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How to Style A Summer Tablescape Like a Pro

July 2, 2019

Summa time, summa time! If you wonder how to style a summer tablescape like a pro, then you are in for a real treat!  The entertaining factor definitely shoots up when summer time rolls around.  There is something about late summer night dining with friends and family that brings everyone together. Sipping wine, eating yummy […]

Summa time, summa time! If you wonder how to style a summer tablescape like a pro, then you are in for a real treat! 

The entertaining factor definitely shoots up when summer time rolls around.  There is something about late summer night dining with friends and family that brings everyone together. Sipping wine, eating yummy food and having a great time catching up with a summer breeze is a perfect way to celebrate.


Tablescapes can be tricky though! As much as I love creating one, there were many times I couldn’t figure out how to make it look like the amazing ones you see in magazines.

How to Style a Summer Tablescape Like a Pro: Start with a Theme

Back in the day when my kids were just toddlers and I had many mommy group friends, my social life was pretty active. Not to say it isn’t now, but I believe as a younger mom, I  craved community and needed a lot of breaks to not be “mommy.”

As the social butterfly I am, I hosted many get togethers.  And, each time I thoughtfully went with a theme. If it was someone’s birthday and they loved wine, I threw a wine tasting party complete with flights of wine on an extra long cheese board with various gourmet cheeses, fruit and spreads. 

Or, if it was a kid party, I took themes to the next level with cute favors and creative games. 

So, when you are thinking of your tablescape, observe who will be the guests. Is it going to be a party of 20 friends or just an intimate dinner with your partner?

Once the theme is set, decide where the focal point will be. I often used the kitchen island as the tablescape for larger groups and put out a wonderful spread. 

For my family this summer, the Dansk collection fit perfectly! Our theme for the interior dining room is very minimalistic and Scandinavian due to our dining furniture. I am so happy for this fact because then we can dress up the rest with tableware.

I fell in love with the Dansk collection Vanvid Dotted Lines pattern. The indigo blue first of all caught my eye. You know how much I love indigo blue. It fits into our summer vibe completely! 

And thus, the summer tablescape theme presented itself!

How to Style a Summer Tablescape like a Pro: Decide on Tableware


I needed to decide what tableware I wanted to best represent summer for us. There are so many options!

In the end, our consistent menu was going to be simple grilled foods and veggies. So artistic organic designs on the plates and bowls were ideal. Nothing frilly or too fancy for us. Along with silverware and glasses, the table was waiting to be set!

The summer organic theme, along with indigo colors and simple patterns, was all coming together.


How to Style a Summer Tablescape: Accents and Decor

Once you have decided on the foundation of the tablescape, you can move onto the secondary layer. Don’t think for a moment this isn’t as important as the tableware!

Placemats are an essential to exude the theme or vibe you want to achieve.  If it is summer, adding a natural organic fiber or fabric is great! 

I added a jute round placemat. I think it’s the perfect complement to the indigo dots and lines pattern. 

Flowers are a must if you want to style a summer tablescape like a pro! 

Dare I say you can never have enough florals?

The visual cue and aroma of flowers signals our brain to produce dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that affects mood, sleep, learning and concentration. It also triggers the expectation of reward. So, of course when we see flowers, we feel so special!

Another accent that instantly elevates the table are additional platters and smaller appetizer plates. They encourage communal eating and to slow down, enjoy food and have a conversation or two. 

Bonus, it looks pretty to have smaller plates of tapas or appetizers ready for guests to munch on while the main entree is waiting to be plated. 

Along the same thought, glasses are another wonderful way to add to your tablescape.

Nothing is as refreshing as a nice glass of wine or drink at the table. We all want to be refreshed and liquids are the best way to entice our palate.

Another bonus? The pretty colors of the drink signify the theme or color of the table. 

So, if it is a bridal shower brunch, Rose with champagne pink and gold accents would be perfect!

Or, if it’s  a Sunday brunch, mimosa with pops of orange is fun and casual.

I didn’t add a runner on my summer table because I thought simplicity was best here.

But, if you want to add a runner, I  say go for it!

Covering the whole table with a table cloth often feels too formal. I love a simple runner to add texture and layer, but the wood table is still exposed.. 

How to Style a Summer Tablescape Like a Pro: Adding height 

I didn’t necessarily need to add height to my summer table because the Dansk Vanvid collection really spoke for itself. 

My family and I are going to use these plates and bowls all summer and probably beyond. No need to get too fancy.

However, since we are talking about pro tips, for a highly elevated look, I found a surefire way to style just like the magazines!

For example, if you are going to use a separate table or the kitchen island as the focal point, take all kinds of boxes and put them  upside down so they are steady. 

Don’t worry about the sizes varying a lot. You can always use sturdy tupperware and anything rectangle shaped to round off the look. 

Next, take a pretty fabric that goes with your theme and drape it over the cascade of boxes.

I love using cake pedestals on top of the boxes to add even more height! 

The last step is the most fun! 

Start placing your plates of food and desserts on the boxes. Feel free to move the boxes around until the placement makes sense.

Every time I gathered random boxes, it always worked, no matter what!

It was like solving a puzzle. A very pretty and functional puzzle at that.

When is your next summer shindig? I invite you to think about fresh summery tableware such as the Dansk collection I got! 

And, of course I know it will be a true success because you’ll now know how to style like a pro!

Happy day!

This post was sponsored by Dansk. However, all opinions are my own. I love sharing what is true to my aesthetics and what helps you choose and style your next home transformation. Thank you for your support!

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