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Mom’s Asian- Inspired Hygge Living Room Refresh

January 3, 2018

It’s the first hump day of 2k18 and I’m visiting my beautiful home state in the heart of the Pacific Northwest! I am excited to present a brand new room refresh – my mom’s  Asian-inspired hygge living room! Growing up we had these vintage Chinese rosewood furniture. And I won’t lie, I couldn’t stand them. Even […]

It’s the first hump day of 2k18 and I’m visiting my beautiful home state in the heart of the Pacific Northwest! I am excited to present a brand new room refresh – my mom’s  Asian-inspired hygge living room!

Growing up we had these vintage Chinese rosewood furniture. And I won’t lie, I couldn’t stand them. Even though it is very, very rare and expensive. To me, they were too Asian and not “American” enough. Shame on me for thinking this was dated and not rad enough to live with. Look at how beautiful the delicate mother of pearl inlay of blossoming plum flowers is!

But can you blame me? I was only 10. Ha!

Mind you, my brain was filled with Better Homes and Gardens and Sunset magazine images of Western art and design. After all, I was born in the good ol’ USA and I felt strongly that my home should look like that.

Every winter visiting Seattle, we end up staying in a lot because admittedly, I am a total wimp.

Spoiled silly by the constant rays and warmth of Cali sunshine, the thought of bundling 5 kids (add two nephews) was too tiring. Let alone actually heading out the door!

Asian-Inspired Living Room

One day my mom casually asked, so what do you think of my rug in the living room? I answered, “Well Mommy, it is too small.” (Yes I still call her mommy and I am proud of it!) That led to a lovely chat about the family history of the furniture and ultimately a trip to Target, of course!

Pick One Foundation Inspo Piece

I tout this piece of advice alllll the time and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

For this space, the modern clean lines in the rug helped to update the vintage furniture in a hot second.

Next, I knew the matching vintage coffee table had to go. It was waaaay too much red teakwood.

Round, Glass-Topped Coffee Table

My own living room back at home in California has a glass top. It has surprised me how well it adds to a dark room.

But, my mom’s space is the opposite, it gets plenty of light. But. So. Much. Wood.

So as I browsed for affordable coffee tables (this was her only caveat, must be an inexpensive refresh), glass-topped coffee tables caught my design eye.

Booyah! Found this wonderful table under $200 on Wayfair and it arrived within a week.

Once I got the bigger pieces in place, it was time to fill the room up with my holy trinity of design: layers, texture and prints!

Throw Pillows

When I went browsing at Target, I found these lovely pillows that had earthy reds that would tie the wood into the room.

Oversized textured neutral creme/beige pillows gave depth too.

I am always going to the blue color tones first when designing but I also have to remind myself of who my client is and in this case my mom loves the color red!

As you can see, there is still blue in the pillow. Love it!

Cozy Warm Throw Blankets

Throw blankets instantly visually warm up any cool space.

My mom’s living room has tall ceilings with 5 window panels.

Welp, compared to my living/dining room combo back home, it feels like a grand mansion.

So adding a throw blanket to the side chair just felt perfect to bring your eyes down to the living space.

Looking good, eh?

Faux pelts for the win

Another way to add warmth, especially in the winter months are a faux fur pelt.

PS leather tassels? Yes, please!!

My sister had gotten a few pelts to hide her ugly beaten up couch (a story for another day) so I borrowed them to show my mom what magic these pelts can do!

Brass Lighting

Cherry wood and brass is an old classic pairing. In this case, it’s red teak with brass. The red and brass just get each other like no other.

I needed more modern updates in here. So I added two modern lamps to the mix.

Just gorgeous isn’t it?

Tabletop Decor

My mom has collected vintage Asian tea pots for a long time.

Each has a story and when we see it out, it instantly reminds me of my heritage.

Tea is a natural way to detox, cleanse and purify both body and mind.

So naturally, when you set one out on a table, it is inviting and calls everyone to gather and spend some time together.

Isn’t this the ultimate definition of hygee? I think so. 🙂

Plants as Decor

My “accidental plant lady” status may not come as a surprise to my mom.

After all she is a bonafide crazy plant lady.

Growing up, I was given the chore to water all her plants.

This large one has been around since I was little and I ain’t givin’ up my age. LOL

Plants immediately add life and green vigor to any space. Awkward spaces magically turn into the perfect plant home.

My mom’s green thumb leaves me gobsmacked every time I come home.

She makes it seem so effortless!

I hope this unique refresh inspires you to think of using what you have and adding affordable updates to an existing space for your spin on a hygge home.

Here’s to a new year designing together my design besties!

Happy day!

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