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Happiness is a White Upholstered Chair

March 4, 2021

I LOVE white upholstered furniture because it always looks so fresh! I tend to get tired of color and pattern, but I never, ever get tired of white. It’s the perfect blank canvas for all our thoughts and ideas! 

Anita sits in a white upholstered chair against a green paneled wall

How cute is the new relaxation corner in our bedroom?! Once we had the idea, I knew this would be the perfect spot for a white upholstered chair and morning meditations. Although ultimately, I designed this space with Travis in mind. Our DIY dad needs a space of his own to wind down after a busy day—so naturally, I enlisted his help in another big bedroom paneling project to give him a reason to crave relaxation!   

Our Relaxing Bedroom WHY

This look is a testament to weird corners everywhere. I think we all have those awkward nooks and crannies in our homes that leave us scratching our heads. We’re left wondering: what did the builder intend this space for? Bedrooms can be particularly tricky. Once the bed is in, and the walk-in closet leaves no need for a bureau, what else can we do to use the whole room? 

I’ve invented a few functional spaces here before, once upon a time (pre-pandemic) there was a little wfh desk in the corner. But bringing work into the bedroom never felt right, and so the space went unused. For a long time, we left it bare, but that felt like such a waste!

This bedroom corner once played host to a small desk—all in white, of course!

Check out this blast from the past!

Throughout all our recent renovations, the bedroom became our safe haven. We tore up the whole first story to put in new floors, completely gutted our kitchen, and even the Desert Den was out of commission while we used it for meals (and as spill-over space for the Desert Bathroom renovation). I had the tub to relax in evening baths, but I noticed poor Travis didn’t really have a Spot.  

You know what I mean! That perfect Spot you can go to for a little personal quiet time, a tried-and-true renewal space. For me, it’s always been our bathroom. For Travis? It seemed less clear. And then I had a lightbulb moment!  

Travis strums a guitar during our JTH vacation

During our trip to Arizona last summer, he would spend lazy mornings playing guitar. Wherever I put a side chair, Travis gravitates to it! Perhaps it’s his introverted nature, but he really enjoys a quiet space to relax and reflect. I wanted to give him that same meditative music corner in our own bedroom! 

No-Fear White Upholstered Furniture with Sunbrella

When designing this space, I knew right away that I wanted to do a white upholstered chair. I LOVE white upholstered furniture because it always looks so fresh! I tend to get tired of color and pattern, but I never, ever get tired of white. It’s the perfect blank canvas for all our thoughts and ideas! 

a crisp white upholstered armchair sits in between a snake plant and a funky side table

When it comes to durable white fabric, Of COURSE my first thought was Sunbrella. Their indoor-outdoor fabrics are durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Plus, our white upholstered chair is so soft and comfortable, making it the perfect addition to the space.

The chair we chose is Serena & Lily’s Parkwood Swivel Chair in Sunbrella Bright White. I really like the subtle swivel for comforting motion and easy mobility. You can gaze out the window, or turn easily to face anyone entering the room. Wherever your attention rests, this chair can go! 

It’s a collapse-in kind of comfy that’s flexible and easy-going, while maintaining a pristine edge. Just like Mr. Meticulous himself.

Travis makes himself at home in our new meditative corner

This white upholstered look is so beachy & clean, but I know it would fall flat without a little contrast. Without it, white-on-white can feel washed out, with no design at all! I knew I needed a little ‘oomph’ to differentiate the seat from the space it sits in. 

For contrast, wallpaper or paint are usually the go-to. Since we already have a paneled accent wall, I didn’t want to detract from the bedroom’s existing design. Yet, a simple paint job didn’t feel like the answer—it would have made our DIY board & batten feel unnecessary, and I didn’t want to lose the impact of this important feature in our bedroom! 

Our board & batten accent wall was completed in 2019, and livens up our bedroom while still keeping it zen

So as not to compete with our accent wall, I knew I wanted some kind of half-wall feature. But when you do a half-wall, you need a reason to stop mid-way. Thus, the idea for our paneled wall was born! 

We chose not to take on the same board & batten style, because then, we’d have to do the whole room. I knew it was a risk—another paneling style would either clash with the board and batten, or look like we gave up after only doing a small portion of the room. Mostly, I was trying to avoid paneling more walls. 😂

We chose the same paint color to be cohesive, but the triangular paneling was a really cool element that I’m so happy with! If you were following our Instagram stories, you saw first hand how we battled with continuity in our paneling. It felt weird to stop where we did, so we went around the corner to our bathroom. And I realize that, yes, we’ll probably have to panel the whole room—or at least just the other side of the bathroom entry. 😉

The whole family sings along in Anita & Travis' bedroom sanctuary

Keep Clutter away from your Corner

Future paneling projects aside, I love how this little corner turned out. It sets aside an intentional space, where Travis can find relaxation and renewal in our bedroom. I hope our project inspires you to take on that weird corner in your own bedroom! But if you’re worried about a chair becoming a dumping ground for laundry, I have a few tips: 

  1. Have a home for everything.

    When each item already has a designated space, clutter doesn’t linger, because it has a place to go! About 5 years ago I redid my closet, and now everything ends up in its correct spot. It isn’t magic, it’s organization! 

  2. Designate another space for cast-offs.

    Still have trouble getting your objects back to the “right” spot? Give your clutter a good place to pile up. That bench at the end of our bed often plays host to unfolded laundry, so I know our upholstered chair won’t have to. 

  3. Create Intention around a space.

    Empty chairs beg to be filled—though not always by butts. The right lumbar pillow and throw blanket combination “fill” the seat by creating an inviting environment to relax in. Add a side table to better host a morning coffee moment or an evening nightcap. 

Anita perches on the bench at the foot of their bed as she listens to Travis play guitar from a white upholstered chair

I can’t wait to hear the music wafting from our little bedroom oasis! 

Happy Day,


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