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Living Room Accent Wall Three Ways

July 3, 2018

As I write this, my living room is totally naked. That’s right, it’s completely empty. I originally wanted to put the Loloi Loren rug in and have a quick refresh. But then our old family room sectional ripped and I got tired of throwing my Anthropologie  blankets over it and decided I actually needed to […]

As I write this, my living room is totally naked.

That’s right, it’s completely empty.

I originally wanted to put the Loloi Loren rug in and have a quick refresh. But then our old family room sectional ripped and I got tired of throwing my Anthropologie  blankets over it and decided I actually needed to come up with a real solution. Once it all came together, it looked and felt so great!


I love design surprises and believe me, this one was very welcomed.

Churning out new content was truthfully burning me out. I was tired.

Perhaps I still am, but I intuitively have taken it slower this time to design my living room.

And you know what? Taking my time is turning out to be kinda nice.

Take your time with design

So many times people rush into things just to fill their space up with half hearted themes. Then they go out and buy furniture and decor that they later regret. Designing for a space is like breaking in a new pair of shoes. At first, it feels unfamiliar. But soon enough, you and your space vibe.

You will know what the next step is and will build upon each step until the room truly feels complete and comfortable.

Well, that time has come with my living room!

The West Elm Antwerp sofa is coming back in under the front window. But the wall needs a major change up. This wall is a toughie. It runs parallel to the whole room so there really is no delineation and it feels like it should be a side wall yet it needs to be a focus wall.

So confusing right?

For many years, I have tried different ways to make it the focus. Floating shelves, oversized art to the current.

Now I am thinking about changing it up as far as wall texture. What about adding architectural interest such as shiplap? I know you heard me, shiplap!

I quickly dismissed the idea though. These days shiplap is wonderfully displayed in a variety of aesthetics. But somehow, my hunch is that if I attempted it here, it would be far too farmhouse because the space is small.

I want a statement that can blend with my eclectic look but changes with my design whims.

So let’s dive into some ideas worth simmering over!

Shelves Galore

I am dying, I mean dying to add shelves to my open living spaces! I have such a hankering to

re arrange shelves but I don’t have the shelves!

A set of gorgeous sleek shelving units might be a great way to showcase the wall. I have two dream chairs that I would place just like in this photo.


Image Credit: Pinterest


The beauty of a shelving unit is that the accessories could easily be swapped out according to your mood or the season!


I have been wanting to do a DIY board and battan project for ages as you know.

Well, what do you think of framed moulding for the living room wall?

This inspiration image is very dramatic. Perhaps too high brow for my family’s aesthetics. But I really love it! What I appreciate about high design is that you can draw from certain aspects and incorporate it into your own space.

This is the part of design that I am obsessed with – finding inspiration and then riffing it to my own beat. In this case both the moulding on the wall and chair and side table placement is really making me happy!

Wallpaper Drama

As I was perusing for wallpaper ideas, I came across this West Elm Muratto Cork Wall Covering.

How amazing is this?

It is completely removable and you can make your own design. Plus, its cork! The raised design gives it some extra texture. I’m verrrrry tempted to try this!

Next, wallpaper is a lovely way to add whimsy or drama to a room.

I’m hoping to find something with just enough panache but nothing too wild or overbearing.

I want the furniture and accessories, rug to take center stage. The wall needs to be a background visual.

Well, well, look at what I found!

This is neutral yet with the patterns provide enough visual interest in a good way!

Hmm…all of these ideas seem really conducive to solving my wall dilemma.

What to do, what to do?

What is your favorite?

Please tell me in comments and let’s start a roundtable discussion.

As like anything else, collaborating always brings the design process much more success.

So what are you waiting for? Put in your vote below! Let’s chat!

Happy day!


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  1. Skye says:

    Love the wall paper idea!! Especially with some kind of paint on the cork. Luv ur blog so much Anita…. I literally get so exitedv when there is a new blog post! Keep up the great work!

  2. Jazmon says:

    Love the glass table! Where did you get it from?

  3. Bianca De says:

    The cork wallpaper idea looks great. You can place it on a wall with contrasting color. Enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to see more.

  4. Angela says:

    What color brand is the grey beige color on your wall currently?

  5. Evie says:

    Where is your rug from? I love it and really struggle to find ones I like! Beautiful job!

    • Anita Yokota says:

      I linked everything in like to know it app, if you follow me, everything is linked there! Good luck on your rug search!

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