My Favorite Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

Did you know that I’m an ambassador for Sherwin-Williams this year? I was so excited when they reached out! I have been using Sherwin-Williams in my clients’ homes and in my own for YEARS!

I consider myself the color psychology expert. Tell me a color you are dreaming about and I probably could tell you in a heartbeat the exact shade to use.

Anita Yokota method

From the study of psychology and work as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I also know that color can also greatly impact our mood and energy. So it’s no wonder that choosing a new shade for a space you’re in every single day can feel like such a conundrum.

One of the most asked questions I get from you is, “What paint color is that?” So today I thought I would round up my favorite Sherwin-Williams paint colors that I used in my home and recent design projects for you!

What are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!


My #1 most frequently asked question is, “What white is that?” Of all the paint colors, this really seems to be the one that throws people into paralysis. Here is a comprehensive answer to the whites I chose for my own family.

  1. Pure White SW 7005 – I used this shade in my most frequently used and busiest spaces – my kitchen and family room. It’s a clean and bright white that stands up to bold accents – my DIY faux tile backsplash in the kitchen and statement tile fireplace in the family room. 

Anita Yokota wallpaper backsplash kitchen white woven shade


Anita Yokota family room DIY tile wall fireclay pottery barn west elm

  1. Spare White SW 6203 – I used this color in my mom’s powder room. This color was creamier yet retained a bright white vibe. It contrasted the smoky blue board and batten perfectly!

Anita Yokota diy beadboard mom powder room rejuvenation

  1. Snowbound SW 7004 – This color is in my sister’s mid-century modern office. I used this barely-there beige white for my sister’s office because she didn’t want stark white. Don’t get me wrong, though! It was still white. No yellow tint. But it offered a cream warm tone that offsets the masculine wall paneling on the other side of the office. 

Anita Yokota Method office makeover Sherwin Williams paint white

  1. Extra White SW 7006 – This paint color is in the master bedroom. This super bright white feels modern and clean next to more rustic, desert-inspired furnishings. Before we added the underseas DIY board and batten wall, I needed to make our bedroom as Zen as possible. Too many years of our bedroom as the dumping ground of toys and unfolded laundry almost had me give up, so this last-ditch effort was so worth it! 

Anita Yokota method boho bedroom

Blues and Greens

  1. Smoky Blue SW 7604 – I used this color in my mom’s powder room. For this major DIY we wanted a statement color that still felt livable and soothing. Enter Smoky Blue SW 7604. It’s definitely a bold choice and was a dramatic transformation to the space but its gray undertone makes it soft, too.

Anita Yokota method diy beadboard bathroom

  1. Underseas SW 6214 – This color was used in my master bedroom. Another major DIY project that needed a strong but soft shade. Similar to Smoky Blue SW 7604, this has a gray undertone that softens what could feel too bold and gives it a totally different vibe based on the time of day – bouncy in the day and moody at night.

Anita Yokota method Sherwin Williams board and batten green wall

  1. Halcyon Green SW 6213 – I used this color on a bathroom vanity in a recent client project. They just finished the bathroom, and I can’t visit and shoot the space! Here are the images that inspired us to choose that shade. After years of all white and marble bathrooms, it feels great to bring color into bathrooms; this Halcyon shade is an almost sage green and echoes the succulents and other greenery here in Southern California.

Green Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration - Anita Yokota method

Image Credit: Pinterest


  1. Front Porch SW 7651 – We coated the cement pad in our backyard with this color. Here we wanted a clean look against the bold rug and wood pergola, and Front Porch SW 7651 was just the ticket. It’s a true gray with the slightest hint of blue/purple and reads super fresh, year after year.

Anita Yokota method outdoor DIY makeover front porch SW paint

Anita Yokota method outdoor DIY makeover SW paint front porch

  1. Worldly Gray SW 7043 – I’ve used this color in countless client homes for interior common walls like hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and laundry rooms. This is really an MVP shade. It falls in the greige realm of warm, creamy grays and even has almost a hint of green. It looks lovely with a variety of marble and stone tiles.

Laundry room in Worldly Gray by Cottage Home Company (Shuman Mabe Interiors, LLC)

Image Credit: Pinterest

The Best Light Gray Paint Colors for Walls • Jillian Lare - Des Moines, Iowa Interior Designer

One of the ten most popular greige paint colors! Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter!

  1. Reflection SW 7661 – This color was used on a bathroom vanity in a recent client project. All my client renovation projects were almost done or completed just before COVID-19, so I’m totally bummed I couldn’t get in yet to take pictures, but you can see how soothing and calm this shade is! It’s quite neutral and (wait for it) reflective and pairs beautifully with white trim.

Sherwin Williams Reflection 7661 is a cool gray paint color with a slight blue undertone in this bedroom.

Image Credit: Pinterest

I hope you find this post extremely helpful in narrowing down the most popular paint colors. I am so happy to be Sherwin- Williams Ambassador this year! There are literally hundreds and hundreds of colors to inspire you with. And I intend to do my very best and saturate you with as many visually stunning colors as I can.

If you’re following me on Instagram, you know we are getting ready to paint the DIY murphy bed this week!  I’ll be introducing the color I chose for the DIY Murphy Bed this week so stay tuned to find out which Sherwin-Williams color I choose! Who knows, it might inspire you to paint something while you are cocooning at home.



This post was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams®.  However, all opinions are my own. I love sharing what is true to my aesthetics and functionality in my home. Thank you for your support!


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