Sneak Peek: My amazing Joshua Tree Desert experience

Do you ever have those days, weeks or even months where you are overcommitted, burnt out and just need even one precious second to sit and take a break? That was my case last month, granted many of the reasons for being busy were for birthday celebrations and good causes. Still, I was going on fumes by the end of the month!

Sneak Peek: My amazing Joshua Tree Desert experience + self care

A creative and mindful way to self-care

Back in March, I saw on the beautiful Casa Joshua Tree IG feed that the owner, the fabulous and talented Lindsay Hollinger, was holding a Shibori Indigo dye workshop led by Graham Keegan in May. Without a doubt in my mind, even before working out childcare plans, I signed up. In my gut, I knew I needed to do something for myself creatively and independent of what my daily duties were as wife and mother. Simply put, I NEEDED A BREAK. Thankfully, Travis (my constant supporter) was on board!! We decided it was easier to just make a family getaway to the dez. I can’t tell you how excited I was!

 shibori dyed linen in the Joshua Tree Desert // Sneak Peek: My amazing Joshua Tree Desert experience + self care

Time flew and last Friday night after yet another school event for the kids, we drove off to Joshua Tree, California. Friends, I can’t even begin tell you what a phenomenal  weekend we had!

Make yourself the top priority!

It gave me the refresh I desperately needed and I got so much desert design inspo, it was insane. It completely re-sparked my obsession with the desert. All through high school, I was all about SW art, food and design. I will have to dig out my southwestern blanket jacket I wore for years and show you!

Whew, just got chills and goose bumps! Do you get this excited when you remember your old design loves and obsessions?!

In the next few blog posts, I will share the highlights of shibori indigo dyeing with Graham Keegan. Learning the process of textile dye and design with my own bare hands was seriously everything.

I can’t wait to feature Lindsay Hollinger’s (my now IRL friend!!! WHEEEEE!!!) home, Casa Joshua Tree, and the magical Airbn, The Moon Cabin, where we stayed. And hello?! How can I not share all the desert design inspo I discovered? Can’t let my design besties down amirite? 

The beautiful Moon Cabin // Sneak Peek: My amazing Joshua Tree Desert experience + self care

Until then, I am giving you a friendly nudge this week to remember to slow down, take a deep breath or two and make some plans *just* for yourself. It can be something organic and unassuming like coffee with a friend or taking a nice stroll by yourself. It truly makes a difference when you refuel. You will be a better individual not only for yourself, but to the others who rely on you on a daily basis.

Happy day!



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