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How to create the perfect bathroom

November 8, 2019

It is time to share all the details on three of my client bathroom renovation projects! You are so patient to wait for this post. You have asked so many questions on Instagram and I tried to answer as much as I could. But this blog post will include all the juicy information you need […]

It is time to share all the details on three of my client bathroom renovation projects! You are so patient to wait for this post. You have asked so many questions on Instagram and I tried to answer as much as I could. But this blog post will include all the juicy information you need to create the perfect bathroom!
Let’s get to it, shall we?

How to create the perfect bathroom: Vanity

Probably the most asked question about my bathroom renovation projects are the vanities! When I renovated my master bathroom, I discovered that cabinetry trades can build custom vanities for the same price or less than if you buy higher end retail. I always assumed custom was more expensive. Because it’s custom, you can tell them exactly how many drawers and doors you want organized.

My master bathroom vanity has gone viral on Instagram and Pinterest since I revealed it last spring. The white oak with a light whitewash stain is perfection. I know you guys want one because every time I post it, everyone asks me where I got it!

So I am going to tell you exactly what to do if you want this one. Ready?

The first step is to look at lots and lots of Pinterest inspiration. And use Google Slides as a design board. Copy and paste all the vanities you like. If you see a trend as far as cabinet vs drawer ratio or a certain style. Then edit out all the other ones.

The second step, once you have the vanity style and cabinet/drawer configuration then talk to your contractor and/or cabinet trade.

The third step is MUY IMPORTANTE! Collect all the hairbrushes, makeup, toiletries and hair dryers, irons out on the countertop.

Send your cabinet guy a picture of the tallest lotion bottle and measure the hairdryer and curling irons if you’re making an in-drawer hair accessory organizer.

54+ Ideas for bath room storage ideas for hair dryers drawers #hair #bath


Fourth, find a wood stain you love and show your cabinet trade. It literally can be any wood sample you see! If you’re at a restaurant and you see a wood stain on their benches or a shelf, take a picture and show them! Or you’re at a store or hotel and you see a wood color or stain that makes you smitten, take a picture! You get where I’m going with this, right?

Lately, because I’m doing so many client bathroom renovations, there is always a door missing from our vanity because I’m showing different cabinetry trades the stain that my clients love.

Ok, now for the eye candy! Here are THREE 80’s PEPTO BISMOL PINK bathrooms that I designed custom vanities for. First up the before pics.

This is the master bathroom that we gutted and reconfigured. The closet that you see in the mirror reflection was taken out. We moved it to the left side. I then had the door opening where the closet was. Where I’m standing to take the pics is a wall. It was such a game changer! Same space but different foot print makes a world of a difference in the flow and function for the clients to start and end their day.

Another before is the teenage kids’ shared bathroom.

This bathroom is extremely narrow. I was disappointed we couldn’t fit double sinks in here. The teens were so great. They told me they were happy to get a new bathroom and it didn’t matter how many sinks.

And last is the third bathroom downstairs. This was the powder room that all guests and family members used when downstairs. It was dated and configured at an angle. So dysfunctional!

Do you see the sink is at an angle and then all the dead space entering into the room? So weird.

Drum roll please! Here are the after shots!

rejuvenation delta bathroom mid century modern rug black hexagon tile

rejuvenation delta bathroom mid century modern rug black patterned tile

rejuvenation delta bathroom mid century modern rug black tile

I’m still pinching myself that my design vision came into life! Can you tell all the patterns and colors I used still seem neutral and not too scary? This is proof that with a balanced design approach pattern play can exist!

How to create the perfect bathroom: Tile

The second most asked topic when I post these projects are tile related inquiries. From what size the tiles are to the choice of grout color.

I’m really lucky that the clients’ gave me free reign on making some bold choices. I love sexy black tiled floors and for the master and powder room, I was able to design statement tiled floor patterns.

The teens really wanted to give their input and I welcomed it. The teen girl fell in love with the blue patterned tile. Good thing her brother conceded because she let him pick the plumbing fixtures. Good team work!

rejuvenation delta bathroom mid century modern pattered tile

And now back to black sexy tile flooring.

rejuvenation delta bathroom mid century modern rug black hexagon tile

And don’t forget shower tile!

rejuvenation delta bathroom mid century modern rug white subway tile

Whether it’s picket tile or horizontally stacked subway tile, a clean and modern fresh look was my goal.

I have a feeling it would be your goal too!

I’m going to digress for one second and direct your focus to the Parachute Home Striped shower curtain. I had the contractor install curtain track for the shower curtain instead of a bulky shower rod. The clients were amazed at how streamlined the bathroom looked. And I personally love the striped playing off the horizonal tile pattern. It just makes me so happy!

I know you guys will be asking me so I’ll tell you now: The tiles are from Bedrosians Tile. I love their variety and price points for any budget renovation.

How to create the perfect bathroom: Lighting

I love love, love bathroom sconces. It gives the perfect accent and ambient lighting. This is a very important fact about sconces that you should know before creating your perfect bathroom.

Sconces give off ambient light. They aren’t meant for overall lighting for the bathroom. How many times do we rely on the sconces to provide all the functional light we need to perform our daily routine. Yeah, no.

Once you realize that the sconces are for the vanity area then there is no pressure to find something with full wattage or design to shine a light for the whole space. And you can really focus on aesthetics along with good ambient light.

I just freed you from lighting jail, aren’t you glad? Your welcome.

The master bathroom and teens’ shared bathroom lights are from Rejuvenation. And the powder room sconce is from Amazon.

rejuvenation sconce

How to create the perfect bathroom: Cabinet Hardware and Plumbing Fixtures

Last but not least is cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures. They are both equally important to accent the overall bathroom design.

These bathrooms were all brass because I was lucky enough to have clients who loved brass.

delta trinsic faucet

delta cassidy faucet

I am a big fan of Delta faucet fixtures. The brass design is feminine yet balanced with bold brass finish so it doesn’t seem girly at all! And of course the matte black fixture is completely masculine and modern. It really packs a punch in this dreamy mid century modern design.

And the paint color on the walls are Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray. It is my favorite greige to use when clients are hesitant to use white walls.

delta ara faucet

white bathroom black shower trim delta


quartz countertop, blue vanity, brass hardware

rejuvenation delta bathroom mid century modern rug black hexagon tile

Rejuvenation mission pulls in any finish is a classic and timeless look for your cabinets. The matte black latch pulls from Rejuvenation had been on my design bucket list to use for a project. So when the clients loved it, I was ecstatic! Don’t they look perfect here?

How to create the perfect bathroom: Finding the Why

I hope you found this post extremely helpful as much as great inspo. After I complete each renovation with a client, I ask them how it’s changed their lifestyle at home. Inevitably, all of them note how much more time they spend together in the said space. So if it’s two partners in the master bathroom, they report that they start the day together significantly less stressed and their routine is much more streamlined. This leads to more satisfaction with each other because they aren’t in each other’s way anymore! The same goes with the other projects. Everyone unanimoously report that their relationships are elveated.

For me, that is the crux of beautifying our home and renovating. It goes beyond making things functional. That is all and well for sure. But finding the motivating factor to reach ideal functionality and updating aesthetics is much more long lasting and gratifying. So as you create your perfect bathroom, remind yourself the reason why you are wanting to make the bathroom cabinets functional. It will organically guide the rest of your design approach and decisions!

Happy day!


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  1. Miriam says:

    Hi Anita, you created very beautiful bathrooms. I did something similar to your blue cabinets in one of my bathrooms. I had someone paint them with a BM color. But I’m noticing the paint not looking smooth and even wearing off at certain areas. Is there a special way cabinet makers paint the doors? I think I need to get them redone.

    • Anita Yokota says:

      Hi Miriam! A reputable cabinet trade always spray paints the cabinets and vanity for an even and ultra smooth coat. Of course they take care of priming and finishing too.

    • Anita Yokota says:

      Ideally, they should be spray painted and finished with a strong topcoat. For my DIY, I used quality paint that withstands moisture. I hope this helps!

  2. Cali says:

    Hello, can you tell me where you purchased the orange rug? Thank You

  3. Amber daSilva says:

    Hi Anita! Just wondering where you got the ceiling mount hardware for the shower curtain in the kids bathroom above? Also, where did you get the towel rack (wood with black hooks) in the master bath? Thank you! Amber

    • Anita Yokota says:

      Yes I got the ceiling curtain track online although Ikea has some too. Sorry can’t find info on towel rack anymore!

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