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Getting Smart with Your Small Laundry Room

July 14, 2019

How many of you dread doing laundry? Where do you do your laundry? Today I’m addressing a popular topic: getting smart with your small laundry room. The ritual of washing our clothes can be cathartic and intentional if we allow it to be.  But what if you’re like me and absolutely dread the laundry area […]

How many of you dread doing laundry? Where do you do your laundry? Today I’m addressing a popular topic: getting smart with your small laundry room. The ritual of washing our clothes can be cathartic and intentional if we allow it to be. 

But what if you’re like me and absolutely dread the laundry area in your home?

My ten-year struggle with the very tiny corner in the garage had me throwing my fist up in the air every time a clean sock dropped onto the dingy floor.

Here’s a before pic of what our garage looked like:

Pretty crazy right? Just looking at this sends me into a panic attack!

As an interior designer, I accumulate quite of bit of furniture, sample materials, styling props in addition to the regular family garage stuff!

Every summer I organize and host a huge garage sale. This year though it reached peak chaotic mess. And I knew if I didn’t make some long-term solutions, it simply wasn’t going to get better.

Do you see my laundry machines in the very right corner? Well, my car is usually parked on the right side, so it literally butts up to the machines. 

Seriously. Why do builders design such areas?

Instead of asking why, I took matters into my own hands. Or actually Travis did’. *wink*

Getting Smart with your Small Laundry Room: Laundry Room Makeover

Just look at my new laundry area! Can you believe it’s the SAME space??

To be honest, I can’t believe it either! First it was weeks of cleaning and purging. Then we went through a full on DIY project  of epoxy flooring, wallpapering and adding a countertop, utility sink and open shelving. Now, we finally have this incredible space to clean our clothes.

It’s so beautiful I think I can start doing my daily meditations here while the laundry is going. Don’t you think that’s a great idea? I sure do!

I’m convinced that whatever we intend to do, we should really send out the most authentic and mindful vibes.

Our brain chemistry is wired for repetitive training. So if we work at it, whatever message we feed it, it will translate that into our feelings and actions. How powerful is that? We are so much more in control of ourselves than we think.

Therefore, our home environment really sets us up for success. If we visually cue our brains to be happier and more relaxed then stress is reduced, positive brain activity increases and the positive loop begins.

Getting Smart with your Small Laundry Room: Samsung Front Loader Laundry Machines

Our old machines were not working efficiently. So we researched and looked into new laundry machines. We were so happy to partner with Samsung and try out their new Front Loaders!

As a designer, aesthetics are a top priority and the new Champagne color is gorgeous! It’s a pretty metallic rose gold hue.

It definitely would go well in any laundry room style too. The warm metallic color is inviting and modern. I simply love it!

As a busy working mom with three kids, doing laundry is literally part of my daily routine.

I mentioned earlier that doing laundry doesn’t have to be approached with a sense of dread. In fact, I’m really reflecting on how we can make this a transformative mindset for a productive day.

Yet I’m also realistic that with our busy schedules, we need thoroughly clean clothes that don’t take 1.5 hours!

Here comes the new Samsung Front Loaders that can do a full load of laundry in 30 minutes to save the day! And I can attest that each item was clean inside and out! I was truly impressed.


Since transforming my garage into a laundry oasis, I seriously have been meditating in here while I do a load of laundry. Because it’s only 30 minutes, it gives me some much needed mommy me time!

Shhh….don’t tell my kids. They think I am toiling in here.

Instead I love thinking about positive affirmations and dreaming up of wonderful designs for clients and for my own home.

Another aspect of the new dryer is the sensor dry for swimsuits and other delicates. Swimsuits are a tricky material because they can easily melt in the dryer. We often line dry them.

However, we are on the summer swim team and we literally need to wash suits every day. And when we are in a hurry, line drying can be a pain.

So, the sensor dry is amazing because it will dry the suit but not melt it! And the girls now have a clean suit every day.

I know it sounds silly, but it really saves a lot of stress on my part. It’s the worst when your kids complain about dirty clothes and you literally can’t hurry it up when the swim meet is in an hour.

My older two girls are definitely ready to do their own laundry and for the past year we have added that to their chore list. However, our old machines were located in a dingy and dark corner. It was hard to reinforce the chore when even I didn’t want to do it!

Now the space is so inviting, it’s been natural and effortless to teach them how to work the machines. And even my youngest daughter Natalie loves being mommy’s helper. Thank you Samsung!

Getting Smart with your small laundry space: Making it pretty and functional

The efficient yet gorgeous color of the machines led to the rest of my design. I knew that I wanted wallpaper and open shelving. Two things that are not typically thought of in a garage.

But I was in full mode of “I am going to make this the most gorgeous place to do laundry on earth!”

Choosing the wallpaper was no easy feat! And I thank so many of you for voting and helping me decide! The initial wallpaper choice was discontinued and man, was I disappointed. But eventually I found this one from Rebecca Atwood and to say I am obsessed is an understatement.

The dotted lines in lilac gray complemented the Samsung Champagne Front Loaders in a very subtle but impactful manner. It adds movement and playfulness which I wanted in a laundry room.

I feel strongly that a sense of renewal is important to think about when you are doing laundry. It’s an opportunity for you to reflect and think about what things are working for yourself, your family and your work life. And also to be grateful for it.

Living in the moment is all we’ve got. The past and future isn’t something that we can control or predict.

So why not use laundry time as a way of renewal and reflection? Even if it’s just for a short time.

Open shelving is very popular in kitchens and even interior laundry rooms. But to have one in a garage? I think I’m the first!

A couple things I understand that I will have to keep up with is the dust and clutter. The garage is one of the most popular spaces for anyone to think about LAST. That is why it’s everyone’s favorite dumping ground!

As with open shelving, I tell my clients all the time that it’s a lifestyle choice. You have to be very realistic going into it. In reality,  you do lose cabinet space and yes, you can’t hide any clutter at ALL.

So be very, very realistic with yourself on this one. I plan to have some open shelving in our upcoming kitchen renovations, and I know for a fact we will have to change some of the ways we organize and function in there due to open shelving.

But here is the beauty of it! Baskets, baskets, baskets! It’s truly a life saver for any room whether it’s on the floor, shelves, table or literally anywhere!

I love that these baskets store all my laundry essentials such as liquid detergent, dryer balls, and cleaning supplies.

Can you believe the tiny garage laundry space looks like this now? I have to pinch myself every time I walk in here.

We worked so hard on this project and I’m so proud of Travis and I! Talk about a great working partnership!

What is your favorite part of this transformation? I plan to break down the DIYs of this space soon such as the Epoxy flooring, cane Ikea cabinet hacks! Keep reading and follow along as I teach you what we learned hard about each DIY.

Happy day!

This post was sponsored by Samsung. However, all opinions are my own. I love sharing what is true to my aesthetics and functionality in my home. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Kelsey says:

    Anita this is amazing!! I knew all of your and Travis’s hard work would pay off! If I had a space like this I’d definitely enjoy doing the laundry more often 😉

  2. Maria says:


  3. Kathleen says:

    It’s gorgeous Anita! And how nice that you get a lovely meditation spot to boot!


  4. Lori says:

    Love this, and need it in my life! My garage laundry area is very similar to your setup and I too have the Samsung front loaders. Your post is giving me all the feels! 😍 I now see that it is possible to have a beautiful laundry /garage space. May I ask for more info on the sink, counter, washer/dryer surround?

    • Anita Yokota says:

      Yes! The countertop is porcelain which I LOVE from Bedrosians. Sink is Kohler with Delta fixtures. And the surround was built by my cabinet guy! XO

  5. Alanna says:

    Where is that wallpaper from? I love how neutral yet unique it is!

  6. Nick says:

    Curious of the paint color on your walls thank you

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