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Unveiling Cafécore: Pinterest Predictions for 2024 and Hidden Coffee Bar Designs

December 19, 2023

Stepping into 2024, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon the hottest trend on Pinterest—Cafécore! Growing up in Seattle, coffee practically ran in my veins; I mean, we had an espresso cart right by our high school! Now, it turns out this Cafécore movement is reshaping homes, with folks scouring the web for […]

Stepping into 2024, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon the hottest trend on Pinterest—Cafécore! Growing up in Seattle, coffee practically ran in my veins; I mean, we had an espresso cart right by our high school! Now, it turns out this Cafécore movement is reshaping homes, with folks scouring the web for “cafe chalkboard” and “coffee station décor.” Who would’ve thought people want to bring that cozy coffee shop vibe right into their living rooms? But hey, why am I surprised? I’m constantly designing coffee bars for clients, and my own place has a coffee station that’s practically my therapy haven, aligning perfectly with my Home Therapy book on creating spaces that make you feel good!

The Rise of Cafécore: A Pinterest Phenomenon

In our fast-paced world, the allure of a cozy coffee shop has become our respite. From the aromatic embrace of freshly brewed coffee to the soothing hum of conversations, Cafécore is the answer to bringing this experience home. It makes sense why so many of my clients naturally ask me to create a space for their beloved morning ritual. 

Cafécore Elements: Pinterest Trends Decoded

Explore the key elements of Cafécore that Pinterest users are incorporating into their homes:

Chalkboard Décor: Homeowners are embracing chalkboard paint to create feature walls or display coffee-related quotes and menus. I personally thought this was an old trend of the past. But I found some cool DIY inspo you can recreate at home that feels current and 2024 forward. 

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Cozy Nooks:

Cafécore is about creating inviting corners reminiscent of your favorite coffee shop. Dive into comfy chairs, soft cushions, and warm lighting for an atmosphere that beckons relaxation.

In my book Home Therapy, I share a few client homes where we created the ultimate Cafécore mecca. Setting up a corner just for yourself is hand in hand with coffee or tea. The warm sip soothes and excites our senses. Here is a favorite design combination for sitting, resting and drinking something yummy.

First, start with a swivel chair that you can melt into but also swivel from one conversation to another. I love this blue velvet texture from West Elm. 

west elm cozy swivel chair

Second, a nice light to give that perfect sexy, moody cafe au paris ambience. 

This lamp has all my favorites in one: cane, white folded shades and brass.

cb2 floor lamp anita yokota home therapy

Last but not least, a nice throw blanket to snuggle up with. I love this one from Anthropologie. Did you know another Pinterest Prediction 2024 is anything and everything bigger and puffier? 

fuzzy blanket anthropologie anita yokota home therapy


Coffee Stations

Cafécore enthusiasts are transforming traditional kitchen setups into dedicated coffee stations. From espresso machines to stylish mugs, these stations blend functionality with style.

Here are a few that I personally love in my home:

I am the only coffee drinker at home so a single serving machine fits my budget and my kitchen countertop space. 

nespresso pinterest prediction cafecore 2024 home therapy anita yokota

heath ceramics coffee mug home therapy anita yokota

Artisanal Touches

Embrace the artisanal side of coffee culture with handmade ceramics, unique brewing methods, and personalized touches to elevate your at-home coffee experience. I am a huge fan of Heath ceramics. They make not only tile for home spaces but also dinnerware and mugs and espresso cups. I love this green color! 

Greenery and Natural Elements

Cafécore brings the outdoors in, incorporating plants and natural elements for a fresh and nature-infused space. My fav plant store is The Sill.

Their faux plants are very realistic too! Check this one out. 


Hidden Coffee Bars: A Stylish Revelation

Explore one of my favorite renovation designs – hidden coffee bars. This innovative approach seamlessly integrates coffee stations into the overall home aesthetic, maintaining a sleek and uncluttered appearance.

Explore a stylish hidden coffee bar design, seamlessly blending into modern home aesthetics, featuring concealed espresso machines and chic storage solutions for a perfect embodiment of the 2024 Cafécore trend.

The 2024 Pinterest trend, Cafécore, is more than just a design movement—it’s a therapeutic approach to shaping our living spaces. As both an interior designer and licensed therapist, the revelation that people are actively seeking “cafe chalkboard” and “coffee station décor” doesn’t just surprise me; it resonates deeply. Crafting environments that bring the cozy coffee shop vibe into homes is a powerful method for enhancing well-being. As you explore Cafécore, consider it not only as a design choice but as a way to infuse your living spaces with therapeutic elements, creating an environment that truly makes you feel good. 



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