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VELUX Skylight for a Sun-lit, Desert Vibe

February 24, 2021

I’m a HUGE advocate for skylights. The VELUX Skylight we installed has flooded our Desert Bathroom in natural light, so it’s hard not to start the day in a good mood!

An upward view of the Desert Bathroom, highlighting the VELUX skylight

I never cease to be amazed at the cascading effects of a design transformation! Now that we’ve finished our Desert Bathroom, we’re starting to really see the benefits of having a brighter, more beautiful space. For one thing, our three girls aren’t stuck fighting over the sink in their shared bathroom, which has meant a much happier household for all. Even the bathroom itself seems happier—thanks to our fancy new VELUX No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight!

The Natural Light Why

Rachel, our oldest daughter, gets the most use out of the new bathroom. Giving our introverted teen the space she needs to start her mornings peacefully has made her a much calmer, happier person. I certainly remember having the same feeling when we renovated our own bathroom two years ago. It was as if what I needed inside was finally reflected in my surroundings, and it made all the difference. 

How we start our mornings sets the tone for how we’ll face the challenges that arise each day. When we begin the day in a dark, uninspiring space, is it any wonder that we struggle to feel cheery and motivated? And let me tell you, this bathroom used to be DARK! 

A patch of bright blue sky is clearly visible above the cardamom tile

We’ve talked before about the importance of lighting in the bathroom. Natural light is critical for a healthier, happier outlook on life, with proven improvements to cognitive ability, stress regulation, positive mindset, and even quality of sleep. There are so many psychological benefits to increasing our access to sunlight—not to mention makeup application! 😉

Getting natural light in the bathroom can be tough, since privacy is a concern. Even if a bathroom does have windows, they’re often shuttered to avoid flashing the neighborhood. Which is why I’m a HUGE advocate for skylights. The VELUX Skylight we installed has flooded our Desert Bathroom in natural light, so it’s hard not to start the day in a good mood!

Our VELUX Skylight: Fresh Air for Days!

One of the coolest features of our VELUX Skylight is that it’s operated remotely, through an app on my phone! The skylight itself is solar powered, so I’m able to open and close it with the touch of a digital button, letting in airflow or closing the built-in shade to avoid the room becoming too warm.

Anita's hand holds her iPhone, using the VELUX app. The screen reads: "manual control in progress"

This is extra-incredible because it allowed us to get rid of our bathroom ventilation fan. We had an old, dilapidated fan that was noisy, ugly, and seemed to constantly need a filter-change. I never have to change that stupid filter again. We ditched the whole thing, because now I can ventilate the space naturally! 

There’s nothing like the feeling of fresh breeze and sun on your skin after stepping out of a warm shower. I’m not sure whether my girls actually recognize the feeling, since they were born and raised in California and don’t really know anything different. But I grew up in Seattle, so that sunshine sensation still feels special to me. I can’t wait to host my mom in this guest bathroom—I know she’ll really appreciate the warmth! 

Even on those rare rainy days in California, I’m not worried about leaving the skylight open. Our VELUX Skylight has a rain sensor that automatically closes the skylight when the weather forecast starts to look wet. 

The guest bathroom is significantly brighter with the addition of this skylight

The Desert is in the Details

In this bright bathroom, we’re able to shine some natural light on the accents that make this room pop! I really enjoyed styling the space with those desert details that really integrate the room with our Desert Den. Brass finishes were a must to modernize the look and compliment the warmth of the tile. I love the simplicity of this pill mirror from Pottery Barn. Though this particular shape is no longer available, they have a comparable rectangular version here!  

With so much natural light, I knew we didn’t need too much ambient or functional light—just enough to make things visible at night. So I went looking for a cool fixture online, and found this piece on Etsy! There are a lot of unique, well-priced options when you shop with small, personalized retailers, and it gives the room so much personality. 

Of course the star of the Desert Bathroom is our Loloi remnant framed art, which really feels like an artifact from a far-off desert land. Balancing this rustic element with the brass details gave the room just the look I wanted! 

The view of the Desert Bathroom from the corner of the shower, with the stool visible in the corner

Our little shower stool has the same weathered quality to help tell the story. It’s also so functional! Building out a box seat can really take up the shower space, but a stool adds character while providing a place to put your bath accessories. It’s the little touches that help contribute to the Spa experience.   

Skylights for all!  

Between the finishes, the detailing, and all that natural light, this bathroom feels a lot more organic. I feel my brain chemistry brighten, like the effects are taking root immediately. It’s definitely a mood booster!

A direct upward view clear into the sky!

Honestly, if I could renovate every home with skylights, I would. I feel so strongly about bringing light in, and there are only so many windows you can put in the exterior of the house. The team VELUX is great about finding the just-right location, and offers virtual consultations to answer any and all skylight questions! Already identified the perfect sunspot? Use this handy-dandy online tool to locate a VELUX installer in your area.  

Putting in a skylight is such a game changer—we have 2 and a Sun Tunnel, and I’m already considering another one! You know I’ll keep you posted. 😉 

Happy Day! 


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