Spring Florals and Plants for Your Home

Is it cold where you live? Or is the sun shining brightly? Welp, I am not very happy to report that it has been one cold, wet rainy season here in Socal.

Spring Florals and Plant for your home is a must have when the weather outside is grey and gloomy.

I know it may seem trite to complain about this. However there is such a thing named SAD (Season Affect Disorder) and I am one of the many who suffer from it.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, rain was as normal as well, rain.

Once I hit young adulthood, I was saying byeeeee rain. And hiiiii Sunshine!

A splash of Vitamin D definitely makes me feel so much more motivated creatively as well. So what’s a girl to do when it is gloomy outside?

I bring the Spring happy vibes in! And yes, with spring florals and plants!

Spring Florals and Plants in Your Home: Wildflowers

I had the great pleasure of helping Brian Patrick Flynn style the HGTV Dream Home 2019 in Montana last fall.

My love for floral styling came to a hilt! The indigenous wild flowers made me obsess about carrying this manner of styling a home to California.

Image Credit: Rustic White Interiors HGTV Dream Home 2019 in Whitefish, Montana

Here are the flowers I used in the Great Room: Queen Anne’s Lace, Ranunculus, wild greenery that grew right outside the home. In the far left you can see I used ivy and succulents in pots as well.

Queen Anne’s lace is expensive to buy here in California. It kills me to do so because in Seattle they are grown by the side of the freeway all over!

Image Credit: Rustic White Interiors HGTV Dream Home 2019 in Whitefish, Montana

These white Cosmos flowers made so cheery and happy! If you think for a hot minute it is easy to curate, design and style a home on this scale, you are sorely wrong.

But Brian and his production team worked super hard with no complaints. They knew exactly what was to be done for a successful project like this!

And I knew exactly which type of flowers lend the rustic mountain vibes to complement every space and corner.

Spring Florals and Plants in Your Home: Tulips and Green Plants

Last Spring, I collaborated with The Sill and taught you how to use vertical space outside for a lovely garden. Small space living is a thing and there is nothing better to use spring florals and plants in your home than this way!

Here you can see Tulips offering beautiful bright colors and the ZZ plant, Aloe Vera and Peperomia Marble stabilize the rest of the space with green visual interest.

Psychologically speaking, green stimulates our brain to induce feelings and thoughts of positive health and renewal. There’s a reason why guests wait in the “green room” before they go out on the TV stage! It makes us feel calm.

Did you know green also improves reading? So the next time you curl up in your favorite reading corner, add a cute plant like this!


Spring Florals and Plants in Your Home: Planters and Pots

Just as important are the plants we place in our home, the home we give them is just as essential. What is the point of our plants and florals not thriving?

No wellness benefit there right?

For Florals, make sure you cut them fresh at an angle right when you get home.

Then place them in lukewarm water as not to shock their system.

In addition, take off all excess greenery so that it doesn’t fall in the water and rot. This will deteriorate the flowers prematurely. Change the water every few days or when it turns mucky.

As for potted plants, you can easily guess what I am going to suggest!

Yep, my all time favorite never hesitate easy go to, the mid century modern three legged planter.

My favorite are by West Elm and the Potted Earth respectively.


thepottedearthco.com mid century modern cylinder and walnut stand

If you have no idea what to do, get one of these! They do not have holes in them for drainage. So make sure you get smaller plants in black plastic containers that have room to grow.

The good thing is you can easily switch up plants this way.

Usually it stunts their growth by not giving them a large pot but if you are in no hurry, I find them still thriving.

This snake plant is by far a great recommendation for you early beginners. I literally neglect the heck out of them and they still end up growing tall and thriving.

Can kids be this easy to raise? Please?

I am so excited to continue this topic of bringing nature into your home as a top priority for wellness. Which plant or idea are you going to try out? Don’t forget to share with me! I love talking to you!

Happy day!










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