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Modern Hooks Roundup

March 22, 2019

Most of my clients are busy families with multiple activities and hobbies which can lead to a lot chaos in the home. Hence, the modern hooks roundup today! I can hear the angst in their voices often in the first meeting as they describe the lack of storage, especially for jackets and backpacks. You can […]

Most of my clients are busy families with multiple activities and hobbies which can lead to a lot chaos in the home. Hence, the modern hooks roundup today!

I can hear the angst in their voices often in the first meeting as they describe the lack of storage, especially for jackets and backpacks. You can imagine the trail that leads from the door to the kitchen after school on the daily!

Since I am no stranger to this dilemma myself, I’m sharing my curated selection of modern hooks that can turn your messes into organized displays. You know that I love sharing something amazing and functional.

Modern Hooks Roundup: Location, Location, Location

 I really encourage you to give yourself permission to put these hooks anywhere! There is no right or wrong place for a useful hook but the key is that they have to be refined and with style. Please don’t just rush out there and get any old hook.

Why you ask? Because when nothing is on it, the actual hooks serve as decor. The best way to style it is the lived in look. And if it’s actually your home, it’s easy to do! Just pick the right accessories and you’re ready to go.

Don’t know where to start? Well this is where I come in to help you with my modern hooks roundup!

I often talk about my entry way and how the space astounds me. I love design surprises and this one continues to inspire me every time I change it up. Which is frequent. I am definitely a serial re-arranger.

These brass hooks are classic and simple. Yet they hold my crossover, hats, kids backpacks, and anything else that gets passed by. It has been extremely convenient and easy.

My motto with my kids has always been “there’is a home for everything from keys to scrunchies (yes the 80s are back) and backpacks.”

Here are some tried and true places to place hooks:

  1. Above your entryway console or bench.
  2. In your bedroom on a secondary wall for bags, hats, scarves.
  3. Right off the garage door entry area
  4. Awkward nook or cranny

Coat Racks and Hooks Roundup: Visual Illustration

Still can’t imagine what it would look like?

No worries, I’m 100% visual too. Take a look!

The classic and most helpful place obviously is the entry way. As you breeze in and out of the house, having a handy place to hang keys, bags, jackets, and hats is key.

Have you noticed that having some hooks creates a cozier vibe? I know, I’m stating the obvious but even last last season’s jacket looks super cute hanging up on a handsome set of hooks.


Another nice place to hang hooks are in bedrooms. Funky Airbnb’s or boutique hotels are among my favorite places to find inspiration.

Modern Hooks Roundup: Vintage Hooks

Whenever I visit a new airbnb, I find the best places to use hooks! I don’t know what kind of magic they possess but these owners sure know how to style these homes with hooks.

The most commonly used hooks in mid century modern/ eclectic homes are the vintage accordian coat racks.

I simply adore them and have wanted one in my home for ages! It’s also a fun design puzzle fitting all the items in a fun vignette while doing its job of keeping your floors and sofas free from clothing and bags.

Modern Hooks Roundup: Blank walls and Awkward corners

Next and perhaps the hardest to imagine are placing hooks where there is an awkward corner or nook. Or a blank wall. It can be a pass through area where you never thought in a million years something would work. But let me assure you, it really might!

Just try.

This is the cutest corner and it looks like there is really nothing to serve if left blank.

But they turned it into something super useful and full of character.

I love this example because it’s a flat wall where you can imagine a hallway pass through or any walkthrough. Yet, it looks extremely intentional and artful.

These are especially great to imagine and try in small space. Often times there are many walls that divide a small space so why not use them? Create functionality instead of just “living” with it.

Modern Hooks Roundup: Garage Entryway

Last but not least, there are hooks by the garage entryway.

Guys, not sure if you know this but my garage makes me grumpy.

It’s essentially a storage space for a bustling family of 5 with tons of tupperware bins full of who knows what, shoes, an extra fridge, a treadmill (which we rarely use), bikes, sports storage, and all of my design props, extra furnitures, lighting, and RUGS.

So. many. rugs. You can only imagine.

It’s not pretty. To top if all off, our laundry room is in the far right corner where the car is parked literally right in front of it.

So when I see these beautifully curated yet realistic and FUNCTIONAL areas where hooks do their best work, I drool. I complain and grumble. Then I slap myself a little and remind myself these are all doable fixes. It may not be perfect but it can be made better.

I just need to get to it!

Modern Hooks Roundup: Think outside the box

My last visual illustration is the use of hooks in this bathroom! My heart beats a little faster when I find something unusual yet do-able. This bathroom hook wall is totally unexpected.

I  would never have thought to add a open shelving on a side wall like this and then hooks? Genius!

This speaks to me so much and I hope it does for you too!

Welp, well there you have it, my modern hook round up! The weekend is upon us and I am wishing you the best home organization vibes. Stop procrastinating and get organized so you reduce your daily stress levels stat!

Happy day!


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