DIY Modern Holiday Crafts

Do the holidays get you into a crafty mood? I love DIY crafts! Back in the day before kids, I loved DIY crafting. Once kids came along, it became DIY kid parties for me.

But every Fall I start getting the itch for holiday crafting. It starts with pumpkin succulents. Just take a look at this blog post.

DIY Pumpkin Succulent Fall Decor Home

It’s my annual kick off for the holidays! They last forever by the way.

DIY Modern Holiday Crafts: Ornament

One of the easiest ways to celebrate the holiday season and TREE is to make your own ornaments. Here are a few that I would love to try!

When I think of DIY crafts, the first duo I think of is Elsie and and Emma from A Beautiful Mess. Their crafts and DIYs are eye candy for me. So inspirational and happy all the time. In a world with lots to be frustrated about, I turn to happy rainbows and unicorns for design and creative inspo. And they definitely give me all the positive feels.

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Ok. Guys. I’m gluten-free. But I’m also a donut fiend. I know, I know. So my health is important to me and therefore no more donuts. But my sis and I still love to buy each other donut PJs, donut coffee mugs, donut puns on textiles. You get the drift.

I immediately texted my sis when I found this DIY craft and she texted back. SO INTO IT. Lol, sisters are the best aren’t they?

I can’t wait to make these in Seattle with her and the kids.

DIY Modern Holiday Crafts: Stockings

I love, love, love Christmas stockings. It reminds me of my mom giving us random but lovingly curated stocking stuffers. My parents worked often. So this was a loving gesture of assimilation. It meant so much to me that they were willing to take part in an American tradition that they didn’t grow up with.

Image Credit: Hey Wanderer Blog

True confession: I tried making my own boho stockings one year but failed miserably. Mainly cos I unsuccessfully sewed the stocking together. I blame my lack of patience. Not because it was too hard or anything. To be fair, I just had Natalie and the lack of sleep was really getting to me. Oh well! I can always try this one.

These stockings look way better than the ones I attempted. And when I read the instructions, you actually take a sweater and cut out a template. Sweet!

DIY Modern Holiday Crafts: Wreaths

DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

Image Credit: Studio DIY

DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

Another DIY crafty blog I adore is Studio DIY. Talk about fun, fun, fun! Every day is a party over on their blog. Kelly and Jeff Mindell and their adorable son Arlo show how colorful life is by way of crazy fun DIY crafts. The creativity is buzzing and I love it.

I love this balloon wreath because well, balloons. I don’t believe balloons are cheesy. They instantly create a party by its presence. You can elegantly decorate them at virtually any type of event. Seriously! So if you’re having a holiday party, think of this balloon wreath (with any colors you want!) as the main decor.

Well, what do you think? Are you feeling the itch to get crafty? Which one of these do you want to try? Definitely share with me! I love to see how you get creative too!

Happy day!

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