Make Your Home Fall Ready with Bed Bath & Beyond

Well. Fall is here even though where I live in sunny SoCal it’s still in the 80s, ha! Nevertheless,  I am definitely ready to spruce up my home with fall colors and decor.

I’m usually a cream, burgundy with touches of brass fall decor fan. But this year, Bed Bath & Beyond challenged my usual tones with their beautiful and welcoming new fall NEUTRAL collections. Hope you are excited because it’s so pretty and making me ready to celebrate Fall stat. 

So today, I am going to show you fun ideas on how you can make your home have that welcoming warm winter but modern cozy look. We all are actually craving this time of year more than ever due to all the quarantining. 

Grab a hot tea and let’s see how I used and fell hard for what Bed Bath & Beyond is serving up this fall…

Fall Wellness

At the turn of each season, I like to reflect on what is coming up ahead in my life. Do I have certain goals I want to achieve by season’s end? Are there relationships I want to improve and reach a deeper intimacy with?

My master bedroom is shared with my partner Travis. We sure have come a long way with this space!

When we first moved in over ten years ago, our kiddos were tiny! Natalie wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye yet. We had a preschooler and baby of 9 months. It was such a crazy and beautiful time in our lives.

However, our room was definitely crazy and NOT beautiful. It was the dumping ground of clean laundry that never seemed to make it to the fold and put away the stage.

And baby swings, toys, bassinet, and more toys….EVERYWHERE.

One time I got desperate and hired an interior designer to help spruce up our sanctuary. 

She was a bit older than me and advised Travis and I to make sure no toys or kids’ stuff made it into our bedroom. She firmly believed that space was just for me and him no matter how young our kids were.

To a certain extent, I agreed with her. I was so sleep-deprived and Travis the same.

But we could have made more effort for sure.

Fast forward to 2020 and with COVID, we are intentionally truly making our bedroom a wellness zone for our relationship. Not as parents but as partners.

Fall Bedding 

The first step in any bedroom makeover is to tackle your bedding.  I loved perusing Bed Bath and Beyond’s bedding selections. I have been shopping in Bed Bath and Beyond since my college days. Yep! I’ve been one happy and loyal customer since my first apartment. And whenever my clients’ or my own family needs a quilt or feather bedding, Bed Bath & Beyond are my go-to store.

It totes made sense for me to shop their bedding when it came to fall bedding. uggs blanket, bed bath and beyond bedding, diy board and batten, fall decor

As the cooler months are approaching, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to layer heavy bedding onto our bed.

Did you know that the optimal sleep temperature in a room is 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit? That is pretty cold! 

I am a very hot sleeper. By that I mean I tend to overheat easily and wake up often because of it. So as much as I love a down comforter, I was happy to see Bed Bath & Beyond offer a lighter version so I can beget nutritious sleep versus junk food sleep. Yes! It is a thing!

In addition to the down comforter, I chose light and airy sheets as well so that I can sleep in the perfect temps without a care in the world. 

Next, the beautiful quilt by Bee & Willow is sooooo pretty! When I was designing this room, I envisioned a winter wonderland with the beautiful green accent wall behind the bed. 

This velvet quilt has an immediate tactile sensation that evokes coziness and warmth. It literally makes you want to fall asleep all happy and relaxed! 

Fall is in the air

And before I forget, another huge reason why I like shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond is that it’s virtually a one-stop shop. Not only can I get bedding here but I can get my wellness items to promote restful sleep.

I decided it was time to let go of my old therapist sound machine I used to use with my clients to block out noises that eventually turned into my babies’ sound machine for their sleep and recently I use it to lull myself to sleep. homedic bed bath and beyond, diy board and batten

Cue the HoMedics® Deep Sleep® Revitalize Engineered Sleep Alarm Clock right next to me on my nightstand. As I’ve gotten older, I am becoming more of a light sleeper. Which by the way, annoys me to no end! That’s why I’m excited to have this sleep alarm clock wind down without distracting background noises. 

I can’t wait to try all 8 sleep therapy programs with relaxation and nature sounds and 4 meditation white noise tones! How amazing is that? 

Did I tell you that Travis has pretty bad allergies? With fall comes much allergens in the air. And did you know that indoor air pollution is real? Yep, it sure is. 

I’m looking forward to the Homedics® TotalClean™ 4-in-1 Air Purifier in White eliminating allergies and air pollution in our master bedroom. I love opening up the windows in the morning for “fresh” air. But this really could be the next best thing we need in here!

Tone it down with Texture

Did you know Fall can be a little boho too?  Holiday decorating is all about putting your stamp on each season.  If you are a boho person then you deserve as much of a seasonal home as a modern traditional person. Guess what? Bed Bath and Beyond have what you need for boho decor! The key to boho is layering and neutral natural texture/materials. The braided soft Uggs pillows, the wooden bench, cozy blankets in the baskets with pom poms are all in that category. fall decor, diy board and batten, bed bath and beyond bedding and pillows

  1. I’ve always been a proponent of using texture as a design hack to add visual interest. So for those of you who love neutrals, just remember to add texture to the creams and whites. In this way, your design won’t feel one-note. You want your room to really grab your attention even if it’s all white! fall decor, diy board and batten, bed bath and beyond bedding and pillows

The velvet quilt has a subtle design just enough to make it multi-dimensional. The cozy cable knit Uggs blanket over the bed is perfect for cozy convos before bedtime.  And can I just mention the fall wreaths on my walls?  THEY are so good. Both the colorful Harvest and classy Eucalyptus wreaths are such a lovely touch of nature brought into the room.  Anything to make our room happy with fall is my main objective! fall decor, diy board and batten, bed bath and beyond bedding and pillows

  1. Not to repeat myself but neutral works best with some contrast. I love a light-toned room but what makes a space come alive is contrast and dimension. That is why our DIY Board and Batten in Sherwin Williams Underseas is such a focal point. Now, I don’t know about you but I am once again very impressed with Bed Bath and Beyond’s ability to provide such great value in fall decor. I know I will be using these fall items year after year because of the quality! 






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