5 Must Haves for the Perfect Holiday Picnic

On Instagram, I see so many fabulous picnic scenes throughout the year. My fabulous friend, Sara from Black & Blooms, and I got together last weekend and created a boho-inspired picnic scene that left us speechless.

Holiday Picnic Prep

1. Picnic baskets are so fun to tote around and they have room to carry all your goodies in! Here is one by Williams Sonoma that is on my wishlist for sure!

Image credit: Williams Sonoma

2. Picnic blankets are another must have. What I love about Sara is that she uses mud cloths in the most creative ways. She even uses them as sarongs for the beach! In our outing (to my oh so far away backyard) we used my vintage serape blankets from high school combined with Sara’s mud cloths for a stunning effect.

There is always beauty in pieces that don’t match at first sight. The layers and similar tonal theme came together in an instant. You can never get enough of blankets! Layer several to give extra padding to your tush and it’s comfy to lay down and take a big nap after your yummy meal.

3. Lighting. I know, you’re saying Anita, it’s during the day why would I want to bring a lantern or candles. Well, if you are like me with kids running amock at the beach ok, maybe not. In today’s post, we are talking about idyllic picnics just by the lake, park or backyard. It adds mood and ambiance even at 11 am during broad daylight.

Trust me. It’s worth toting a few LED battery operated tea lights, votives and a lantern like this one.

Image Credit: World Market 

Another cute idea for a picnic is to put LED fairy lights into a lantern like this!

Image Credit: World Market

4. As much as you need blankets, you also need pillows and poufs!

After all, if you consider yourself a nap connoisseur, you know you need lots of pillows! Uh, I do and I am the queen of naps! *wink, wink*

Pssst, don’t forget a yummy faux pelt to keep you warm! Who says picnics are only for the spring/summer? Fall and winter are beautiful times to get in touch with nature and catch up with friends and family.

The crisp air and hot drinks in hand. Ah….the best!

Here we had rosé in copper mugs. We died.

Add gourmet donuts that I always tout as “healthier” so that I can eat just 10 more.

And we could have stayed here alllll day!

5. Last but not least, flowers. Your regular grocery store floral selection is always fun. However, I found a wholesale place nearby and they had Ranunculus! One of my favorites to dress any table for any occasion.

Add some winter greens like eucalyptus and you have visually defined the reason why you are having this picnic!

Monstera forevaaaaa in my design heart!

So what do ya say? Planning a holiday picnic in your near future? I hope so!

The holidays are nearing fast and I wish you a wonderful intentional time getting ready for the holidays with your most special loved ones!

Happy day!






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