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Bunk Bed Bedroom Inspiration

June 1, 2018

As you have seen so far on the blog, my family has inspired me to design for them continuously in new ways as they reach new stages in their lives.     Image Credit: Marise Vitale Photography When it comes to my middle one, I’ve noticed that she never seems to get her own space. […]

As you have seen so far on the blog, my family has inspired me to design for them continuously in new ways as they reach new stages in their lives.



Image Credit: Marise Vitale Photography

When it comes to my middle one, I’ve noticed that she never seems to get her own space. So when it’s appropriate, I try to sway things in her favor.

And she has been dying for bunk beds!


bohemian eclectic children bedroom shared bedroom girls

Image Credit: Marise Vitale Photography

In the past, my older two girls shared this room. We have racked our brains every which way trying to max the functionality and storage in this room.

After purchasing Crate&Kids, Ikea, Target storage bin and baskets, I have devised what seemsed like a million DIY hacks.

Finally, I have come to the conclusion that it’s time to try out bunk beds. As proven before by our tiny office loft, vertical space is the way to go.

Would this be our answer for the girls in here too?

Bunk Bed Bedlam

Cue the Room and Board Moda Bunk bed.



room and board moda bunk beds

As you may gave guessed, this is the same line as my dreamy workspace desk.

the sill plants anita yokota dreamy workspace domino crate and barrel chair urban outfitters rug

Forever fan of clean lines in furniture design, the next look for the girls’ bedroom is definitely california cool kiddie style.

I am still in the preliminary design phase so naturally I have been scouring Pinterest.

Let’s take a breathtaking look at these stunning rooms for little girls.

amber interiors bunk beds

Image Credit: Amber Interiors

I can’t believe how lucky they are! I want these rooms for myself!

I toy with the idea of custom building bunk beds in their rooms as well. It would fit just right and I could maximize storage space.

However, what to do when they grow out of the bunk bed stage?

That seems like a pretty pricey tear down for a kid’s room.


amber interiors bunk beds

Image Credit: Amber Interiors

I love Amber’s use of color, floral wallpaper and wainscoting. Vintage yet casually cool and eclectic.

Since my 9 year old much prefers her own space, perhaps a full bed on the bottom is better suited.

It seems every bunk bed I find online is Australian designed.

I truly believe in my next life I will be a Australian interior stylist. LOL! I love everything, I mean, EVERYTHING about Australian design.

It is California Cool+Scandinavian Minimalist all in one.

Ok, now I realize this post is becoming a Pinterest board for Amber Interiors Childrens’ Bunk Beds. But seriously, every design is SO inspiring.

Image Credit: Amber Interiors

As I am writing this, I realize two very important points.

First, I might need to empty the space and really think about configuration. Currently the room is such a mess, I get a headache just entering it.

Second, I need to make a decision about custom built bunks versus ready made.

What would your vote be? Let me know in comments!

Next time we visit this design topic, I hope to have more design decisions made. Do you have a nursery or children’s room you need help with?

I love designing them not only from a designer’s standpoint but also from a busy mom’s perspective. Connect with me and let’s get started!

Happy day!









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  1. Katie Smith says:

    My son has ready made bunk beds. First they are awful to make up. As in exceedingly difficult for an adult , bordering on impossible for a child. Especially the top bunk. We decided to turn his bottom bunk into a lego city platform and he now sleeps solely up top and I just tell him to straighten out his blankets. I am counting down the days until we can get rid of those things. That said, with two kids using them as opposed to one, it’s possible that their utility would trump any inconvenience. Those built in things look amazing, but I agree, that would be an expensive tear down. My brother in law built my niece a massive top bunk with a study space underneath and I even wonder about how that will grow with her. Anyway just my two cents.

  2. Daye says:

    While custom built in beds would literelly be the best thing because you can save space and get some storage built ins as well, the cost of having to revamp the entire place in just 5 years is pretty expensive. I say go for those gorgeous ones from Article, but what a dilema!

  3. Some lovely tips here, Anita – we love seeing the clever ways people come up with to maximise small spaces; this is especially important if they are communal/shared ones (family/siblings or housemates, small or otherwise)! Those bunk beds are gorgeous, plus they free up plenty of floor space to fill with toys! Might be worth pairing with some floating shelves to add more storage while keeping that floor footprint as free as possible for the girls to play in?

  4. Laura E Laursen says:

    Anita! Do you know what floral wallpaper was used by Amber Interiors?

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