One Simple Way To Get Your Kids To Help Around the House

Getting used to not going to the store for a quick errand is still something that my brain isn’t comprehending. And to be transparent, it’s frustrating. But I’m determined to not go to the stores and do my part in flattening the curve!

We recently ran out of my favorite Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Purpose Spray. I was bummed, but then you gotta just roll with it.

So I went online and found a whole bunch of DIY on making your own household cleaners. I was a bit apprehensive because let’s face it, organic versions never seem to be as strong.

diy home cleaner spray lemon essential oils

Of course out of desperation comes inspiration. And today I’m going to show you how to make your own household cleaner.


There are tremendous benefits to getting intimately involved with the products that you use or make.

That’s why I included Emily in this project; one of her chores is to clean the kitchen table before and after meals. 

Here’s just a few benefits:

  1. The tactile experience of creating sends messages to your brain that increases self-esteem. Any one can attest to that satisfying feeling of making something! It feels good because Dopamine is introduced as a feel-good tool from your brain to your body. 
  2. Bonding with partners, parent, child and self! Learning something new stimulates our brain to create something new which is fun and memorable.
  3. For kids, this is a wonderful opportunity to practice math and reading comprehension skills by reading recipes and instructions. Nothing like learning by doing!
  4. Grit-building. It may not be a success the first time, but making something we will use that we know is healthy and motivates us to try it again. 

Our why was using something we already had at home, choosing to use an option that is environment-friendly and safe, and flattening the curve by NOT going to stores.


Let’s jump into it!

We decided to make two recipes. One used vinegar, essential oil and water. The other was witch hazel, water and lemon juice.

Here are the recipes: 

Vinegar + Essential Oil

  • ½ c of white vinegar
  • 1 c water
  • Essential oil (try tea tree, lavender, or lemon) – add drop by drop until the vinegar smell is masked


Witch Hazel + Lemon

  • ⅓ witch hazel
  • ⅔ water
  • Juice of 1 lemon


  • For each recipe, combine all ingredients in bowl until evenly mixed.
  • Then carefully transfer to your spray or pump bottle by using a small funnel.



Vinegar is actually the result of fermentation. In the process of creating wine or other alcoholic beverages, the sugar in from the grapes or other fruit is converted to alcohol. Once the seal is opened and the solution is exposed to the air, the alcohol can ferment again, becoming acetic acid.

distilled vinegar diy home cleaner lemon essential oils

Acetic acid is the primary compound in vinegar and gives its acidity. White vinegar is more acidic than coffee or orange juice.

That acidity what makes it such a great cleaning agent. The acid eats away to dissolve soap scum, mineral build ups, dried food, and more.


After making both, Emily opted to start with the vinegar and essential oil formula. We used a funnel to pour it into a spray bottle. And voila, we went straight to the laundry space to try it out!

I love our porcelain countertops in our laundry space but dust can collect fast there. And somehow even though we’re all at home everyday, we’re still doing loads of laundry and generating tons of lint every day.

Emily sprayed and wiped up the dust in no time. I was a bit skeptical so I tried it too. It worked great! You can still smell the vinegar a bit but it’s all good.

garage laundry room small space living wallpaper open shelving runner

We’re still using our commercial cleaners in the bathroom and high-traffic surfaces but this DIY house cleaner is great for the girls’ light cleaning. And by helping make it, they’re now invested in using it and feel a sense of pride and responsibility for the whole enterprise.

open shelving baskets organizing books parachute towels minted art

I hope this encourages you to stay home, get your home sparking clean and fresh without going to the store.

We can do our part and flatten the curve by way of making this cleaner at home!

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