Essential Dining Chair Guide

As I look at my  barely re-painted family room/eating area/kitchen, my body hurts. All this painting is exhausting! And honestly, its mental. I’ve painted many rooms, except this time, I am *tired*. Therefore, unmotivated.

But the thought of a fresh new space and blank canvas keeps me going! So paint brush goes back up on the wall, one zush at a time.

family room white paint hanging chair

Why am I tired? For some reason, I’ve been waking up at 4am for the past week. Unable to go back to sleep. Does that ever happen to you?

Dining Chairs

This morning, I started thinking about the eating area sandwiched in between the family room and kitchen. It’s not a huge space but it is the central heart beat of our home. This is where we eat, do homework, craft, snack and most importantly, celebrate birthdays!

I really love the modern, round table in the space. But my floors are dark expresso, something lighter and non-wood would work much better. And ouf! These chairs are completely functional but no where near the design path I want to go anymore.

round wood brown table with pottery barn X back chairs

Home Update Budgets

Do you have home improvements and projects included in your budget? I am constantly playing around with the numbers to fit a new project here or there. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever have enough money for a large kitchen or master bath reno because I end up using the budget on smaller, immediate updates. Go figure.

As I laid in bed scrolling on my phone, I searched for white tulip tables. This type of table has been on trend for awhile now.

There is a reason why its so popular? The shape is perfect for almost any kind of chair. And you know what I love most? You won’t stub your toes! Round tables that have extended legs drive me insane! Stubbed toes are no fun. Do you see my current table’s legs that extend all the way out? So over it.

Ikea Dining table

Back to the new table…its white. White just makes anything more fresh don’t you think?

I was anticipating a big dollar sign while searching because I don’t want to spend a lot. Click, swipe, pinch to zoom in. My eyes weren’t tricking me. Look at this DOCKSTA table from IKEA for $179. What. A. Steal. When I see a deal, a reaalllllly good deal, I literally squeal!

IKEA DOCKSTA white tulip table

Needless to say, I am definitely getting this. I won’t buy it just yet because I want to finish painting and get a final vibe before any purchase.

Now its 4:55am and well, why stop here. I click on Craigslist and search vintage chairs. I wonder if its because my parents’ home had so many late 70s and 80s influences, the vintage furniture just brings warmth to my design heart. It no longer looks “old” to me. It feels modern yet nostalgic. A sign of good design, my besties.

Dining Chair Roundup

So here are a few dining chairs for your eyes to feast on and would love your input on!

  1. I am a huge fan of the wishbone back chairs. It is such a fun and modern timeless take on round back chairs versus straight back. It leaves clean sight lines and overall a relaxed vibe. Of course the real deal Wegner chairs that made its debut in the 1940s are way too expensive. So guess where I found some that are just as good? Amazon of course! Take a look at these. Right in my budget too!

white amazon wishbone chair 2.  These brass chairs from CB2 stopped me half scroll. They are gorgeous! Think white room, white table, boom! Brass chairs would put this space over the edge!!

gold wire mesh wire dining chair

3. World Market always delivers great global looks and this  rattan hair pin chair does not disappoint!  I always like to think what is missing when I am designing. Hitting a little of something whether its texture, metals, woods, color, textiles always adds the depth I look for in each design.

rattan dining chair hair pin legs world market

4. When I saw these new chairs from CB2 I instantly wanted to see more. They steal the show don’t they! I need to do some measuring to see how wide they are and if they will hit the table height just right. If they do, this may be a top contender!

CB2 white dining chair wood legs

Whew, that is a lot of variety to take in!  So fun I must say. Well, time to get my paint brush back up on the wall! Tell me what you think of the chairs, I want your opinion!

Happy day!











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  1. Jessica wrote:

    Great options Anita!!! Love them!

    Posted 6.19.17 Reply
    • Anita Yokota wrote:

      Thank you Jessica, I am so happy you enjoyed it! Which is your favorite?

      Posted 6.19.17 Reply