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Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

November 9, 2017

My master bath is circa 1997. I distinctly remember the late 90s because I had just moved to California from Seattle. My style definitely has evolved since then. Yet, my love for clean bright lines has remained. Over the last few months, I’ve been envisioning a master bath redesign. I’ve been home a lot with […]

My master bath is circa 1997. I distinctly remember the late 90s because I had just moved to California from Seattle. My style definitely has evolved since then. Yet, my love for clean bright lines has remained.

Over the last few months, I’ve been envisioning a master bath redesign. I’ve been home a lot with a sick little and going back and forth in this space got me thinking.

Current space: No judgey, ok? You’re my design bestie, right?

budget bathroom makeover

The shower door hinge has been broken since the day we moved in. It leaks water when we shower so, I don’t bother to shut the door anymore.

budget bathroom makeover

Why do we have a hanging rack in our bathroom?

Well, our laundry room is in the garageI HATE IT. And yes, I literally yelled that. I feel like I’m back in college trekking laundry down to the gross basement. My car literally butts up to the machines. Dust, dirt, sometimes rodents. It’s insanity. When a clean laundered item drops onto the garage floor, my brain wants to explode.

For pieces that need to be line dried, we bring it to our bathroom to dry.

One idea I have is to add a laundry machine in the master bathroom. I know for resale value taking away the tub isn’t a great idea. And honestly, there are those windows, so I still need to figure this out. But man, would l LOVE to do laundry upstairs!!!

budget bathroom makeover

Opposite of the tub shower area is this small alcove. I am wondering if I could somehow fit a stacked laundry machine set here??

budget bathroom makeover

If we took down that wall for the toilet room, it could fit but then where we would we do our business? TMI.

budget bathroom makeover

Hi hi! There’s me taking pics with my Saturday Wonder Woman shirt. Nothing like a superhero to make you feel invincible!

Anyways, back to the bathroom. The tiles definitely have to GO. 

I am torn about the wide mirror. I kinda dig it. It makes the bathroom seem so BIG and OPEN. The mirrored frames just seem to make the space tight albeit more refined.

And as for the vanity, sinks, hardware and faucets, I’m saying bye, Felicia!

Can you tell the knobs are different? That was from a year ago when I thought changing up hardware would be a good update. As you can see, I never got time to really finish the project. So typical.

What can I do now to change this space?? I am sick and tired of entering here all doom and gloom. So uninspiring. A couple years ago I had the walls painted it grey which definitely made the white square tiles pop and the broken piece shower stand out. Oh yeah baby, it shined!

Sarcasm rules.

Master Bathroom Inspiration

Let me show you my dream bathroom inspo.

budget bathroom makeover

Image Credit: Kristin Marie Inc.

Isn’t this SO GOOD? Gah, I want to cry.

Here’s the rub. We are *always* on a budget. Living with three kids in SoCal is NOT cheap.

I have gotten very very good at refreshing spaces on the cheap but in an effortless and refined manner.

After all the curse I have is expensive taste! LOL!

budget bathroom makeover

Bathroom Makeover Source List

  1. CB2 Hexagon Brass knobs
  2. Brass Modern Cabinet pulls 
  3. Modern Vanity Lighting 
  4. Herrington marble tile flooring
  5. Brass sink fixtures
  6. Vintage area rug

No matter what your situation, here are some of my favorite bathroom makeover hacks that won’t break the bank!

Budget Bathroom Makeover Tips

  1. Spray paint existing hardware OR buy new and affordable hardware online from Amazon or Wayfair. This can be a bit more labor intensive but if you want to save money, it is worth it! Here is a Pinterest link to DIY spray paint showers!
  2. Try vinyl peel and stick flooring or if you’re feeling creative, stencil your own design. I am seriously looking at peel and stick. If you have more patience than me, which is probably true, then go for the stencil look. However, look at this! It is a great copy cat to the crazy popular (and expensive) cement tiles in bathroom trends right now. PLUS, its vinyl peel and stick. Mind. Blown.

Image Credit: Blesser House 


3. Paint goes a long way! When you have no idea what to do with a bathroom or no means to just gut the whole thing, paint will make your design heart feel a lot better. I promise! It buys you time to save up more money and/or decide which direction you want to go.

4. Lighting is truly a foundation for good design. It anchors the room from atop and it gives a space a sense of visual enhancement. I have said it before but after hours of watching HGTV, I realized when they did the reveal inside a home, the lighting and spot lights made all the difference. PS do you ever practice your reaction to a after reveal? I do. Cue canned TV audience laughter.

5. Freshen up with new towels and an art print, rug. These small but fun accents provide a warm functional impact.

6.  And always, alwaaaaays add plants! They literally breath life into the room. Having clean air as you step into a new day or end the night is essential for positive well being!

Welp, there you have my design whim for today! Now to find the budget…..where is that money tree I can shake!

PS Last three days to vote for my nomination for New Design Blog at Domino! Thank you for your unending support, love yuuuuuu! Voting ends Sunday 11/12/17 11:59 PM PST.

Happy day!









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