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DIY Hidden Jewelry Cabinet

May 15, 2020

I had the genius idea for the ultimate vertical jewelry organization. Not one but two Mother’s days passed and we finally are tackling this very fun and pretty home organization idea.

Anita Yokota method DIY hidden jewelry

Mother’s day 2020 sure wasn’t what all us moms expected. Many dads usually take the kids out of the house all day and give mom the gift of silence, the empty house.

Yet, uninterrupted time to bond and interact with our close ones is just what we need. With all the uncertainty, feeling a sense of security that everyone is altogether is a blessing. I don’t usually ask for a lot but this year I requested Travis finish the DIY Hidden Jewelry cabinet for me!

Let’s reach in and I’ll show you how we did it!

Wall Cabinet

When we renovated the master bathroom, I had a dream of a hidden jewelry cabinet. For years my earrings, bracelets, and rings were all in a tangled mess.

Anita Yokota method home organization

Image Credit:Dinxdesigns.com

I had the genius idea for the ultimate vertical jewelry organization. Not one but two Mother’s days passed and we finally are tackling this very fun and pretty home organization idea.

First, please note that if you think you don’t have a way to do this DIY, you’re wrong! You can easily transform the same idea with an existing medicine cabinet! Just take all the shelves out and start from there.

Anita Yokota method modern california bathroom Velux skylight

See that black and white photo frame reflected off the left mirror? This is what’s behind that frame!

Anita Yokota method hidden jewelry cabinet DIY

Materials Needed

This is what you’ll need:

Velvet Flocking material with adhesive backing

Acrylic Hooks or any type of hooks that fits your style and cabinet dimension

Ring/Earrings Display Tray(s)

This is where you can get totally creative! It all depends what type of jewelry you have and how you want to access and organize them.

I found hooks as the best vertical organization system for braceltes, bigger hoop earrings and of course, necklaces.

The display trays work like a charm for earrings and rings.

I took a deep dive into the Pinterest world for other ideas and many of them were ingenious. But it lacked the clean, modern aesthetic I wanted. I desired something much like The Home Edit.

I didn’t want to use chicken wire or metal boards with holes in them. It felt way too rustic.

Anita Yokota method diy hidden jewelry cabinet

Guys! When we create a structure to our life be it external or internal, it literally fires our brain up with happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine!

Our stress hormone, Cortisol immediately goes down.

And this project 100% reduced my stress level about getting ready for the day.

Anita Yokota Method: Dress the part

Do you know the phrase “Fake it ’til you make it”? I truly believe that to be true in certain aspects.

I’m not saying to be disingenuous. But we all have to start from somewhere when learning something new.  Whether it’s a new job, skill, task or even mindset, it’s IMPERATIVE to look the part.

For example, if we’re are sloppy in our PJs all day but say that we want to conquer the world and be the girl boss we aspire to be. Does that seem aligned?


Our thoughts, feelings and actions must align in order for us to succeed. And it’s the same with our home!

Taking the time and effort to set up structural systems in each space will let our clutter be edited away. It also is a no brainer when we put away things we value and use every day. Every item we have must have a HOME itself.

It’s the only way, I swear.

Black paint

I’ve been dying to paint something black for years but every time I get close to doing it, I chicken out!

I realized that it’s because they are usually pretty important spaces and walls. Either the lighting wasn’t conducive for dark walls or it was too large of a space to experiment for the first time.

So when it came down to deciding what to do with the cabinet door, I immediately thought black paint!

Anita Yokota method black pain DIY hidden jewelry

Thankfully Sherwin-Williams stores have curbside pick up! So I was able to order the paint and not have any social contact. It’s been ten weeks of being hypervigilant about sheltering at home. To be honest, it did me good to take a drive outside and see some life out in the community again.

Here are three black colors that I intentionally chose. I wanted a straightforward dense black. I didn’t want anything too washed out, grey, blue or even purple-y.

Anita Yokota method Sherwin Williams green black paint

Anita Yokota method Sherwin Williams inkwell paint

Anita Yokota method Sherwin Williams black of night paint

These 3 off the bat seemed the darkest, purest black. But as anything related to choosing a color, buy a sample and try it first!

I’m so glad I took the time to do so.

Greenblack had a green undertone for sure. Since my bathroom walls are stark white, I don’t mind a little green undertone for a sense of renewal.

Black of Night had blue undertones that were slight but visible.

And Inkwell was very heavy on the navy midtones! It reminded me a lot of Sherwin Williams 7076 Cyberspace that I painted in my master bathroom DIY melamine cabinets in 2018.

So what to do when you still can’t find your dream color? You compromise.

I decided out of all 3, Greenblack was the least obvious with mid and undertones. Yes it had green undertones but it was more subtle than the other two with blue tones.

Once I decided on the paint, Trav started painting both front and back! I loved Mother’s day weekend. It was so nice to do nothing and just watch him finish a very special project just for me!

Not gonna lie, Trav and I work hard for our kids. Most of the time, we are too tired to invest back into our marriage and ourselves consistently. That’s something we both need to work on!

Organized life is the sweet life

AH! So here it is guys! Took a few years but we finally got organized and now I can prep and plan my daily looks EASILY.

Anita Yokota method DIY hidden jewelry

Isn’t this lovely? Would you want to do something like this for your accessories? Let me know below in comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so that you get my weekly free downloads! This week you get how to choose the best black paints!

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