Coping with COVID-19 at Home

How have you dealt with being at home more due to social distancing? I’ve been calling it cocooning because I strongly feel that we can reframe this time to learn and focus on self-discovery for the better.

It’s been only one week at home and there has been huge adjustment for all of us. The biggest issue is boundaries. How do we maintain our personal space and yet still participate in quality relationships with ourselves, friends, family, and co-workers?

The other day on IG Story Live, I asked you to send me some questions that would help you fare better at home since it might be fourteen or more days!

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Two questions that got asked were really relevant so I thought I would share my response here with you!

Sharing Work Space

One of my followers asked how to share a workspace with your partner especially if both of them are on calls all day! Oh man, can I relate to this one.

Here are my thoughts based on the Anita Yokota Method®:

Boundaries don’t mean blocking each other out completely but it is nice to have one closed door between the two of you if you’re going to be on calls all day.

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Even if space is tight, try to be creative! If you don’t have a door to spare, bookshelves offer a nice way to set that invisible boundary without drywall.A perfect reading and working space.

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Do you have a weird nook or wall? Turning it into a workstation might be your solution!

Hiding home office - very cool idea if you do not have much space

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When I was working on an HGTV show, there was tons of conversations and meetings going on all in one room. So I learned to tune out the noise with my Airpods. And working at home with Travis is quite a similar experience since we share this tiny office loft.

When one person is working with headphones on, the other person knows we are unavailable. It is also very important to schedule in huddles and touch base meetings on a regular basis. In the beginning, it was hard for us to remember but once the habit was established, we have been pretty good about starting our day asking each other what their plan is and coordinating the work tasks and kids’ schedules.

Establishing a routine

The second question I got was “How do I set up a schedule and routine for my kids and me?”

Managing a daily schedule is something that I used to struggle with a lot. I’m a creative spirit by nature and if I didn’t “feel” like I wanted to create certain content, I wouldn’t. That is fine and all. But sometimes it oozed into important things like finances and self-care.

Now I fully realize that I must get certain things done every day if I want to be successful the next.

Now more than ever, we need structure at home to keep our brains sane. It might sound counterintuitive since we feel so pent up at home. How much more physical structure and containment do we need right?

  1. The whole reason why we are all feeling this global angst is because of one word: uncertainty. Instead of letting that fear fester, let’s change it around and establish a clear structure at home. Once we are consistent with a routine, we feel more relaxed knowing what’s next at least at home.
  2. With a relaxed mood, we are more apt to try new things to replace old bad habits. And over time, with the old habits gone and new healthier habits in place, we are our better selves!
  3. Start with the basics such as wake up and bedtimes, meal times, exercise and relax mode. Then find the most productive hours for yourself and your family. Prioritize the most important such as work and school work in those productive times.


Time Apart

Finally, as the days drag on I hear so many friends and followers asking “How long can we do this?!”

I know it sounds easier said than done but it’s critical for long-term success to fill your cup through “social” interactions and self-care. You can’t burn the candle on both ends and continue to successfully show up for your family and work every day.

I prescribed this remedy more times than I can count during my years as a therapist. Whatever the long-term challenge or stressor – caring for a sick parent, advocating for a child with special needs, navigating a prolonged job search, or now dealing with a global pandemic – it’s critical to recharge your own batteries.

Make time each day for something that recharges just you, even if it’s only for 20 minutes:

  1. Take a bath with your favorite aromatherapy scent or palo santo
  2. Read a juicy spy novel
  3. FaceTime with your girlfriends and have a virtual happy hour
  4. Watch a live-streamed concert from your favorite artist with a glass of wine
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That’s all for now but we’re all in this together and I’m here for you during this strange time. Please let me know what’s top of mind for you and how I can help you navigate this super-concentrated family time for the foreseeable future.

Happy day!





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