Ultimate Guide for a Minimalist Holiday Style

I’m writing this post in bed because my 5 day cold took a turn for the worse! Luckily, I had more energy in the morning and refreshed the Desert room for the holidays. Today I’m sharing the ultimate guide for a minimalist holiday style.


Ultimate Guide for a  Minimalist Holiday Style: The Why

Yep, you know I always start by sharing the why with you in design. The Desert room has been and will continue to be my creative outlet. It’s the guest room and honestly hang out room for the kids too. We love watching movies here on the weekends. The family room is where we congregate first. But if for some reason it’s just a few of us, we snuggle in bed and watch it up here. Needless to say, there is a lot of relational aspects in this room. We have conversations and deeper moments together in here. And for me creatively, this room allows me to push the envelope a bit design-wise in a controlled environment. I don’t have to worry about a client’s desire or budget. I only have to worry about mine, ha!

Ultimate Guide for a  Minimalist Holiday Style: The Bedroom

Our bedroom is the ultimate space to be vulnerable. I tend to like to design bedrooms as a calm and zen oasis. Our retinas interpret the neutral color as non-threatening and the brain messages send our physical and emotional state into a calm zone.

If zen holiday vibes is what you’re aiming for then read on.

First, set the foundation with cozy flannel bedding like this one from Parachute Home. It’s not so flannel-y that I get hot at night. Yes, sometimes I sleep here when I’m sick and can’t handle Travis’ snoring, ha!

I forego the top sheet and add a mateless quilt instead. Added layers are wonderful to keep your body temperature even. In this way, you aren’t woken up prematurely. Restorative sleep requires UNINTERRUPTED sleep. And I know! It’s very European of me to get rid of the top sheet!

Second, you want wonderful neutral yet visually patterned pillows that give a subtle wow factor. These pillows are from Mcgee and Co. They are perfect for mixing and matching to no end. It will go on your sofa, chairs, beds, benches, anywhere!

Third, you must include greenery. Faux or live, you must do it. Yes, no willy nilly about it. The holidays are about wintery outdoor scenes. So how can we not bring some indoors to recreate that narrative?

I added the most real FAUX garland ever. I’m so impressed! It doesn’t feel plastic-y at all. And I never do faux!

Of course, adding The Sill Rex Begonia is perfect bringing in a shade of red and pink without being too overt.

Throw blankets are the fourth necessity. Textured with lovely fringe like this Anthropologie blanket is amazing!

I didn’t know I would love this blanket so much. Totes cozy and beautifully made. Chenille is a wonderous textile. So into it.

Ultimate Guide to Minimalist Holiday Style: Rest

As I’m forcing myself to rest more, I wanted to share the same sentiment with you. The holidays can get so cray filled to the brim with all wonderful things. But it can get very stressful too! Staying healthy is key. So whether it’s meditating, eating healthy or updating your room to clean out the clutter and adding these neutral bedroom tips, save some moments throughout each day to keep in touch with yourself. Ask yourself like a friend would, how are you doing right now? Do you need anything?

Ok, I’m off to rest a bit more before the kids come home from school. Now talk about chaos! *wink*

Happy day!

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  1. A perfect guide to minimalistic holiday cheer indeed. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post!

    Posted 12.27.19 Reply
    • Anita Yokota wrote:

      Thank you so much! Happy New Year!

      Posted 12.29.19 Reply