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Father’s Day Roundup 2019

June 13, 2019

Hey there! Can you believe Father’s Day is coming up? I am sitting here in my sublime suite at the Posada by The Joshua Tree House and enjoying my alone time. Whilst Travis is busy carting three kids around to their various summer activities. So, I definitely think a Father’s Day Roundup 2019 is in […]

Hey there! Can you believe Father’s Day is coming up? I am sitting here in my sublime suite at the Posada by The Joshua Tree House and enjoying my alone time. Whilst Travis is busy carting three kids around to their various summer activities. So, I definitely think a Father’s Day Roundup 2019 is in order for some great ideas!

Father’s Day Roundup 2019: It’s Tool Time

Any dad deserves a great tool set. We are gearing up for a garage makeover and I am sure Trav will appreciate an upgraded tool set. We have the basic tools, but I think he would appreciate something like this circular saw and it would be great for our upcoming garage makeover project.

Circular saws are the go-to tool for cross-cutting and sheet stock like plywood.

dewalt tool kit

During our DIY modern fence project, Travis kept saying he needed a saw to trim and cut the pine planks.

I can foresee Trav much less stressed when working on a woodworking project.

Hold the phone, as I am searching for more tools for Trav, I just found this Cordless Combo set which includes the circular saw!

dewalt Tool kit

Guys, this has everything a dad needs for any big or small projects around the house! And, it’s cordless!

Father’s Day Roundup 2019: Organization

I am always surprised at how meticulous Trav can be during projects and yet other aspects he is not that way at all!

We share an office desk and he leaves papers, post-its, bills, everything is in stacks! Well, as the stacks grow, it is hard to know where anything is.

Over the years, I have tried different organizational methods, but he wasn’t completely on board.

Well, that hopefully will change with this!

These clear stackable file tote boxes are a perfect way for Travis to organize his paper mess.

Long ago we got rid of a very heavy and frankly ugly file cabinet. With this, he can roam the house and bring it wherever he decides to do the bills. We have a computer desk area downstairs and one upstairs. So depending on which kid is monopolizing the computer, he goes to the opposite computer. With these tote boxes he can have his paperwork at his  fingertips!

I think this is a great way to organize files in a small space living situation as well. So even if you aren’t a Dad but want a portable filing system, these are awesome!

Father’s Day Roundup 2019: Exercise

We have a treadmill hidden among the mess in our garage. So poor Trav hasn’t been able to exercise much.

Exercise is so important for us, but as busy parents, we often neglect taking care of ourselves.

I am proud to say that I started working out at home again with Barre 3 online and I love it!

So a great Father’s Day gift is a monthly subscription to an online exercise program for the busy dad!

What I love about online exercise subscriptions is how accessible they are. Even if your busy dad travels a lot,  he literally can watch it on his phone and exercise in his hotel room

For Trav, I think the Daily Burn has a perfect amount of challenging classes, yet a lot of variety and different focus areas.

Father’s Day Roundup 2019: Wallets and Keychains

Do you scratch your head every year wondering what to get your favorite dad?

I totally get stumped every year! Trav has hobbies and interests, but he isn’t the type to really want anything. It’s a good thing, I know, but it’s hard to know what to get him when we want to show appreciation!

Functional and yet stylish, I love considering wallets and keychains. Guys go through wallets very often. Have you noticed?

I love turning to Filson for any guy gifting ideas. Since 1897 in Seattle, Filson has been making quality rugged outdoor clothing and gear.

If you ever visit Seattle, definitely head to the flagship store as you can see them working on leather goods in person.

Travis likes the traditional wallet so this Bi-foldwallet in black will be perfect for him.

filson wallet

Image Credit: Filson

Keychains are another item that is a great gift because oftentimes guys neglect the aesthetics and just use anything easy.

I have a high standard for keychains and wallets. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s gotta look good. Don’t ask me why. This is just how I roll.

So I have always loved gifting Travis great keychains. Yes, it really is a gift for myself, ha!

Travis loves salmon so it makes total sense to choose this cool salmon keychain.

filson wallet


If an object isn’t going to make your dad happy, then these leather chains are amazing.

Travis probably would love this Bridle Leather Chain. It is simple and beautiful.

filson wallet

Well, what do you think? Do you think your favorite dad will love one of these gifts?

I wish you a wonderful Father’s day celebrating your special dad figures in your life!

Happy Father’s Day!


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