The Art of Hygge: Essentials for your bedroom workspace

Ahhh, it’s finally time to chat about my bedroom workspace in detail. I am smitten about it all!

California Dreamin’ Workspace

Travis started working at home after the holidays and ouf! What.a.transition.

Some days I find myself dragging out errands just to get some “me” time in. Currently, he is home 24/7 and by afternoon the kids are home.

Can you imagine having no personal time or space ever? It ME.

So when we decided to makeover our room, my concession to him was to take down the wallpaper. And his concession to me? My request was to have a creative personal space to dream and design.

Must Have Workspace Details

Obviously, the desk should be the  main star of your dream space. For me, I knew my desk needed to be light and airy.

I do not plan on doing bills or heavy duty paperwork where I need file holders, drawers etc.

Since the rest of the bedroom leaned heavy into the California Cool/ Scandinavian style, the desk would be in the same aesthetic. Enter this Room and Board Moda desk, it really spoke to me.


I purely wanted a place like a secret garden where I could close the doors and hide away to create and cultivate designs, manifest personal wishes and goals. You get the idea!

I firmly believe no matter how many hats you juggle. Self care is a must! And don’t get me wrong. I am not perfect. In fact every day (every hour sometimes) I struggle between the boundaries of giving to my family and work versus what I need for myself.

The struggle is real!


Throw it to the Universe

Before I plunged into Interior Design, some of you know I was a Marriage and Family therapist for many years! I am a giver through and through. I love making others happy and helping clients find self satisfaction with themselves, in their relationships and with life, that made me feel good.

However with three young children, I simply knew my boundaries. I knew my emotional plate was full as it is. One day after some Panda Express take out, I got this fortune cookie message. At the time, I had nooooo idea what I wanted to do yet.

My lifelong love for interior styling was ever so prominent as I was constantly helping friends, acquaintances, referrals and of course designing for myself. Opening up the cookie and seeing this set my heart free.

I taped this to the side of my fridge and frankly forgot about it for months.



Then as my third daughter hit 2, it was time to search for some part time work. I have been transparent about our family finances. Raising a family in Socal ain’t cheap! Bringing in extra income always helps.

So lo and behold, when I cracked the cookie and this message popped up, I knew in my design heart, something had to be done. Later I started my IG account and the rest so far has been one wild ride.

We have just begun together my design bestie, I am so, so excited to see what’s on the horizon!

Why do I mention all of this? Your creative space needs to be filled with inspiration and magic. Having a inspo board or a shelf is part and parcel of the whole Hygge experience.

This gold grid was the perfect solution. I didn’t want a heavy board or wood frame. I have too much wood going on in the room. Again, my design goal here was to be as light and ethereal as possible.

And being an extremely visual person, I love inspirational quotes. Urban Outfitters Home has seriously the best chill vibes for home decor.

Naturally this print represents how I embody my new endeavor and stage of my life right now.

See that blue tassel? Joanna of gave that to me as a token of friendship. Meeting the best people like her so far has not only blown my mind but filled my heart.

When designing your dream work space, think of things, places and people that lift you up. Surround the desk with love and gratitude. It definitely will amp up your creative vibes.

Once again, using plants as tiny as this air plant can breath life into any space no matter how small. Air plants literally need misting once in awhile. Talk about easy care right there!

The beads you see? They are the shell necklace given to me as I stepped down a wobbly sea plane at Bora Bora for our honeymoon. True paradise and the positive happy feelings evoked in me is forever embodied here.

Textile Obsessed

Lastly, I wanted to mention the fabric swatch from Rebecca Atwood. It was from my first official client’s bench we custom made.

I was so excited for the experience and visually I love the colors and print. So when I sit here and see it, I feel invigorated and hopeful for more design experiences in real life.

Find your creative flow

So what area in your home do you think a creative space just for yourself would work? Tell me what you love here. I truly enjoy knowing what resonates with you.

Thanks so much for following along. It makes me beyond grateful that you take the time to spend your precious moments with me here. Wishing you all the positive vibes and creative juices flowing from my desk to yours.

Happy day!

















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