Modern Ceiling Fan Giveaway

Happy Monday! Today, I’m excited to share more details on the Desert Room makeover with Hunter Fan Co. and Pendleton.

Usually I trudge through Mondays because I’m a bit tired from all the weekend activities and home projects.

However, I woke up today 100 percent excited!

Keep reading and you will know why. It is definitely related to you!

Modern Ceiling Fan: Two Timeless Brands, one Exciting New Look

Both Hunter Fan Co. and Pendleton have been around for more than  200 years combined!

Is that crazy or what? Yet, what keeps them strong is their dedication to quality materials and trademark designs.

From their website, I read that “the Spider Rock pattern is inspired by Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly National Park, paying tribute to the harsh and beautiful landscape of the American Southwest.”

And the, “color palette of the Canyonlands pattern is designed to mimic the movement of sunlight dancing across the tall pinnacles and breathtaking vistas of Utah’s Canyonlands.”

I absolutely love that they drew inspiration straight from the source. This is how my Desert room started. I came back from my first trip to the desert and  I was excited to bring in all the magical colors, textures and tones.

And, here is the best design surprise of all! The fan blades have two designs!

Currently, I have the fan blades with the neutral beige and black bold design called “Spider Rock.”  One day, if I want to minimize the bold pattern, all I have to do is switch the blades to the all-black look, called “Eagle Rock.”

The same goes for the Canyonlands fan design as well!

Having the option to flip flop  between a subtle or bold pattern is well thought out and very appreciated by homeowners like me who love to switch it up often!

Modern Ceiling Fan Giveaway: Summer Heat

With  summer  quickly approaching, adding a ceiling fan to your home is key. Not only will the fan blades draw the heat away from you, but it will also cool down your lovely space as well.

One way to keep your  air conditioning bill lower this summer, is to put on the fan early in the morning when the air is still crisp.

Drawing in some fresh air  always works great for us!

Then close the windows when you notice the heat starting to rise outside. I use this method for my girls’ room and it works wonderfully. Their room faces the unrelenting summer heat and the temps  can get unbearable! However, I hate running the AC at night.

So, this has been a tried and true way to keep their room cool.

Modern Ceiling Fan Giveaway: Desert Patterns

Have you noticed how bold the patterns are on the fan? I simply love the Southwest flair!

And, to have it all the time up on the ceiling makes me very happy! I confessed to you recently on Instagram that Travis and I are still sleeping in here instead of the master bedroom.

It’s because of how pretty and inviting this room is! When I fall asleep at night and wake up first thing in the morning, I see this pattern.

What you visually see imprints  messages into your brain, and from there the thoughts about what we see influence what you do next and how you feel!

So what you see is very important to your well being!


Modern Ceiling Fan Giveaway: The Best Giveaway

Now that I have experienced the rad transformation a fan from The Pendleton® Collection by Hunter® can do for my room, I want to make sure you get a chance at it too!

Click here to enter for a chance to win a Pendleton Collection fan! I am so excited that you might be able to add desert vibes into your home! Good luck and don’t forget to show me where you decide to put it in your home!

Happy Giveaway day!

This post was sponsored by Hunter Fan Co. However, all opinions are my own. I love sharing what is true to my aesthetics and what helps you choose and style your next home transformation. Thank you for your support!


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    Hi! Love your insta feed! 😍 I can’t figure out how to enter the contest tho, the link for “click here” just goes back to your Instagram account

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    • Anita Yokota wrote:

      yes! I apologize, it is a Insta giveaway!

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