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Domino Magazine NYC Office and Award Event

December 26, 2017

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and I can’t lie – I am glad to have some down time with the family before school starts! How was your holiday? I am so excited to have gained so many new design besties recently! Be sure to comment or drop me a line. I […]

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and I can’t lie – I am glad to have some down time with the family before school starts!

How was your holiday? I am so excited to have gained so many new design besties recently! Be sure to comment or drop me a line. I love getting to know you better!

Today I am thrilled to give you a first-hand tour of the Domino Magazine Office and take you to the Domino Blog Award Event that was on December 12, 2017. Both were surreal. I enjoyed every second of it!

Domino Magazine Office Tour

When Jessica Dailey, Digital Editorial Director, invited the winners of the Blog Awards to visit the office, I squealed in delight. Yeah, I squeal! Don’t you when you are happy? 😛

The Domino office is near the garment district in New York City. My sister came with me on this trip and she was excited to explore this part of the city while I met the fab Domino squad.

Jessica Dailey (left) was the person responsible for putting the Blog Awards together – from the nominations, voting period and award event! Brooks Corrigan (right) arranged our travel itinerary. I was excited to put a face behind the email names that had gone back and forth over several weeks. PS Really diggin Brooks shoes, I need a pair!

Domino Office Sitting Area

Image Credit: Domino Magainze Office | Heidi’s Bridge

This is the stunning view that greets you when the elevator doors open into the Domino office.

Side note, NYC has the big city feels that I forgot I missed. It was my first time in NYC but not my first time in a bustling city. I love the camaraderie that comes with being in a busy city with small spaces. I got a bit confused heading up to the offices and random strangers were nice to redirect me. Note to self: I need to travel more!

Once inside the office, Jessica led us to the back conference room with cute decor, light sweets and drinks. What a greeting!

Domino Calendar Wall

Image Credit: Domino|Heidi’s Bridge

I imagined all the talented creatives that keep this office buzzing with rad design ideas and concepts sitting here and collaborating. This calendar wall was a testament that magic happens here on the daily.

I would love to have something like this in my dream office one day!

Domino Kitchen Space

Image Credit: Domino| Heidi’s Bridge

Talk about KITCHEN GOALS! When Jessica led us to the common kitchen area for the office, I about died.

The whole dark blue + white subway tile color scheme, CB2 benches, lighting down to the open shelves is *exactly* my aesthetic and choice for my dream kitchen, someday.

Oh and look at the waterfall quartz countertops. GAHHHH!

Jessica mentioned this is where they shoot all the food topics for the magazine. I wouldn’t mind eating my lunch here errrday!

Domino Telephone Room

Image Credit: Domino| Heidi’s Bridge

Moving onto the telephone room turned private office area. Isn’t this a dream?

Another reason why I love NYC! The buildings are full of historic charm. Back in the day, offices had a telephone room like this for private conversation and meetings.

Domino turned it into something even more functional. Add open shelving and small workspace and this is the perfect place to quiet your mind and finish a story before deadline.

Can you see yourself here? I can definitely see myself here too!

Once we finished the tour, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the big night!

Domino First Annual Design Blog Awards

Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

When my sister (my lovely plus one for the night) and I arrived, we were stunned. The venue was sooooo beautiful. People had *just* started coming in, by the end of the night, this place was brimming with excitement!

Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

Let’s play “Where’s Anita?” Can you spot me?

Every detail at this event was on point.

Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

Tribute Portfolio also collaborated with Domino on this event and they were kind enough to sponsor our hotel stays and gift us a free fly away later in 2018! Thank you Tribute Portfolio!

Psst, where should I go??? Tell me your favorite travel spot!

Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

The little appetizers were delectable and were a culinary adventure with each bite! No words for the decor and design. Sideways tables? Hello gorgeous!

Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

And of course, you can’t go wrong with Millennial Pink!

Getting Acquainted with Domino

As the night progressed, I was able to mingle with many of the great blogger winners and even Domino Magazine editor-in-chief, Jessica Romm! She was so cute in her perfectly casual but not too casual maternity dress. If only I looked like that when I was preggo! Her pink velvet shoes got all my heart eyes too!

Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

The whole Domino team was so warm and fun to hang out with.

Another integral figure that I attribute my Domino win to is Elly Leavitt. She wrote a beautiful feature on me after I won. And can I say how pretty and effortless chic she was in person as well? Elly, a glass of rose is waiting for ya babe!


Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

And of course, all of us inductee blog winners together goofing off, having a blast together!

I will dub us the Boomerang gang forevaaa because the Domino social media team wanted us to do a boomerang and we just couldn’t execute it in a non-awkward, non-cheesy way.

Yet, we can turn any drab living space into something next level just at a click of a shutterbug! Go figure!

2018 Wish Wall

Something fun the Domino team had us do was write down our 2018 goals on a post-it note.

I had written:

To be on the map as Design Tips Guru for the everyday designer.

You guys, I reallllly hope this to be true! I love, love, love sharing effortless, easy and affordable ways to make your home your haven. Let’s do this design besties! 2018 I gotchu!

Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

And cue more pretty party desserts and decor.

Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

Image Credit: Domino|Amalia Guégan

As the night ended, we were all sad to leave such a beautiful, ethereal event. Everything was perfect down to the last detail.

I am so grateful for this whole experience and opportunity. I practically floated out the doors, into the freezing night beaming with joy and gratitude.

Thank you, Domino for giving me such an incredible adventure and accolade in my new fav city (I had never been!).

What lies beyond this award? As I mentioned before, I truly hope in the new year I will be able to gain more ways to show you my design tips via this blog, IG, and maybe even a video or two!

Happy day!


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  1. Denise says:

    This is SOOOOO amazing Anita!! So proud and excited for you. So well deserved! Xx

  2. Sarah says:

    LOVED meeting you in person and chatting at the party! Can’t wait for our next trip 🙂 xox

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