California Casual Master Bedroom Makeover

I decided our master bedroom needed an update, especially since Travis disliked the bedroom wallpaper. Personally, I thought it was sooo fun, cute and lively!

anita yokota bohemian wall paper bedroom

The Before

Alas, we took it down and replaced it with Travis’ love for neutral tones. And I am not adverse to it at all. Lately, my design heart has been swinging towards the Scandinavian minimalist look anyways. Did you know I’ve loved this look since 5th grade while perusing my dad’s architectural books and magazines?

anita yokota before bed makeover

I stay committed to showing you the good, the bad and ugly. Is that 11-year-old box spring U-G-L-Y or what?!

And of course, what is a room without some kind of mood board from me?

anita yokota master bedroom mood board california eclectic design

Start with the Bed

west elm master bedroom makeover boho eclectic design parachute home rebecca atwood rejuvenation mirror

west elm bed mules shoes layered rugs euphorbia plant

When transforming your bedroom, the bed is the first logical piece of furniture to solidify.

West Elm kindly supplied us with a beautiful Ryhan Bed in walnut. Its rich dark wood and brass legs were perfect for the all-white room. The modern clean lines and mid-century touch were exactly what I was going for!

And yes, I painted again. Again! Bah! Didn’t I swear I wouldn’t touch a paintbrush for a while? Worth the sore muscles for sure though.

west elm bed boho eclectic design parachute home rebecca atwood rejuvenation mirror

Luxurious Bedding

Once the bed was decided, layering it with soft luxurious bedding was top of my agenda. Up until now, Trav and I have used Calvin Klein bedding from our wedding registry 16 years ago (can you believe it!) and less expensive, budget-friendly bedding.

However, now that our kids are slightly older and we *feel* older, small luxuries like nice bedding and sheets seem well deserved. Anything, and I mean anything related to good refreshing sleep is coveted in our home. If you are parents to young children, you get it!

 boho eclectic design parachute home rebecca atwood rejuvenation mirror

I have obsessed over Parachute Home bedding and linens for awhile. When Parachute asked if I would be interested in partnering, I couldn’t say no to the beautiful Matelesse quilt and shams in Pebble Gray.

I melt when I sleep in these. The texture of the quilt is clean with a refined yet cozy touch. Sometimes neutral decor can come off sterile, but the Matelesse’s texture evokes movement and warmth. Something you always want to look for in any design.

 boho eclectic design parachute home rebecca atwood rejuvenation mirror

“So Soft!!” is what my whole family kept saying as we all rolled around in it when we first put it on the bed.

Their Venice percale sheets are divine too. I feel like I am sleeping in hotel linens every night. Well, I guess I am since they are in many boutique hotels.

Decorative Pillows

Naturally, a few decorative pillows were in the design plan too. I have always used Rebecca Atwood fabric and pillows for my client designs. (As of this time writing, they are on sale! Like a steep sale! Hop on over and check them out for your room.)

I am extremely drawn to Rebecca’s artisan technique of prints and patterns. She finds inspiration in nature, especially the ocean. My spiritual animal when it comes to nature is definitely the sea. No wonder I have used her pillows and fabric over and over again for my clients!

I wanted this room to be very serene and spa like and Rebecca’s aesthetics were exactly what I had in mind for pillows. True story, just when I was about to order some. Rebecca Atwood Designs reached out and offered these pillows for the makeover. I felt so blessed and grateful!

west elm bed boho eclectic design parachute home rebecca atwood rejuvenation mirror

These pillows were perfect for our bed. I also love the fact that I can move them to the sitting bench by the window when the bed is unmade.

 boho eclectic design parachute home rebecca atwood rejuvenation mirror

Adding this Scandinavian style bench under the large window proved to be a wonderful surprise! I love sitting here with coffee in hand, reflecting and manifesting my personal goals for work, family and self. Just lovely, you definitely should add more seating in empty spaces. It instantly gives you a reason to use it.

Art, Mirrors, Ladders and Hooks

Once the main furniture was decided (we kept our existing Target nightstands), a few medium tier design aspects were on the board. What do you mean medium tier design aspects, Anita?

I guess I just mean when I design a space, I have a order of importance. The biggest pieces are my number one priority because they will set the tone. Even if you have a small piece of art or decor that inspires you, you still need furniture. So you would start with an anchor piece that has the same style your inspo piece gives you. Does this all make sense? Comment and tell me!

I digress, sorry, I have design ADHD brain every day.

urban outfitters mid century hooks anthropologie hats and tote bag

Something I have lived without for 10 years in this room is a floor length mirror. The one we have is on Travis’ narrow closet door. The light is highly unflattering and let’s just say overall uninspiring to wear nothing but a t shirt and joggers every day after I see myself in anything else!

As I perused the myriad options online, this Rejuvenation floor length walnut mirror got my heart in a flutter.

 boho eclectic design parachute home rebecca atwood rejuvenation mirror

I have seen floor length mirrors instantly make a bedroom sexy, standing tall and handsome reflecting beautiful natural light back at you.

This was a no-brainer.

Next were hooks. Guys, I am obsessed with hooks. I don’t know why, but the aesthetic and functionality makes me so, so, so happy!

 boho eclectic design parachute home rebecca atwood rejuvenation mirror

Urban Outfitters Home has been really upping their game with home decor.

And this mid century hook, gah! Perfect for my cute Anthropologie hats and accessories next to the mirror.


layered rugs mules euphorbia west elm bed

Plant babies in the Bedroom

We are still battling a gnat infestation, (I know, so gross!) so I was hesitant about bringing more plant bbs into our bedroom. However forever a crazy plant lady, how could I not design this space without life and greenery?

If you want easy-peasy plants in your bedroom, the cacti family is the way to go! They are easy and love to be neglected for the most part. When I say I am the accidental plant lady, my cacti bbs are the ones that truly got me hooked! And my monstera, of course.

 boho eclectic design parachute home rebecca atwood rejuvenation mirror

Whew, this has been a pretty long post! I think I will break down my beautiful workspace in the next post. There is so much I want to share! Hope you enjoyed this transformation as much as I have designing it!

Happy day!

This post was sponsored by West Elm, Parachute Home, Rebecca Atwood and Urban Outfitters. However, all opinions are my own. I love sharing what is true to my aesthetics and what helps you choose and style your next bedroom transformation. Thank you for your support!



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  1. Susan Lynch wrote:

    I just discovered your blog, and WOW. I’m in love with your work. Would you mind sharing what type of cactus you used in your bedroom?

    Posted 3.13.18 Reply
    • Anita Yokota wrote:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, that means the world to me! There is the Euphorbia and Espostoa guentheri. I hope this helps!

      Posted 3.14.18 Reply
  2. Jessica wrote:

    Hi! I love love love this bedroom design. I am wondering, if you had to put a dresser/chest of drawers, what material or color would work best? thank you!!

    Posted 8.16.18 Reply
    • Anita Yokota wrote:

      Currently, a white washed natural raw wood is on trend. I would imagine something like it would lend itself in this room style. I hope this helps! xo

      Posted 8.16.18 Reply
  3. Katie wrote:

    Hi! I just found your blog and love this bedroom, I am going to be modeling my bedroom after this one! I was wondering where you found that rug, it has the perfect muted tones I am looking for. Thank you!

    Posted 10.25.19 Reply
    • Anita Yokota wrote:

      Hi Katie! I’m so glad to meet you! I love getting to know new friends on my blog! This one is a vintage from a local rug warehouse. I would highly reocmmend you search on Yelp and see if you have a large rug wholesale warehouse store. They might have vintage rugs for much less than you think!

      Posted 11.5.19 Reply