Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is coming up in a week! Have you thought about what your favorite guys in your life want this year?

 I asked Travis to make a wish list of what he wants! So if you’re curious what Mr. Meticulous suggests,  then here it is!

Let’s take a look at what’s on his ultimate father’s day gift guide!

Bro Clothes

Trav is definitely easy-going with his wardrobe. Well, ok unless it’s red. He doesn’t like loud reds, pinks and patterns.

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He sticks with blues, greys, greens and blacks. 

These are all great breathable clothes that will be very comfortable to wear during summer heat.

He has been looking for a warmer weather jacket since forever. It looks like he found one he likes!

His Favorite Tool

Trav has been growing his tool collection and wants this Jigsaw. Are you surprised that I want this tool just as much as him? A jigsaw is very versatile and I can’t wait to use it for our next DIY project!

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A surprise gift

Have you heard that the best gifts for special ones are items they wouldn’t think about getting themselves?

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Well, it looks like Trav is giving me a big hint! I didnt know he had the desire to make beer. But this kit looks fun!

I love learning new things about my partner. 

And there are two things for Father’s day that are No-Fail! Yep, food and music.

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I don’t know any guy who doesn’t like both or at least one.

I hope these ideas from Travis gives you the spark you needed to get things for your favorite dad!

Happy Father’s day!


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