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In the last week of April, I’ve got spring on my mind with light and bright designs bouncing in my head.

Last month my girl Niki Brantmark of My Scandinavian Home featured my humble abode on her blog. What an honor!

I met Niki in NYC for the Domino Blog Awards back December, she was the well deserved winner of the Best International Decor Blog.

Ever since then, I have been stalking her IG account on the daily for all the scandinavian interior design inspo my eyes and heart can take.

I’ve mentioned this before but my love for scandinavian minimalism design started way back in 5th grade. Thats when I discovered my dad’s towering pile of architecture and design books.

I loved to page through them and imagine my grown up home someday.

Top Selling Books on Scandic Style

Niki is the author of three wonderful books on the ephereal Scandinavian interior look.

my scandinavian home book

my scandinavian home book

my scandinavian home book

She began her love affair (literally and figuratively) with Sweden and its languid lifestyle 14+ years ago when she went on vacation. Since then she married a handsome Swedish man and they are raising their three children in Malmö, Sweden.

Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home

My Scandinavian Home

Seven years ago, Niki started her blog and since then has been named the expert on all things Hygge. Her blog features daily home tours that exemplify Scandinavian interior beauty and design. My favorite is when she features her own home and updates.

I intentionally designed my dreamy workspace with the minimalist vibe in mind.

Recently, Niki updated her workspace and it made my heart swoon!

Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home work space inspo

Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home work space inspo


I love how she thinks outside the box with colors.

White is the staple in all things Scandinavian design yet this maroon warm wall is the perfect accent.


Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home work desk mood board

My design heart is amazed! See that cute little pencil holder? How did she find the exact color to complement the wall? I am astounded at the details here.

While we are at it, let’s tour the rest of her bedroom space shall we?

Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home bedroom makeover

Niki’s use of warm and cool accents along with natural elements such as the chunky throw, tasseled rug and linen bedding are simply stunning.

Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home bedroom makeover

Natural Elements and Warm Textiles

Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home cozy living room style

Two essential design elements I noticed in Niki’s home that symbolizes Scandinavian style are natural wood elements and warm textiles.

The minute you see light grey or natural wood flooring with a chunky throw on minimalistic furniture, you know it’s Scandinavian design.

On paper, the elements may seem bare. But in life, it is the perfect balance of ying and yang.

Niki once again has perfected that balance in her living room.

Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home

In my home tour Niki mentioned my love for textiles, I would have to echo the same sentiment for her!

Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home

There is something about sleeping in linen sheets that is ethereal. You must try it.

And just because her home is minimalist, doesn’t mean there isn’t vibrant life to it. Adding plants is key to this interior niche too!

Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home

I adore the way Niki filled in that awkward corner in a home. This day bed sitch is stunning!

Niki Brantmark my scandinavian home

I am generally not a pink fan but it’s  beautiful in blush muted tones here.

Scandinavian Design Obsession

So have you jumped on the Scandinavian design bandwagon yet? I’m sure this home tour has helped convince you!

Niki’s home inspires me to add more scandinavian accents to my home too. I cant wait to see Niki again because not only is she talented and generous in spirit but she had me in stitches too. Ahhh, gotta love a fun loving gal like her!

Until then, I will be stalking her blog and Instagram page for all the Scandic inspo under the sun.

Happy day!

*All photo images are credited to Niki Brantmark @myscandinavianhome

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