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Incredible Bathroom Inspiration

March 15, 2019

It’s been a long ten years and the wait is almost over! I’m still finishing up the final touches but soon I’ll be able to show you all the wonderful architectural and design features of my bathroom renovation. For today, I thought it would be great timing to share the incredible bathroom inspiration that has […]

It’s been a long ten years and the wait is almost over! I’m still finishing up the final touches but soon I’ll be able to show you all the wonderful architectural and design features of my bathroom renovation.

For today, I thought it would be great timing to share the incredible bathroom inspiration that has been with me since the inception.

Incredible Bathroom Inspiration: Brian Patrick Flynn

Tiling all the walls of my bathroom has been a long time design wish for me. Seeing this done perfectly in Brian’s Iceland abode wiped away any doubts in my mind!

His visual play on the classic black and white contrast is genius. Fresh, clean, minimalistic yet bold with the pops of black color that needed it in just the right places.

Brian, what can you not design?

I love stripes and here you can see that it elongates the room by placing it vertically on the floor. I haven’t visited the actual space but I imagine that it’s not very large so by playing visual tricks with the eye, the rug leads us straight from the door to the shower.

With the window leading into a spectacular view, you feel as though you are showering right outside.

Image Credit: Rustic White Interiors

Incredible Bathroom Inspiration: Room for Tuesday

Room for Tuesday‘s Sarah Gibson is a fierce home renovator and recently she revealed her guest bathroom!

Image Credit: Room For Tuesday

They took the whole room down to the studs and created a brand new and open space.

I love Sarah’s classic design vibe. Her refined choices in tile, finishes and architectural designs are clearly evident in every corner of this beautiful space.

She also tiled the bathroom walls but added wood detailing as well. Whenever I see Sarah’s work I feel so fancy in a good way!

See the cute vanity in the back?  Her husband Emmett built that himself. They are a DIY power duo, wouldn’t you say?

Add a vintage runner on top of the detailed tile pattern, and you have a sophisticated and elegant space. What I love about my designer friends is that their personalities shine through each of their designs.

You can see what they love to do and each design varies but their penchant for certain colors and aesthetics are consistent.

Do you have favorite designers that have such a distinctive style that you can always recognize their work?

Incredible Bathroom Inspiration: Simply Grove

I met Kirsten last year in Austin, Texas. We both were on a wonderful blogger trip soaking up design ideas.

She was lovely, funny and it was a treat getting to know her. I didn’t realize that around the same time she had renovated her master bathroom!

Image Credit: Simply Grove

Just like Brian and Sarah, Kirsten has her signature look with a modern luxe feel. Kirsten designs mid century furniture paired with Modern Parisian luxe lighting and finishes with exacting balance.

I am especially smitten with her choice of playful tile patterns offset by neutral colors, and it all simply works.

Here is a closer view of the soothing and sophisticated shower.

Talk about incredible bathroom inspiration!

If you count all the different tiles used, there are four different patterns.

Yet it’s all so natural, you don’t even notice it.

I find that incredibly hard to do but she pulled it off beautifully!

Incredible Bathroom Inspiration: Left and Level Design

Do you have a go-to friend to chat all things pretty and design? Well, when I first started Instagram I met my IG bestie Kelsey  from Left and Level.

We immediately hit it off because we loved the same aesthetics. More importantly, we have the same type of humor and have matching taste buds for yummy food and snacks.

She recently made over her guest bathroom. Can we say bathroom goals?


Image Credit: Left and Level


I am a staunch fan of dark blue vanities and brass hardware combos but what I love most about Kelsey’s version is that she mixed lots of patterns and textures in seamlessly.

For many, this bold blue vanity would be enough of a statement. However, I love the cement tile pattern in a neutral tone (very important to note that!) combined with the myriad of tiled marble patterns on the wall, you have quite a bit of visual play.

Again, with everything being neutral, it works. So when you are designing a space, keep that in mind. Patterns are nothing to be afraid of, it just needs to have a balance in tone and color.

It’s ok to layer visual activity in a room but striking the balance is most important.

If there is too much of one thing, then that’s where you start to lose focus. In all of the four bathroom inspirations, you can definitely see the balance.

It takes time and experience, but you will get there!

Which bathroom inspires you the most? What would you do in your bathroom right now?

This month is definitely all about bathroom inspiration for me and it’s pure bliss to share with you!

Happy day!

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