DIY Holiday Wall Garland

Well, hellllllooooo there! I know, I know. It’s been a while since we last talked on the blog. Big things are happening here at Anita Yokota Interior Design blog and I needed time to give you my best!

Good thing is, I’m baaaaack! I have the best DIY Holiday Wall Garland! There are a plethora of topics to write and share with you! But I can’t ignore the fact that the holidays are upon us. Whether you decorate before or after Thanksgiving is a moot point. Stores and social media is fully engaged with holiday content by now.

Sales are happening earlier and earlier too. So as much as I wanted to hang onto the old rule of mine to NOT style or talk about holiday decor until after Turkey day, I also don’t want you to miss out on deals!

DIY Holiday Wall Garland

DIY Holiday Garland Wall California Casual Living Room Jute Rug Wall hanging

On my Instagram page post today I talked about how music impacts positive brain waves and chemistry. One of the fun facts was that ambient music disrupted regular brain processing. And when abstract processing occurs, creativity takes over!

This couldn’t be more true with this living room. I swapped the living room and dining room. Since then we have utilized both spaces 65% more than before! I took down the West Elm Grand Mobile Chandelier because it felt too distracting.

However, I was left with a very blank wall. To be transparent, I was stumped once again. No matter what I do with this space, that wall is the bain of my existence! Nothing I do seems to satisfy my design heart.

But this is where music helped me! I had background music flowing in the room and I stood there and percolated.

Ding! Literally, the light went on and I told Travis quickly, “I’m going to World Market!”

I knew some kind of DIY was about to ensue. What I wasn’t sure.

world market garland

Image Credit: World Market


Guys. Angels were singing when I found this Wool and Lurex Garland at the store. I grabbed two and headed home.

Ok, I lied. I also bought a cute 2×3 rug for another very special dining room DIY hack! More of that to come!

Back at home I took the garlands out and got my hammer and nails.

As I hung the first garland. Adrenalin rush pumped through my veins. Because I bought two, I thought why not?

This is where a whole choir of angels sang! IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE! I swear it looks like those fiber art wall installations we see on artisanal websites that cost a fortune.

DIY Holiday Garland Wall California Casual Living Room Jute Rug Wall hanging

I mean, c’mon. Are you obsessed or what? Cos I am!!

What is so amazing about the design process is that once you find your anchor, the rest falls into place!

Holiday Decor Accents

Because the holidays aren’t officially here yet, I want to decorate my home minimally. You can bet game’s on once Thanksgiving is over. For now, I want to add subtle, neutral touches.

DIY Holiday Garland Wall California Casual Living Room Jute Rug Wall hanging

Cozy throw blankets, vintage lumbar and neutral striped pillows can NEVER go wrong! Follow this combination time and time again and you will win every time.

DIY Holiday Garland Wall California Casual Living Room Jute Rug Wall hangings

I have to note that this black coffee table I got at Walmart has really pleasantly surprised me! It is the perfect small space living size and is modern enough to pull off this wonderful look. The price point is so good too. That really may be the best part!

DIY Holiday Garland Wall California Casual Living Room Jute Rug Wall hanging

Do you see that cute teal/amber colored votive? This is Glassybaby and hands down one of my fav ways to style a coffee table, credenza, shelf or end table. They also are wine glasses. Genius right?

For the holidays, this is one gift that you definitely should consider!

And how can I not mention plants? Holiday styling is where plants and greenery really get to shine! The mere fact that it’s green is a no-fail way to celebrate a wonderful holiday home look.

And lastly, use unexpected ways to top off a pile of books. This is a matcha whisk and the organic bamboo texture really makes me happy! So I use it as a small accent. Isn’t it wonderful?

DIY Holiday Garland Wall California Casual Living Room Jute Rug Wall hanging


More DIY Holiday Accent Wall Ideas

Don’t think that I’ve stopped here! I got curious as to other unusual ways to style a holiday wall. Here are some great ideas that are on sale for you to try.

Merry Light Up Sign


Image Credit: Pottery Barn


DIY Wall Ideas

I absolutely could stare at these signs forever. It’s like a fly mesmerized by the light. It instantly elevates my mood. I want to pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate with friends and family.

Paint a dark accent wall in a reading corner and add this sign! Instant good vibes for the holidays.

Sexy yet festive. Love it!

Star Curtain Rain Lights

Image Credit: Pottery Barn

These hanging star lights are so adorable! Yet when you provide a dark background it doesn’t feel like you’re in a teenage bedroom full of Urban Outfitter decor. It is truly a fun way to count down until Santa arrives at your home!

Found Wooden Skis - Set of 2

When I styled the HGTV Dream Home 2019, my friend Brian Patrick Flynn added snowshoes and vintage skis to the Montana home. It was so perfect. When I walked into the room, I immediately felt the cohesive design matched the location.

You may not live in Montana, but vintage skis really evoke winter wonderland aura. And this would work on a large blank wall that you have no idea what to do with! Honestly, I’m tempted to buy this one for the living room wall!

Snowy Barn

Even if your aesthetic isn’t farmhouse, wintertime is a great opportunity to spread your design wings and add some rustic touches. I’m not asking you to start putting holiday quote signs on your wall. But a vintage landscape is a sure way to warm up your wall.

If you’re like me, I want to ease into the holiday decorating season. Intentional and mindful living isn’t about rushing into things just because everyone else is doing it. You can definitely soak up the excitement and joy but being reactive isn’t the focus.

I hope this helps you style your home for the holidays in a meaningful way!

Happy day!


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