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Labor Day Side Table Sale

August 30, 2019

Last weekend, I had some wonderful downtime and it got my creative juices going! As I was cleaning up my kitchen, I glanced towards the family room and realized the Walmart white tulip side table I recently got would be perfect there! I knew then and there an early fall refresh was about to ensue!  […]

Last weekend, I had some wonderful downtime and it got my creative juices going! As I was cleaning up my kitchen, I glanced towards the family room and realized the Walmart white tulip side table I recently got would be perfect there! I knew then and there an early fall refresh was about to ensue! 

This is when I got all hyped up on my new side tables. I’m truly convinced that side tables are your best friend! Never thought they would be? Well, let me give you 3 reasons to get a side table as Labor Day sales are picking up this week!

Labor Day Side Table Sale: 3 reasons Why Side Tables are your best friend

Side tables don’t have to be an afterthought. We assume they’re for holding lamps, small decor and drinks. Nope! They are actually more useful than that!

The first reason is that side tables can be a great economical alternative to the coffee table. 

My family room is quite small and adding even a small scale coffee table takes up most of the space. Especially with young kids, we decided to just leave it out.

Now that the kids are older, we have family movie nights and the kids hang out with their friends which means adding a table is great for drinks and snacks. However, it does eliminate floor space for extra friends to hang out. 

When we have more guests, the coffee table goes into the other formal living room and we end up using two side tables instead! 

In this way, both sides of the sofa are flanked with helpful surfaces to hold drinks and/or lighting depending on what the occasion holds. 

My second reason is that side tables are perfect for odd corners. Instead of stools, think of using a side table as a planter. I have done this numerous times in my home. 

They give just the right height to turn a small but pretty plant into something medium-sized or more. This is especially helpful for adding vertical design. A blank corner can become a fun exciting accent. Take a favorite plant, place it on a planter and there you go! A corner fulfilling its destiny with a beautiful plant. 

My third and perhaps the most FUN reason is that it can be as unusual, creative and bold as you want it to be! If you are afraid of getting tired of a trendy patterned and colorful sofa, then use the side table as the balancing point. Or if you are afraid to use different materials such as wood, metal or acrylic on your coffee table then choose to experiment with side tables instead!

In my Desert Room, I added this wonderful beachy wood side table. The straight curved shaped side table in really stands out. It was exciting to mix and match the side tables and have my neutral bed be the anchor. 


The mix and match mood continued onto the downstairs family room. My gallery wall above the fireplace was previously all framed art.  Instead of art, I decided to use textural objects and added the beach print from the Desert room. It all ended up perfectly aligned above the mantle. When things are meant to be, it’s meant to be!

As you can see, the whole room is cohesive in an early fall California Casual vibe. Yet each piece is unique and vibrant in its own way. Mixing and matching is an art. Elevate vintage pieces by having neutral furniture as the background. Highlight unusual shapes by balancing out the rest with cohesive clean lines. 

Labor Day Side Table Sale: Round-Up

Now that we have established why you need a side table or two in your home, I have rounded up some really great and affordable pieces that are all under $100!

Image Credit: Walmart

This Novogratz Roundabout Demilune table is unusually shaped and perfect for a small space living area. It’s flat in the back so you can maximize the space in the front for a coffee table or open space. I think this is ingenious! If you live in a studio or small apartment, this table could be a game-changer for you. 

Of course, besides side tables, I must share rug finds! This Nuloom Vintage rug is beautiful and for a 5×8 it’s only $98! Nuloom is a brand known for its superb quality so I would get this rug in a heartbeat. 

Image Credit: Walmart

When I designed homes on the HGTV show Hidden Potential, I would add a simple lamp to each of the side tables flanking a modern sofa. It was perfect! No-fuss and just one step styling are the best. 

Image Credit: Walmart

I love this set of lamps because the style goes well with literally any aesthetic and it comes in a bazillion colors.  Remember when I told you that side tables are the chance to be fun and bold. This is your chance to try it with lamps as well!

Labor Day sales are upon us and I hope you find these fun ideas for your Fall refresh in your home! 

Happy Labor Day weekend!


This post was sponsored by Walmart. However, all opinions are my own. I love sharing what is true to my aesthetics and functionality to help you transform your home. Thank you for your support!

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