Designer Profile: Brian Patrick Flynn

Time has literally flown by in a blink of an eye! February is more than halfway through and it feels like my visit to the HGTV Dream Home in Seattle was only yesterday.

While I was there, I had the pleasure of meeting extraordinary designer Brian Patrick Flynn and I am ecstatic to share his design talent with you today!

hgvtv 2018 dream home

Image Credit: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

Brian Patrick Flynn

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn

Do you know designer extraordinaire Brian Patrick Flynn?

You might know him as the lead designer of the HGTV Dream Home since its inception! Brian is a self-taught stylist who made the leap into interior design as a production designer and set decorator for TV, film and print. I am obsessed with his use of bold colors, warm textures, clean lines and cohesive design for every type of space. It is no wonder he has been featured in various magazines including Country Living, Domino and Southern Living!

Brian was a judge and producer for the HGTV Design Star the year Emily Henderson appeared on the show. That season was the most memorable season for me! Week after week I was glued to the TV to see if Em made the next round. And of course, she did! The rest is history.

Anita Yokota Brian Patrick Flynn


When I was at the HGTV 2018 Dream Home Tour, Brian was seriously the most gracious host. Not only was he outgoing, personable, funny as hell and kind!

I took him aside for a few minutes and he let me chatter away about how design has made an impact in my life. Brian also answered a few of the questions I had as a newbie into the world of design.

Seeing this self-taught designer’s success and passion has encouraged me to keep going on this crazy journey. I admit, total fan girl crush going on over here.

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn living room

Shortly after I returned home to Cali, I emailed Brian and asked if I could introduce you to him and his beautiful homes, my design bestie! I am always wanting to find new ways for you to experience what I experience through this blog. And I strongly felt Brian’s aesthetic would be something you would obsess over!

The Mountain House

Brian’s favorite place to unwind from his busy work schedule is in the mountains of Georgia, about an hour and a half away from his home in Atlanta. There he has a charming 1914 cabin that he has transformed into the ultimate cozy chic getaway.

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn

What I love about Brian is his flair for prints and pops of color without being overwhelming or stifling.

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn eat in kitchen

In this rustic 1914 renovated cabin, Brian expertly layered plaids and prints with leather and dark pops of rich color and texture. What a genius, seriously.

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn kitchen

Style It Dark

Sometimes I think having black kitchen cabinets would be so fun and then I remember how dark the space already is. This kitchen gets wonderful natural light and he contrasted the white tiled walls with the dark cabinets flawlessly.

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn bathroom

Moving into the bathroom, it is quintessential country living space. I am obsessed.

The hunter green velvet brass nail head closet door and heavy drapery isn’t so heavy when contrasted with the white tile and shower. Add a vintage wooden chair and you have a perfect modernized country living design.

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn bunk beds

Best Sleepover Bunk Beds

This room has got all my hearts eyes!

Again, Brian is able to use bold colors in a very clean manner. Adding pops of black and white gives visual interest and all ties together. My dream is to someday own a second home with bunk beds just like these for my kids, their cousins and friends. It makes the best sleepovers and memories!

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn

Bold Colors and Eclectic Decor

This is my all-time favorite spot in Brian’s country home! First, that light fixture is gorgeous! To think outside the box and put it here is gutsy yet sophisticated. All of Brian’s designs are visually striking and calming. How does he do it?

I love the use of plaids and solid colors mixed with metals and rustic wood.

Brian’s Atlanta Home

Next up I am thrilled to share Brian’s Atlanta home. What a gem! I am a sucker for mid-century modern homes and this home, in particular, had me scrolling and staring over and over again.

Brian noted, “Eventually it will be a full remodel, but for the next few years we are keeping it original to its build and just adding color and personality and architectural changes like the massive 14-foot steel front door.” From what I have seen, the home is already beyond amazing!

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn lounge

Let’s start in the lounge. My eyes and brain were going nuts trying to process all of the visual fireworks thrown at me in this space!

Curating and showcasing art is no easy feat. I can tell you from first-hand experience, that what looks easily thrown together probably took a lot of time to curate and bring together.

Brian clearly knows his art and colors. What’s your favorite art in this space?

I spy plaid pillows again, I have a hunch this is Brian’s favorite design print!

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn living room

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn dining room

Here, I envision casual chats about art direction and design trends over dinner and a glass of rosé. Just a small hint Brian, *wink* *wink*

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn bedroom

Blue Heaven Bedroom

My girls want a puppy sooo freakin’ baaaad! I had to be sure not to show them this shot of the whimsical bedroom. Can you guess why?

The white post bed is ethereal. And I am not sure why, but all of sudden I feel the need to wear ties. They look fab there.

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn corner desk

Corner Desks

When I was touring the Dream Home, I noticed that Brian liked to add a cute and functional desk in each secondary room. Just like in his own home, these tiny space saving ideas are appealing and practical at the same time.

It was a major inspiration for my own space!

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn office

Modern Vintage Office

Speaking of desks, look at his formal office.

As I am writing this to you, I thoroughly understand why I am drawn to Brian’s designs. His use of any shade or tone of blue layered with prints, textures, woods and metals is flawless.

country living magazine Brian Patrick Flynn entry way

Making an Entryway Statement

And for the finale, the 14-foot steel door he mentioned earlier. Gah! Isn’t it incredible?

I love that print of Steve McQueen. Brian and I bonded over the fact that we grew up in the same pop cultural times and trends. It was a riot talking about all that has and hasn’t changed, especially in design!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Brian, his design flair and homes as much as I have.

So, do you want to get to know more designers and their styles? Let me know who and I’ll get on it!

Happy day!

All photographs of the Atlanta Home are by Rustic White Photography. All images of the Country Home are by Country Home Magazine.











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    2019 DREAM HOME,,, I’m trying to find out the exact color and manufacturer of the “charcoal” paint that was used in one bedroom…
    I’ve gone thru the hgtv site but it just says charcoal,, but is it gidden, bher, Sherwin Williams??
    Hope you can help me..

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