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Modern Credenza

May 6, 2019

My vintage 1960s Broyhill Brasilia credenza is loved by so many of you that I thought it was time to give you some modern credenza design ideas and tips. When I first began my search for a wonderful vintage piece,I was pretty naive. I thought it would be so easy to look at a few […]

My vintage 1960s Broyhill Brasilia credenza is loved by so many of you that I thought it was time to give you some modern credenza design ideas and tips.

When I first began my search for a wonderful vintage piece,I was pretty naive. I thought it would be so easy to look at a few and decide.

Nope, I was dead wrong!

Modern Credenza: Vintage Mid Century Modern or not

Most of us start with what aesthetic we want in a piece of furniture. It completely makes sense. However with vintage modern credenzas the price range varies greatly.

You can get something extremely affordable on Wayfair that has the vintage design but it’s brand new with no sense of history to it.

And there is nothing wrong with that! I love anything new because I have a bit of an OCD tendency.

On the other hand, I have to tell my OCD side to suck it when it comes to a good ol’ vintage piece of Danish furniture.

It is bespoke and oh so precious.

A love affair for vintage furniture with rich heritage comes at a hefty price. I know, I realize that I am speaking from living in a place like LA. If you are in rural country, then yes, perhaps this doesn’t apply because vintage furniture can be affordable.

For the most of us living in urban cities, buying a vintage piece comes at a price. And these days, there are savvy buyers everywhere, so it’s tough to find a bargain anywhere.

When you are looking to dress up your living room, office or bedroom with a credenza, your first decision should be true vintage or not.

Once you have made that decision, it narrows down your search. And let me tell you, I flip flopped back and forth. But once I made up my mind to go true vintage, it cut down my research time substantially.

Modern Credenza: Mid Century Modern Furniture

For a vintage mid century modern credenza, depending on the size and condition, they can range from $550 for a small size to $2000 and above for a larger size media console.

I scoured the internet for months  hoping for something within my budget that was a true vintage gem. 

The search was not easy!

I got lucky and found the beautiful Broyhill Brasilia on my local Craigslist boards. In addition to Craigslist, you can try Chairish, Etsy,  Ebay, One King’s Lane, Istdibs and Mid Century Mobler.

For Craigslist, Etsy and obviously Ebay, you can often negotiate your price.

Modern Credenza: Affordable Mid Century Modern Look

If you decide you don’t want to put up the effort or have the budget, there are many affordable furniture pieces to consider.

I find All Modern to be the best place to start. They have a great range of inventory of mid century furniture at any price point.

Here are a few that I think you will love!


Image Credit: All Modern

Image Credit: All Modern

Image Credit: All Modern


Mid Century Modern: New Credenza

A third option is buying a new version of the vintage credenza with refined style and elevated quality.

Perhaps, you don’t want to deal with finding an old vintage and yet crave something of richer quality.

Two brands that I consistently turn to when designing client’s homes are Joy Bird and Room and Board.

Both offer great quality and solid design.  Take a look at a few that  I think would be amazing in your home.

Image Credit: Joy Bird


This Butler small storage console by Joy Bird is wonderful for small spaces. You can easily use this as a dual functional item in a small apartment or studio. By placing a wall mount TV above it, it becomes a media console as well as for storage.

Image Credit: Joy Bird

Another favorite of mine is the Grove Collection by Room and Board. The rich walnut is absolutely stunning and I have used it in many clients’ bedroom furniture as well.

Image Credit: Room and Board


You can’t go wrong with this piece for sure.

A third modern credenza option is Blu Dot’s Dang 2 Door in Sweetness.

Image Credit: Blu Dot

Don’t let this blushy mauve tone fool you! In person it’s ultra modern with no hint of kiddish vibes at all.

It is in my opinon, one of the prettiest colors for a credenza  and the modern design is perfection. You will need to see it for  yourself!

In addition, you can  add black accents to it like a vase or art.  It will contrast masculinity and maintains the minimalist look.

Can you tell I really love it?

Modern Credenz: A few styling tips

Once you have your beautiful credenza, you may find it hard to style. Sounds silly but styling credenza, coffee tables and shelves are overwhelming for most!

A very easy rule of thumb for credenzas are to add a lamp (or two), books, greenery and art.

Go by this combination and there is little to fear after that.

You can even add a clock like mine! The Schoolhouse lamps and clocks are my new obsession. I have wanted these lamps for so long and now that I have them, I will never let them go!


The Kennedy clock also has become a new favorite! We love having it near the front entry because we always are hustling to and from activities.  The Kennedy clock helps us stay efficient!

So whether it’s true vintage or new modern, a credenza is one of the most incredible pieces of furniture you can add to your home!

Happy day!


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  1. Kris says:

    Where is this rug from? I’m obsessed!

  2. Mike says:

    O wow how about that chair in the first pic? It is quite a piece too!

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