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12 Gifts for the Ladies in Your Life

November 10, 2020

Gifting is all about sharing a joyful something with those you love most in your life! Making someone feel special & seen with the perfect present that shows them you know exactly what they need.

This year, I’m holding a SERIOUS intention to get ahead of the curve. I know that from Thanksgiving on, my world will be a whirlwind of activity! So, I want to make sure I’m prepared in advance with all my trees trimmed and parcels wrapped. Since most of our Christmas shopping will take place online this year, shipping time is the biggest consideration when choosing gifts for mom, or the in-laws. Once the process of ideating gifts is taken care of, I can sit back and let the Holiday spirit roll in!  

A Season of Abundance

When I’m stressed and out of time, the thinking-of-things can feel like a total block. But without the pressure of the deadline, I have SO many more ideas! It’s as if anything is possible with plenty of time to plan for it, and I feel excited rather than overwhelmed. Once everyone on my list is taken care of, I can relax and enjoy the holiday, feeling prepared to go with the flow. 

With my intention set, I’ve gathered 12 of my favorite all-purpose gifts for a partner, sister, or close friend! (Looking for something smaller, or a back-up to have on hand? Check out my list for Hostesses!) Read on for the season’s best: 

1. Rifle Paper Co Silk Scarves 

Beloved illustrator, Anna Rifle-Bond has expanded her sweet stationery brand into an empire of beautiful every-day items! Her whimsical florals cover office accessories, home furnishings, shoes, and now the latest— these gorgeous silk scarves! I love them for their effortless elegance, which add a boost of creative luxury to any outfit. The packaging feels special, too, which is extra-important for those un-boxing moments.  


2. Beautiful Wireless Charger 

Share the freedom of going cordless with a wireless charger. There are some really sleek options that make staying in the green hassle-free, and rid your bedside table of all those terrible cables! A marble finish makes this a beautiful addition to the nightstand, entryway, or workstation. 


3. Essential Oil Diffuser 

For the person in your life who loves to set a mood, help take their game to the next level. Scent opens up a whole new opportunity to personalize your environment, cultivating a true atmosphere. Plus, diffusers clarify the space, removing negative ions from the air to boost energy! I love lavender for a calm, relaxing scent, but have been getting into the seasonal tree and woodsy scents. My saje is the bomb! Their diffusers are stylish little vessels for shelves and side tables.


4. Crystal Collection

My friend gifted me a set of stones last year, and I have loved incorporating them into my morning ritual! I like to hold them and feel myself tapping into their unique properties. Each crystal has a different type of energy, and I use them in my meditation practice to enhance my focus, confidence, or boundaries. Crystals are such great gifts for the friend who is really into astrology, or ready to upgrade her self-care routine.


5. Face Mask

Speaking of self-care, Glow Recipe’s Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask is a classy revitalization to the old face mask trope. Using juicy watermelon and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this jelly mask soothes skin and builds a barrier to retain moisture overnight. The jars are a cute addition to any vanity, plus the packaging is 100% recycled! Sephora certified clean, this Korean beauty product is the gold standard.  




6. Air Fryer 

After our blender gave up on us, SO many of you suggested Ninja as your favorite blender! This crowd favorite has a full line of kitchen gadgets, including the Ninja Foodi. It’s an all-in-one pressure cooker with air frying capabilities—and I’ve been accumulating recipes I’ve been dying to try! 

An air fryer has long been on my own wish list as I dream up our new kitchen. Naturally, we’ll redesign with storage and day-to-day functionality in mind, including space for all our kitchen gadgets. I’m already planning a space in my mind for our own air fryer! 😉


7. Crossover Bag

In 2020, we’ve learned a lot about creating WFH space! My favorite solution has been to keep all my things in a single bag, so I can rotate work spaces throughout the week. If you know a fan of the workbag, upgrade them to a crossbody! Totes are always falling off my shoulders—and often things get lost in the depths of the bag. I love Madewell bags because their crossbody straps can be added interchangeably—and they have so many cute options


8. Garage Utility 

Organization methods are gifts that keeps on giving. I SWEAR by the Elfa system, which is endlessly customizable, and has so many applications. This is especially helpful as our homes are doing double-duty—we’re using them for more than ever before! I’ve been eyeing the six hook utility track for my garage, along with the mesh bag addition! 


9. Tools 

Getting my first power tool was, well, a powerful feeling! It changed my whole perspective of what was possible. DIYs are so much fun and I never feel like I have to shy away from growing my skills as long as I have the tools. Give the hands-on friend a vote of confidence to take their crafting to the next level with a cordless drill, sander, or nail gun


10. Headbands 

A set of sweet and trendy accessories help to start the new year feeling refreshed. Headbands are my favorite accessory, adding a final hint of polish to any outfit. Plus, a helpful little bump can provide so much volume. Anthropologie has so many stylish options, from simple, patterned twists to those adorned with beads and bling. 


11. Gorjana Jewelry   

For the special lady in your life, a gold necklace is a Christmas classic. Of course, it can go a little off the rails trying to pinpoint the right style. Enter Gorjana! These necklaces keep the chic spirit of the golden gift alive with layer-worthy sets that can be worn daily. Styles range from as simple to as flashy as your gift-getter’s taste, and you can even go the extra mile with engraving. 


12. Sweater

Sweater weather is upon us, and these seriously make the BEST gifts. You don’t have to over-think the sizing, since sizing up in a sweater is rarely an issue—particularly if you’re taking the cardigan route!  I think my favorite part about the sweater gift is it’s so easy to pinpoint the right style for the right person. Get a creamy cashmere turtleneck for your mother-in-law, or a bright pom-pom’ed number for your fun friend. Even teens will smile at an ultra-fuzzy crop. And all it takes is a quick Nordstrom’s add-to-cart

Gifting is all about sharing a joyful something-something with those you love most in your life! Making someone feel special can be as simple as knowing where they are in their lives, and providing the perfect tool or accessory to meet them where they are, so they can get where they’re going next with a little bit of extra love. I hope this helps jump-start some ideas!  




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