How to Live Through A Renovation

Ever since we started our epic master bathroom renovation, I also began a quest on how interior design impacts wellness in the home.

You guys love before renovation pics. Welp, here is the master bathroom all gutted out!

bathroom demolition

Home renovation is an extremely exciting yet terribly stressful process. This is true even when the construction goes smoothly which we were lucky enough to experience.

The constant hustle and bustle of contractors coming in every day creating noise and dust can be exhausting. In addition, you are displaced from your regular routine and possibly even your house for weeks if not months.

I am sharing 3 tips to live through a renovation of any kind. Believe me, no matter how big or small the job, these will apply to all!

Image Credit: Studio Mcgee

The microfine layer of dust due to the constant tiles being cut to the mountains of clothes and tupperware bins of *STUFF*  was insidiously living with us for 6 weeks.  The ball of anxiety in my chest grew bigger and bigger every day.

Are you aware of the stress induced hormone cortisol? I find the way WebMD explained cortisol very helpful. “Think of cortisol as nature’s built-in alarm system. It’s your body’s main stress hormone. It works with certain parts of your brain to control your mood, motivation, and fear.”

Needless to say, my cortisol levels were at an all time high.

The most frustrating part of it all was lack of time!

Due to high levels of work and home responsibilities, I simply didn’t have much time to clean up.

I’m 99.9% positive at this point, you’re probably thinking, yep that’s me too! Well, that all changed this past weekend! The bathroom is finally done!

Cue epic hero/bravery cinematic music.

Tip #1 For how to live through a Renovation: Move as far away from the space as possible

 No, I don’t mean move out of the house completely. Well, if you are gutting your home, yes.

For example, our master bedroom is connected to the bathroom with a short hallway and no door. Also in that short hallway on both sides is where are our closets live respectively.

floor to ceiling bedroom mirror boho eclectic design

The night before demo started, Travis and I could just imagine that pesky construction dust to seeping  through the walls, hallways and into the master bedroom.

It was a total pain the arse, but we managed to take everything out of the bedroom and closets.


Here is why: First, and the most obvious reason, we didn’t have to lament the fact afterwards the time and effort to dry clean work clothes, clean off all the storage bins that are crammed inside our closets, etc. The fine dust has been known to seep through boxes and bins, so we wanted to be proactive in minimizing this dust debacle.

The only furniture items left in the room were big items such as the bed, night stands and my large wall mirror.

Inevitably, the dust and construction mess completely took over the bedroom.

The workers constant foot traffic in and out of the room lended to higher stress levels.

As we began demolition, Travis and I looked at each other proudly. I cannot imagine still living in that room while all that was going on! We had made the right decision to move out.

In addition, we were able to store all the plumbing and fixtures in the bedroom. We even fit the standing tub there! It was perfect.

Second, this gave us a wonderful opportunity to go through our crap and de-clutter.

I have been thinking a lot about the positive psychological effects of why making your home well is so important for your soul and for your inner well being.

Tip #2 For How To Live Through A Renovation: Pre-plan and Prep

Pre-planning and prepping definitely took time. However, it reduced our overall stress by 60%.

I would suggest first getting rid of stuff you do not use anymore, or has been dead weight in your closet for some time. Then labeling and finding a storage system, placing those items respectively in the correct bins.

Lastly, stacking them in an area that will not block foot traffic.

Even though we took the time to take out clothes and storage from the closets. We didnt necessarily organized the piles and piles of clothes, home decor items and storage.

They were strewn about here and there downstairs in our living room. It  soon oozed into our combined dining space.

We literally had our kids’ fish tanks on the dining table with disorganized crap all over the table.

 I highly advise against that!

Tip #3 How to Live Through a Renovation: Take a deep breath!  

Last but not least, take a deep breath once the renovation is done! Shortly after with a glass of wine in one hand (jk!), take one more hard look at what you truly need and use. Besides sparking joy, I also want to consider a practical view as well. There are things that we do not want to buy again in the future and need to keep just in case. There is a balance to all things and this is one of them. I have always been the purger and if it instantly did not “spark joy” for me, it was out!

However,  Travis is much more methodical and is a good balance for me. Especially considering all the gift cards he’s found that I’ve accidentally thrown away in the recycling bin!

So. Taking one last look at what you are keeping in your home after a renovation wraps up my advice on how to live through a renovation!

Here is my inspiration pic spurning my design mind on while the bathroom is finishing up!

Image Credit: Studio Mcgee

I really am excited that I get to share my  real life renovation experiences with you! Stay tuned for so much more on bathroom design, inspo and renovation!

Happy day!

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