of our lives! 

This project is about more than the beautiful texture and color I was able to add to my walls. It’s actually about creatively expressing yourself and problem-solving in real time when the stakes are low. These seemingly simple activities actually build confidence in our abilities. That way, when we’re faced with new challenges in life, we’re able to rise to meet them with less stress and more success. 


Happy Day!


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