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Go Vote ANITA YOKOTA for Domino Blog Awards: My Story

November 6, 2017

**Update:Voting has been extended to November 12, 2017!!!** Hey hey! It’s Monday and there is still time left to vote  Domino Blog Awards! I am majorly blushing that Domino has nominated my blog for New on the Scene. Since I haven’t shared my story as of yet, this seems like a good time as ever! […]

**Update:Voting has been extended to November 12, 2017!!!**

Hey hey! It’s Monday and there is still time left to vote  Domino Blog Awards! I am majorly blushing that Domino has nominated my blog for New on the Scene. Since I haven’t shared my story as of yet, this seems like a good time as ever!

Some of you may or may not know, my background is actually in helping others refresh their internal space. Yes, their emotional state.

I was a therapist for many, many years and my gift and calling to listen to others, help them problem solve in very real authentic ways was quite fulfilling.

However, after three kids, my emotional plate became overfilled. To balance many clients per week and young children at home. I was to say the least, overwhelmed.

How I started a Instagram account

In came a very small idea last year around this time. I had been struggling internally for awhile already about what I wanted to do to help earn some extra income.

My sister encouraged me to start a Instagram account because 1) I loved photography and 2) I loved interior design even more. What easier way to showcase my creativity right?

vintage rug minimalist modern eclectic boho entry way decor plants

After almost a year now sharing little squares day by day, I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. Not only is it an incredible creative outlet, I also feel like I have gained a new community of friends and business opportunities that I could not have even begun to imagine, let alone have it happen!

Real talk

Something that I am not always able to share on Instagram (purely because the caption only allows so many words!) is that all of this takes a lot of time, effort, energy and sacrifice to develop and share all the design inspo every day.

My family has been incredibly flexible and so forgiving because Mommy is more often than not on the phone and computer “working”. Real talk, there have been many mornings of cookies for breakfast or several hours of iPad time for Natalie while I get things done. #mommyguilt

I share this because I want to encourage anyone out there, that hard work pays off but reality is, there is sacrifice and it’s not always pretty like the squares we see.

anita yokota design blog books keys grey west elm bench

Trust me, most days I am still wondering “WTH am I doing??” And then, lo and behold, an opportunity here or there appears and I keep on truckin’.

Last month I got a huge surprise! Out of the blue, Domino emails me that *this* blog is nominated for New on the Scene design blog awards!

You guys, my jaw dropped to the floor. It was insanity! The excitement and just sheer gratitude filled my mind and heart.

I’m so happy I get to share my story so far on this incredible design journey with YOU. It’s really important to me that I end with how important and essential your role is to me.

I am 100% motivated by the fact that you care to follow me and take the time out of your busy day to spend some moments with me. Me! 


I am humbled and if it is meant to be and this blog wins the award, welp, think of what more we can do together!! So continue to vote for me every day until Sunday November 12!!

I am so excited we are design besties and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you!!

Happy day!








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  1. Shavonda says:

    I feel the EXACT same way Anita!! I swear there are days when I look around and ask myself “what on earth are you doing”? Its ALOT of work. ALOT of time. And I swear I lose at the mom/wife thing ALOT. But like you said theres so much joy in it when you connect with someone and realize someone really needed to see or hear or learn what you had to say. Its incredibly fulfilling. I read your Domino feature today and thought Boy I really needed to read this today. There are so many times when I SWEAR Im walking away from the blog, but then somthing just pulls me back in. I like what you said about having something thats “yours”. The blog has always been mine so Im thinking going into 2018 Ill be putting in alot more focus on it. Congraulations on your win and Im so so excited to meet you next week!

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